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Rules of the ScriptMafia.org Community Ecosystem

Read this document and make sure you understand it completely. Any violation will result in ban!

I. General Rules (Codename: 'Common Sense')

You may not harass or insult other Members or the Community Staff.

You may not act in any way or engage into any activity, which could prove harmful to the ScriptMafia.org Community.

We expect you to always use your best judgment and your best possible effort and let it reflect in your actions.

Swear words, sexual references, degrading references towards Race, Ethnicity, Religion, Believes, Age, Disability, Gender, Personality and Hobbies are not allowed.

II. Free Speech and User Content

● ScriptMafia.org is a free speech community. You are free to express yourself as stated under I. General Rules.

If you are a designer or developer, you are allowed to distribute your work on ScriptMafia.org freely and by doing so you are granting us the non-exclusive and non-transferrable right, to house your content on our servers for public download.

If you own content of 3rd parties but you are allowed by its license (f.e. GPL) or special agreements (f.e. 'Developer Version'), to share this content with others, you are free to do so. As we cannot verify the legal status of every user generated or shared content, you are only allowed to link to the content that you wish to share. For liability purposes we are hereby distancing ourselves from any such user generated or shared content. Everything you publish will be subject to the Abuse / DMCA process and you are soleley responsible for anything you publish on the ScriptMafia.org website.

● We do not tolerate the distribution of links to 'illegal' content of any kind.

III. Posting Content on ScriptMafia.org

● You are strictly forbidden to hotlink images from their source.
You are also strictly forbidden to hotlink images from other sites, just because they happen to have the image you need on their site.
If you do not follow this rule, you will be immediately banned, since you are deliberately putting us all at risk!

We strongly recommmend http://img.cat for hosting images to display in your posts. It is our own project, resides on our servers and guarantees a fast loading time and constant availability. To pull images from their source, just select 'Remote' and paste the link to the image you want to use under 'URL of the image you would like to upload' and you will get a copy of that file on img.cat along with a link that you can use.

Your image must not exceed 640 px width and also must not exceed 480 px in height. On img.cat you can use the 'Preferences' menu, to 'Resize your image on upload' on the fly.

● We expect you to make sure that the content you share is free from any forms of harmful additions or modifications.

● The content you share must be equipped with sufficient information, using comprehensive formatting, to allow everyone to understand what your Shares are about using the least necessary effort.

● The official language of ScriptMafia.org is English. You are allowed to write in other languages but only if you provide a complete and accurate translation

● Content that you post must be freely accessible for download.

● You may link your download to a post on your site (blog or forum), provided you follow the (V). Criteria for Linking Content from your Own Site.

● You may have a signature linking to any of Your Sites or Affiliate Links. The signature must be in the standard font, font size and font color. Your signature must not exceed 4 lines of text. Should you use an image or banner, it must not exceed the standard forum width and also must not exceed the equivalent height of 4 lines of text.

● Posting Alternative Content (Mirrors) as a Comment to a Post is strictly forbidden. If you find a Post being offline or not accessible in any manner, you are allowed to repost this content, just like any other Post. The only thing you have to add is a link to the original post in your description text. Also point out, that you reposted this because the original post is down. Check the other post 100% before you repost! Do not abuse the re-posting privilege!

IV. Allowed Posting Content

You are only allowed to post following items, provided that they are not already free from their developers and no RIP:

Templates / Themes
Plugins / AddOns
● Scripts
Applications related to SEO, Internet Marketing and Web Design
GFX Collections (no single GFX)
● WSO Stuff

V. Criteria for Linking Content from your Own Site

● Must have at least 97% uptime.

Must load fast and completely.

Must feature a ‘one click registration’ opportunity either via Google+®, facebook®, Twitter® or OpenID®.

● Must adhere to our Rules I. General Rules.

● Must be maintained, meaning that you regularly check that the content is still available.

● Manual registration must exist and work fast and comprehensive. If email verification is required, the Verification Mail must arrive within 2 minutes from the sign-up.

● If you use Content Lock or force Premium Memberships, you are not allowed to link content from your Own Site if it is not freely downloadable, directly or via a file host.

VI. The Philosophy of ScriptMafia.org and your obligation to it

ScriptMafia.org has been founded on the sincere belief, that sharing content is actually promoting it, therefore widening its reach by introducing it to groups of people, who would normally never have bought or even known about it. We believe that by giving ScriptMafia.org Members the opportunity to thoroughly use and test the content, they will be enabled to form an opinion about it and hopefully decide on using it.

At ScriptMafia.org, being IT Professionals ourselves, we know that support and timely updates cannot be substituted just by sharing the content. We are certain that the people, who will eventually use the content professionally and commercially, will ultimately buy the content from its original Content Owner. We also sincerely believe that the original Content Owner will benefit from ScriptMafia.org and gain clients, who would normally not even have known that his product even exists.

● We expect you to always emphasize while sharing content, to consider buying the content from its original Content Owner, if the use is going to be professionally and commercially. In turn, we expect you to refrain from encouraging people to continue using the content, if the use is going to be professionally and commercially. We especially expect you to respect the original Content Owner and refrain from mockery, insults or otherwise speaking out negatively against the original Content Owner and/or his product(s).

● Should you be directly engaged in conversation by the original Content Owner, either on ScriptMafia.org or elsewhere, about sharing his content, we expect you to respond politely and attempt to explain ‘The philosophy of ScriptMafia.org’ and the benefits he is missing out on, if he pursues the shared content via Abuse/DMCA or other means. We will not tolerate abusive behavior on your end and you will be sanctioned if you do so.
Please contact us immediately, providing the original Content Owner’s data and content of your discussion or engagement with him and kindly allow us to speak to him on your behalf and let us handle the situation.

Rules of ScriptMafia.org Community Ecosystem
1. Revision
Date: 10th June 2012

Author Nikita Prokhorov read on inspirationfeed.com