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All yootheme all Joomla templates + modules

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Joomla Template - PopPraise

3 Color Themes

PopPraise offers three colors themes. Easily switch between these template themes to change the entire feel of your community, then customize to your liking


29 Module Positions

You asked and we listened. PopPraise offers an array of collapsible module positions making it easier to customize your community
Image Reflection

Add an image reflection by simply adding a class to an image!
Custom Fixed or Fluid Width

Quickly change the overall width to a pixel or percentage.
Custom Element Module Heights

Everyone wants their module heights to match. Easily set and change the height of the Element modules.
1, 2, or 3 Columns

Quickly change from Left/Right, 2 Left, or 2 Right columns.
Choose Font Family

Choose from Arial, Times New Roman, Georgia, and Courier New.
Matching Styles for PraiseMenu

Matching css styles for our PraiseMenu module.
PraiseMenu not included
Matching Styles for PraiseSlides

Matching css styles for our PraiseSlides module.
PraiseSlides not included
Matching Styles for PraiseShow

Matching css styles for our PraiseShow module.
PraiseShow not included

PopPraise Full package (5.6 MB)


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 php Watermark v0.3 PHP script

Password: wackoscripts.com

 php Watermark v0.3 PHP script

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Ext Web Browsers JavaScript library v3.0

Ext Core is a cross-browser JavaScript library for building dynamic web pages. It includes:
High performance, lightweight
Clear, maintainable code
An intuitive, easy to use API
MIT Open Source licensed
Browser Compatibility
Ext Core supports all major web browsers including:
Internet Explorer 6+
FireFox 1.5+ (PC, Mac)
Safari 3+
Opera 9+ (PC, Mac)


Password: wackoscripts.com

Ext Web Browsers JavaScript library v3.0

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PHP Web Page Pass Protect (NEW)
PHP Web Page Pass Protect (NEW)

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Category: CMS (depraced!)

Italian Lang Files of last version of joovili

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UnMP3 v1.1 Flash MP3 Player For Joomla

unmp3 is a free mp3player component and module for Joomla! 1.5 native.
Upload your mp3 tracks via the component and publish the module. This mp3 player is great for musicians and bands! There are many different configuration options such as background colour, foreground colour, looping, repeating, auto open playlist and more.
A great added feature of UnMP3 is - you can create as many players as you want via the module manager in Joomla. The component will find the different unmp3 modules and allow you to upload different tracks to different players!
The mp3 player features a simple design, for use with any website design. Users can play, skip, mute, shuffle, repeat playlist, open/close the playlist, scroll through the track, open player in a popup window, change volume, and share via the mp3 player.
Add as many mp3 tracks as you want! The player will scroll through the list on mouse-over.
We hope you enjoy unmp3 - the mp3 player for joomla! 1.5 - Free to download for all.
Support for installing components and modules for Joomla! can be found at the official Joomla! website.

Homepage and demo:

Password: wackoscripts.com

UnMP3 v1.1 Flash MP3 Player For Joomla

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Imageshack.us - Clone Site (nulled).rar
Nulled Proxy Script - Zelune PHP.rar
Paid Modeling Pro.- Complete Site Script.rar
Men's Health.- Complete Site Script.rar

See more for full list

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Joomla Template IceTheme IT Headline

Joomla 1.0/1.5 Template IceTheme IT Headline | 6.2 MB

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Joomla Template Joomlapraise JP PopPraise

Joomla 1.5 Template Joomlapraise JP PopPraise | 6.1 MB

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Joomla Template Shape5 S5 Shopper Frenzy

Joomla 1.5 Template Shape5 S5 Shopper Frenzy | 12.7 MB

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You can:

* ask any kind of question (true / false, multiple choice, short answer, essay, questions with more than one correct answer), and select questions from any question set at your own choosing;
* choose how to mark each question (for example, 2 points for a correct answer, 0.5 points for a partially correct answer, and 0 for an incorrect answer);
* format the text, add graphics, formulas, animation, and audio and video files;
* set up a style for your tests;
* create a bank of questions;
* import questions from almost any text documents;
* place an introductory text at the start of the test or before any question;
* shuffle your questions / answers;
* display one question per page or all questions on one page;
* define your own grading scale;
* create a password to access a test;
* assign a test to a certain group of users;
* provide a guest access to the testing system;
* create administrators, instructors, operators (for entering questions), regular users, and guests, and set their permissions accordingly;
* automatically send out testing results to any group of users by email (there are different features for adjusting custom email templates);
* automatically generate and put any data to reports/certificates about successful passing in PDF;
* view/manage testing results for each user or group of users;
* gather statistics from the answers to each question;
* and more...

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X10media.Mp3.Script.v1.5.5 With Video Add-On

X10media.Mp3.Script.v1.5.5 With Video Add-On

Price..........: $29.99 But For Scriptmafia It's Free !

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Clipshare 4.1 Full Nulled - Exclusive !

Dream to build your own highly profitable YouTube clone?
With ClipShare, now you're limited only by your imagination, not by the software! Unleash the power of video sharing to boost your websites' traffic & revenues!

With a huge variety of features and options, at an extremely affordable price, ClipShare is the ultimate solution for starting your video sharing and uploading community website just like the big boys: Youtube, Metacafe, DailyMotion, LiveVideo, Vimeo, MySpace Videos or Google Video.


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Joomla template

WDS Radio

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