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Nulled.org Software SEOMAFiA URL Shortener Money for webmaster

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Let me today give you another new script it's google.com Search Engine Clone

Demo is
http://google.com :D

Rar Pass: scriptmafia.org/el3ashe2


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Dear friends
i like this ver realy beuty ver full cpanel + whm + fantastico2 ver. 7.1.0-RELEASE_20-Linux

use it and tell me
note that it's included read me file how to install step by step

and always password is

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NEW phpMyAdmin 2.11.6 UTF-8 2.11.6-all-languages

Tobias Ratschiller, then an IT consultant and later founder of the software company Maguma, started to work on a PHP-based web front-end to MySQL in 1998, inspired by Peter Kuppelwieser's MySQL-Webadmin. He gave up the project (and phpAdsNew, of which he was also the original author) in 2000 because of lack of time.

By that time, phpMyAdmin had already become one of the most popular PHP applications and MySQL administration tools, with a large community of users and contributors. It is also included in many Linux distributions. In order to coordinate the growing number of patches, a group of three developers, Olivier Müller, Marc Delisle and Loïc Chapeaux, registered The phpMyAdmin Project at SourceForge.net and took over the development in 2001.

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About SmokePing

SmokePing 2.3.6

SmokePing keeps track of your network latency:
Best of breed latency visualisation.
Interactive graph exlorer.
Wide range of latency measurment plugins.
Master/Slave System for distributed measurement.
Highly configurable alerting system.
Live Latency Charts with the most 'interesting' graphs.
Free and OpenSource Software written in Perl written by Tobi Oetiker, the creator of MRTG and RRDtool
New in Version 2.3 (The large site feature edition)
Measurement targets can be organized into multiple hierarchies.
The filter system lets you the find the right graphs directly.
Hide individual targets or whole branches from the default menu tree.
The Master/Slave mode has become both more stable and more configurable.

SmokePing does not stand alone. It relies on various other tools and services being present. Apart from a Unix OS and a working Perl installation you need the following things. The list contains the names of the tools together with the version of the tool which I am using, and a link for downloading the tool.

SmokePing 2.3.6

Demo: http://oss.oetiker.ch/smokeping-demo/?target=Customers.OP

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Category: Plugins/Modules


YOOtheme Joomla Pack. full .

YOOtheme proudly presents Loom! Loom catches the spirit of the autumn season and combines beautiful colors with an elegant design. This exclusive YOOtheme Joomla! template re-introduces the great slider menu and is packed with all your favorite features and effects. Plus its ready to use with our popular YOOslider and YOOcarousel modules. The template and modules are available for Joomla! 1.0 and also as native Joomla! 1.5. Like always we bring you an unique style with the latest Web 2.0 features!
Return of the famous Slider Menu
Ready for most famous YOOslider and YOOcarousel module
Fully sliced Fireworks .png Source files
Native Version for Joomla 1.5
And of course all the classic features are included: Tableless CSS Design, YOOmenu System, YOOspotlight, YOOlightbox, YOOreflection, YOOtoppanel, Styleswitcher, Active Item Detection and many more...

Get this and 10+ additional templates for Joomla 1.5! Join the YOOtheme template club today.

Joomla 1.0.x + Joomla 1.5 compatible.

demo: http://demo.yootheme.com/ Nov 07 - Loom

p.s.: saved in pocket 79.00 bully

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Invision Power Board 2.3.5 [Retail]

New Features-
My Blog and My Album links in profile dropdowns
Ability to change the form action url for upload forms (useful for load-balancing setups)
About Me/Signature tab in profiles

IP.Board 2.3.5 Fixed bugs list

Inbox and Sent Items
Storage Folders Not Sorted Alphabetically
Settings with selecting root admin
Small inconsistency with errors when adding moderators
UCP Javascript Error
ACP Smilie typo
Removing country doesn't work(Profile)
Full and Quick Edit - Reason for edit
Invalid HTML output in ssi.php
Typo in ssi_templates/news.html
CAPTCHA - Click to get new image
Personal Photo too large, incorrect error
JS error on members' multicheck
Virtual directories - no diacritics
Add Setting Group Strict Mode error
ACP dashboard: last logins
Fatal error
Post link generation in topics with invisible posts (for users who can't see invisible posts)
Skin Tools: Update Members Skin Choice (MySQL5 Strict)
Deleting comments ignores confirmation
Member Sync: ACP password change
Profile comment / friend notification's (PM / PM disabled)
My assistant
[ topic=800 ] values stripped
Installer: prefix
Mass pruning forums problem
Loggin out of Admin CP
Phrases in a template
ACP Search Set-Up little typo
Last Post info
Not exactly a bug: A Typo
Legends error
Admincp Logs bug
Strict mode adjustment
Calendar RSS <ttl> issue
Incorrect age
New bug with DST patch, HTTPS URLs
Ignored users on Outline topic view mode
Poor documentation on adding PHP in template bits
Fatal error sources/action_public/search.php (~221)
Converged board - Password was too long
Slow Portal Plugin MySQL Query (Last X Topics), creates very high load. (I am including my fix)
Registration Error: Password lengths
Help Topics Not using Help Topic Title in browser title
forum jump not in session location
Javascript error in downloaded topic containing attachments
Duplicate entry in lang_profle
PM Block List Bug
Incorrect integer value, remove member photo
Rating strict mode
Topic Notifications - invalid notifications

Rar Pass: MeGa.UNioN.WaReZ

By: Www.MegaUnionWareZ.Com


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This is ver of the WHM And Cpanel it's ver. 9.9.8
this is anice ver nulled ver

links down

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ProSubmitter $1000 SEO

How it works :
- Our software (DPGP? or CloakerPro?) creates thousands of keyword-oriented web pages with unique contents.These pages are search-engine-spider friendly! The spiders crawl and index the pages, and finally show them in the search results.

- Once a visitor clicks your page URL, he will be re-directed to the specified URL you set.

- You can send the visitors to anywhere you want! You may change the destination URL in just one minute at any time in the Future.


By: Www.PortalDownloads.Net


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[DGT] vBulletin v3.7.0 Gold

&#9632; Script name   : vBulletin 3.7.0 Gold incl. KeyGen    
&#9632; Supplied by   : DGT                                            
&#9632; Nullified by  : DGT                                            
&#9632; Tested by     : DGT                                            
&#9632; Protection    : Removed                                        
&#9632; Homepage      : http://www.vbulletin.com                      
&#9632; Release date  : 30-04-2008                                    
&#9632; Release type  : PHP/MySQL                                      
&#9632; Price         : Forget it :)                                  
&#9632; Under music   : N/A

vBulletin  is  a  powerful,  scalable  and  fully customizable forums
package  for  your  web  site.  It  has been written  using the Web's    
quickest-growing    scripting  language;   PHP, and   is complimented    
with  a  highly efficient  and  ultra  fast back-end  database engine  
built using MySQL.

**** Validator ****

Upload all files in BINARY mode.
Run validator.php before editing files to verify release.
Use online verifier of validator.php file and you will see NFO file.
Remove both files from server after checking and enjoy.
Remember, we include validator.php and checksums.md5 in our releases.
If you don't see these files, don't trust.
Do not modify validator.php.

**** KeyGen ****

Before installation or updating vBulletin you must:

1) Check the release with validator.php to make sure, that it does not
   contain any changed files or just use our release without keygen.
2) CHMOD all files 0777 to  write the new data in them.
3) Execute keygen.php
4) Remove keygen.php from server after genering and enjoy.

WARNING: DON'T FORGET to return CHMOD back befor&#963; start using your
forum. It's safety requirement!

If you face some problem In install/authenticate.php


Rar Pass: MeGa.UNioN.WaReZ

By: Www.PortalDownloads.Net


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speed chat (no comment)
bully Gorilla Gab chat
This set of small scripts is very easy to set up.
What you should have is :
1: gorilla.php3 permission...755
2:gorilla2.php3 permission..755
3:gorilla_main.php3 permission..755
4:kmoo.gif permission..755
5:blank.gif permission..755
6:msg.txt permission..777

Open gorilla.php3.
there are several lines that need to be changed.

/*Dat file name. Make sure it is in the same folder*/
$talk_back_ok = "msg.txt";
/*Webmasters Image Location(put url not path)*/
$webmaster_image = "kmoo.gif";
/*Webmasters Name*/
$webmaster_name = "kmoo";
/*Webmasters Password*/
$pass = "061667";
/*messages displayed*/
$help_lenght = 20;
/*Home Long can the lake each message*/
$max_single_msg_lenght = 100000;

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Category: CMS (depraced!)

What is Joomla! ?
Joomla  Lavra Edition 2007

Joomla! is an award-winning Content Management System (CMS) that will help you build websites and other powerful online applications. Best of all, Joomla! is an open source solution that is freely available to everybody.

Joomla! in Action

Joomla! is used all over the world to power everything from simple, personal homepages to complex corporate web applications. Here are just some of the ways people use our software:
Corporate websites or portals
Online commerce
Small business websites
Non-profit and organizational websites
Government applications
Corporate intranets and extranets
School and church websites
Personal or family homepages
Community-based portals
Magazines and newspapers
the possibilities are limitless

Joomla! can be used to easily manage every aspect of your website, from adding content and images to updating a product catalog or taking online reservations.

Rar Pass: MeGa.UNioN.WaReZ

By: Www.PortalDownloads.Net


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What is SMF?

SMF - Simple Machines Forum

Simple Machines Forum SMF in short is a free, professional grade software package that allows you to set up your own online community within minutes.

Its powerful custom made template engine puts you in full control of the lay-out of your message board and with our unique SSI - or Server Side Includes - function you can let your forum and your website interact with each other.

SMF is written in the popular language PHP and uses a MySQL database. It is designed to provide you with all the features you need from a bulletin board while having an absolute minimal impact on the resources of the server. SMF is the next generation of forum software - and best of all it is and will always remain completely free!

Recommended System Requirements

However, for best performance and use, a bit more is suggested. This includes the following:
Linux or another Unix based operating system.
The GNU Aspell and its dictionaries for spell checking support.
Apache with AcceptPathInfo set to On (Apache 2 and later only) for queryless URL support.
PHP 4.3.0 or higher, with the following set in php.ini:
the max_input_time directive is set to a value of at least 30.
the post_max_size and upload_max_filesize directives are set to the size of the largest attachments you wish to be able to upload.
the session.use_trans_sid directive set to Off.
the memory_limit directive is set to at least 8M.
the max_execution_time directive is set to at least 15.
the register_globals directive is set to Off.
MySQL 4.0.15 or higher with query caching enabled.
GD Graphics Library 2.0 or higher.

This package is provided "as is" and without any warranty. Any express or implied warranties, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are disclaimed. In no event shall the authors be liable to any party for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, exemplary, or consequential damages arising in any way out of the use or misuse of this package.

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vBulletin v3.6.8 PREMODED with Torrent Tracker - FLS Edition

What Includes?
The Lastest vBulletin v3.6.8 Nulled by DGT

What hacks are included?
VBTT Torrent Tracker
Activity Modification
Cyb - Advanced Forum Rules
Cyb - Advanced Forum Statistics
Cyb - Attention Zero-Posters
Cyb - Check If Already Posted

Cyb - PayPal Donate
Cyb - PM System Enhancements
Cyb - Sub-Forum Manager
Cyb - Top Posters In Month X
Guest Tracking
ibProArcade for vBulletin
Inactive User Reminder Emails
Inferno AJAX Member Pop-Up
Inferno vBShout
Members who have visited the forum
Post Thank You Hack
psiStats 2006
sids hide hack
Usergroup Legend
Username Request
View threads started on postbit
Viper's YouTube & Google Video
Welcome Headers
[Sniper] - Mood Manager
Hide Hack + Post Thank You Hack

And some little graphics: Smileys, ranks etc...

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JA Teline II 1.0.xx

JA Teline II 1.0.xx joomla template

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Revolution Pro Business Theme For Wordpress

The Revolution Pro Business theme is a widget-ready, customizable theme that provide ideal solutions for small business who wish to use WordPress as their content management platform.

Live Demo:


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Start your own business directory listings website with our newest version of BizDirectory (version 2) ! This release is more customizable then ever before, programmers and non-programmers alike should be pleased with the flexibility and features offered in BizDirectory version 2.x.
Administrator Features
Customize directory locations! You can add a single country, city, state (etc..) or as many as you like. We include a pre-created list of countries available for easy import as well if you prefer to support all locations that can be easily imported.
Create custom listing packages. Our flexible and robust system will allow you to create & control how listings can be upgraded by your directory users! Control number of photo's allowed, listing color
Create unlimited categories! Create unlimited sub-category depth!
Subscription / sales history, earnings reports & management.
User management controls.
Toggle user listing automation preferences. Both automatic inclusion and require administrative approval modes available for user submitted listings.

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Category: CMS (depraced!)

Dzoic Handshake Professional v3.2.0

Admin Console
Handshakes Professional script comes with a very powerful admin console which gives you total control over every single area of the site.

Install Guide
No need to be a professional server administrator to install Handshakes, since it includes a one-step installation guide. Just provide some basic installation details and start using the software in a minute.

Tags [NEW!]

* tag clouds appear on all pages for blogs, music and video modules
* modules settings:
o enable/disable module
o minimum and maximum amount of tags to show
o minimum string length of a tag
o minimum and maximum font sizes
o cache lifetime

Social Bookmarking [NEW!]

* social bookmarking buttons appear on blogs, music and video view pages
* admin can enabled/disable module and setup engines
* default engines:
o Favorites (browser favorites)
o Del.icio.us
o Digg
o Furl
o Magnolia
o StumbleUpon
o Google
o Yahoo
o Technorati
o BlinkList


* members can send voice or video messages to each other
* members can post audio or video testimonials for other members
* audio/video blogging
* audio/video comments for blog posts, music entries and video uploads
* admin is able to setup a limit of disk space allocated for each user's multimedia content

Video Chat

* members can invite each other to a video chat
* ability to ignore user
* admin is able to setup daily user usage time for video chat


* members can upload music media files (sound or video)
* members can input external embed tags (such as YouTube, Yahoo! Videos)
* other members can listen/view medias, vote for them and leave comments
* ability to search music by artist or title name
* ability to browse music files
* unique Handshakes MP3 player is used to play MP3 files (view screenshot)


* members can upload their fun/home videos and put them to various categories
* members can input external embed tags (such as YouTube, Yahoo! Videos)
* other members can view videos, vote for them and leave comments
* ability to search for video files
* ability to browse videos by categories
* all videos are converted into the FLV format during upload
* screenshots are created on the fly
* unique Handshakes FLV player is used to play video files (view screenshot)

Flash Chat and Instant Messenger

* members can chat in public rooms or in club-private rooms
* members can send each other instant messages
* IM supports smileys
* members can add their friends to IM contacts lists and get instant notifications if any of them comes online


* full control over profile questions and sections
* members can choose a preset template for their profile or create their own using HTML and CSS tags, just like they do it on myspace.com
* members can easily add sound or video to their profile, which will be automatically embedded into their profile page
* profile page includes a brief list of member's recent blogs, classifieds, events, clubs and a preview of member's photo album
* profiles can be bookmarked

Hot or Not

* members can upload their photos and allow other members to vote for them and leave comments
* top lists: any gender, male and female separate top lists


* members are not limited to just one blog and can start a blog for each topic they want to share their throughts for
* other members can post comments for each blog post
* ability to attach images to the post
* ability to personalize blog by choosing a template, modify colors, use custom CSS tags
* blogs can be bookmarked


* members can post their classified ads and put them in a particular category/subcategory
* other members can send replies for classified ads
* ability to upload an image for the ad
* ability to personalize classified ad by choosing a template, modify colors, use custom CSS tags
* classifieds can be bookmarked


* members can announce date/time/location based events
* other members can attend events and see who's already in an attendees list
* ability to personalize event by choosing a template, modify colors, use custom CSS tags
* events can be bookmarked


* members can create clubs with different access level: public (anyone can join), moderated (moderator approves/declines join requests from other members), private (invitation only)
* each club includes club classifieds, club events, club discussion board, club photos
* moderator of the club has an ability to manage members (delete existing members or invite new ones)
* ability to personalize club by choosing a template, modify colors, use custom CSS tags
* clubs can be bookmarked


* members can send eCards to other members of your site or to their "external" friends
* ability to send eCards immediately or on date
* senders get notifications when their eCard has been picked up by each recipient
* ability to personalize eCard by choosing a template, modify colors, use custom CSS tags
* eCards are being stored in "My Sent eCards" and "My Received eCards" special folders


* create multiple membership packages
* setup prices and payment periods for each package
* setup per-page or per-module access levels for each package
* offer members the ability to pay for making their blogs, classifieds, events or clubs to appear in "Featured" lists
* create advertisement campaigns
* upload banners or use external ad tags (such as Google AdSence or Overture)
* setup targeting for campaign ads: per-page targeting, geo targeting, categories targeting
* track sales history
* ability to approve pending orders manually


* admin can create and manage forums
* members can post topics (HTML tags support, smileys)
* members can post replies to other topics


* users can create their own polls with a question and a number of answers
* other members can vote for their preferred answers and see statistics on how others have voted
* admin can approve / disapprove every new poll

100% Open Source Code
Source code of Handshakes script is not encoded. This means that you can modify the functionality of the software to meet your needs, integrate custom modules or remove unnecessary functionality.
We also provide FLA (Flash) source files for any Flash element which we use in our script and PSD (Photoshop) source files for our graphics.
Members are able to send a message to all of their friends at the same moment. These messages will appear in a special "Bulletins Space" section.
Photo Albums
Members can upload photos and put them to their photo albums. They can also limit access to each album for various groups of members.
Instant Notifications
Members will see instant notifications at the right-bottom of their screen when their friend comes online, when there's a new visitor on their profile, when new message arrives and when there's a calendar reminder set for the current moment.
Geo-Positioning System
Handshakes comes with a complete DB of world countries, states and cities, from which members can choose their location. Script then uses this data to calculate distance between members or return search results within specified distance.
Unique "Colorize Template" feature
Your members can personalize their profile, blog, classified ad, event or club by changing colors of the chosen template. It's not just CSS style modifications - it's ACTUALLY colorizing images, used in a template.
Well-known multiplatform HTML editor TinyMCE (http://tinymce.moxiecode.com) is integrated into all Handshakes modules. It will help your members to create HTML-enhanced content for their profile, blog post, classified ad or event description without making them learn HTML.
Badwords Filter
If your site is supposed to be open for kids or you just want your members to be polite you can enable Badwords filter and all forbidden words will be stripped from users input. Admin has an ability to remove or modify existing badwords list or create your own.
Multilingual Support
Handshakes Professional has been written with a full support of international languages. You can configure the global encoding of the script - and all HTML output, DB entries, emails, etc. will be converted to the specified encoding.
Live international sites:
Translate Tool
Ability to translate the whole script in few steps from admin console.
"Viewed me" section
Members are able to see who have viewed their profile.
"Bookmarked me" section
Members are able to see who have bookmarked their profile.
Saved Searches
Members can save their search and be notified by email when there's a new match to their search criteria.
Forum Integration
Handshakes Professional includes a preset integration into most popular forums: phpBB, vBulletin, Invision Power Board.

Address Book Import
Members can import their contacts from Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, Hotmail, MSN and MySpace and invite them to join your site.

my testing site: http://mygamester.com/DZOIC/

Sended by: Lazarus

Rar Pass: MeGa.UNioN.WaReZ

By Www.PortalDownloads.Net


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GK Mox Movies
GK Mox Movies + Jmovies = Nice .

We have just released the perfect template this month for a premier movies website! Adaptable for game portals, covers, libraries or even record stores, the possibilities are endless! Exclusively for members, we've created styles for JMovies component, a special discount on purchase component.

Mox Movie comes equipped with a very useful module called News Show II and a new menu option: Moomenu. This template uses a variation of a new CSS technique to provide a completely table-less design with a minimum of CSS hacks. Mox Movies is lightweight, modern and fast-loading design. Why? Because Mox Movies 95% in the leaning and generated by CSS.[/left]

tableless design and 100% css based
Build In support for Jmovies component,
3 layout options: 3 columns (left+right+mainbody), 2 columns (right or left + mainbody), 1 column (mainbody).
All 19 modules are fully collapsible.
6 module variations built in.
Build support for News Show II
IE PNGFix Built In
Impressive built-in content style.
2 built-in menu options - Suckerfish menu and Moomenu.
Lightweight, modern and fast-loading design.
Joomla 1.0.x + Joomla 1.5 compatible.
W3C XHTML 1.0 Transitional. W3C CSS Valid.
Fully compatible IE6, IE7, Firefox 1.5+, Flock 0.7+, Netscape, Safari.
Delivered with source Adobe .PSD.
Delivered with Sql dump

demo: http://demo.gavick.com/index.php?month=Dec&year=2007

p.s.: saved in pocket 40.00 bully

Rar Pass: MeGa.UNioN.WaReZ

By: Www.PortalDownloads.Net


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Mega File Hosting Script v1.2
Mega File Hosting Script is an advanced File Hosting Script that
allows your customers to upload large files to your server and email
the file download link to themselves and other email recipients.
With MFHS, you can setup an advanced file hosting site within minutes
and earn profits through showing advertisements on your site and even
on download pages.

New features in MFHS v1.2:
1. Language system:
Edit language file via webform
Static language page for adsense purpose: Mod-rewrite required. But this feature can be turned off from admin panel.
2. Folder features
Allow guest or member to create folders or not.
Password protection on folders.
Folder manager available.
3. Download promotion feature.
a). How it works:
First, you need create some download rules based on host package and possible download country. X points will be recorded for per download from the download country by member who belong to the host package.
Second, the points will be added togther to get total points for the member. Note: this is not instant, and will be updated per hour.
Third, you need create download promotions based on host package. Members can use his points to upgrade or extend his membership, even exchange money out. All this depend on your setting of promotion.
b). IP to Location by MaxMind.
c). Download rules
Can set download points for per download from download country
Can limit max allowed downloaded size for download country per hour.
d). Use points
upgrade or extend current membership
or payout for downloads
4. Download limition:
a). Improve performance of getfile.php
b). Record download logs by day
c). Limit download bandwidth per hour and limit bandiwdth by location
d). Detect if download is from proxy server, and disable it if it is disabled in admin panel.
e).View active download session by admin panel
f). Allow direct download by http://domain.com/download.php?id=xxxx
5. Upload improvement:
a). Support IIS server
b). Change temporary directory by admin panel
c). Can keep extention or not
d). Flash progress bar available[turn on/off from admin panel]
e). Impoved progress bar
f). Change upload directory
g). Allowed/disabled file type based on host package.
h). Hide or disable upload methods based on host package.
6.Multiple language for FAQ and site news
7.Admin logins strict check: 3 times login fails will disable login for 15 mins
8.Impoved thumbnail creation:
Thumbnail configuration by admin panel>servers>edit
9.Set expired package for members who are expired. MFHS v1.1 use guest package.
10. Show guest package on service.php and register page
11. Captcha checking for report and contact page.[can be turned on/off]
12. Show or hide description and password for file upload
13. License system: We changed way of licensing. Fail license validation will only limit some features of admin panel. For example, you will not manage, such as add,edit, delete, host packages, but you still can view list of host packages. Disabled features include: Host package,servers, site configuration and payment gateway.
14. Improved multiple server setup feature:
a). Auto setup by scripts
b). Manual installation: you can download a install script for secondery from admin panel and upload the script to your secondery server to make installation.
15. 2checkout gateway added!

Demo :- http://yabsoft.info/demo/mfhs/

Rar Pass: MeGa.UNioN.WaReZ


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Jmovies - Video Movies Gallery for Joomla!
Jmovies - Video Movies Gallery for Joomla!

Joomla 1.0.x + Joomla 1.5 compatible.

The new (and significantly revamped) JMovies component has been released!

Same of most important features of v1.2.5 are:
Template system for frontend;
Movie lists (for Last Added, Most Viewed, Top Rated) use eye-candy AJAX effects;
The voting check is now improved in order to avoid repeated clicks from the same users;
Movies can be assigned to multiple (but single level) categories. Wich means you can categorize some movie e.g. in Sci-Fi and Action as well. Multi-level support will come soon;
Native JoomlaWorks "Allvideos" plugin support. You can use AllVideos to easily add video trailers/clips to your movies, using services like YouTube, Google Video, iFilm etc. to host the videos or even your own or some friend's server;
Joom!Fish support;
Improved search functionality;
Not require php configuration of mbstring enabled;
And many more...

p.s.: saved in pocket 28.00 bully

demo: http://demo.jmovies.eu/[/left]

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ogame an populair gam on the net
here's an demo

have fun :)

*link update*

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Category: ---

VideoWatch Pro 1.3.4 *The Best YouTube Clone*

* Easily Add Languages
Adding new languages is easy! You just need to add one file per language!.
* Comes With Two Languages
The script comes with english and spanish language packs. You can simply remove ones you don't want, or add new ones.

* Flash Recently Uploaded Videos
This is a neat flash scrollable component that shows videos ordered by the most recently uploaded. The number of videos shown here can be set by the Admin.
* Video Player Showing Editor's Pick
The video player on this page shows any video set by the Admin from the Control Panel.
* Featured Videos
The Admin can feature videos, which are shown on the homepage. The maximum number of featured videos can be set in the Admin Control Panel.
* Featured Channels
The Admin can feature channels, which are shown on the homepage.
* Series Spotlight
The Admin can showcase video series, which are shown on the homepage.
* Categories
A listing of the video categories and channel categories is showin on the hompage for easy access.

Profile Pages
* Upload Profile Background Picture
Members can upload their own profile background picture if they wish, otherwise the default background is shown.
* Social Networking Profiles
Our advanced member profile pages encourages social networking by allowing countless interactions with other members.
* AJAX Subscribe To Member
Logged in members can subscribe to other members without page re-loading.
* AJAX Send Message
Logged in members can send the member a message from their profile without page re-loading.
* AJAX Add To Friends
Logged in members can send friend requests without page re-loading.
* Member Statistics
Detailed member statistics are shown on the their profile including profile views, videos, comments, subscribers, etc.
* Member Videos
The last 5 uploaded member videos are shown, with a link to show all the member's upload videos.
* Member Channels
The last 5 uploaded member channels are shown, with a link to show all the member's created channels.
* Profile Comments
All comments on the member's profile by other members are shown.
* Member Favorite Videos
The last 5 favorited videos by the member are shown, with a link to show all the member's favorited videos.
* Member Subscribers
The last 5 member subscribers are shown, with a link to show all the member's subscribers.
* Member Subscribed To
5 randomly chosen members the profile owner is subscribed to are shown, with a link to show all the members the profile owner is subscribed to.
* Member Friends
10 randomly chosen friends of the member are shown, with a link to show all the member's friends.
* Member Series
The last 5 video series created by the member are shown, with a link to show all of the member's created video series.
* Member Information
Profile member information is shown on the the profile page, including name, birthday, gender, city, country, description, website, etc.

Login Page
* AJAX Check Aavailable Username
Now users can check if a username is available without submitting the page, and without re-loading the page.

Upload Video Page
* One Page Upload
No longer do member have to suffer through multiple pages to upload a video, with our one page upload we make it quick and hassle free.
* Add Video To Series
Members can add a video to any of their video series, or create a video series if they want to.
* Additional Upload Options
Additional options are available on the upload page for members to set their video public/private, allow/disable comments, allow/disable video ratings, allow/disable video embedding, allow/disable video downloads and set their video as mature or not.
* Upload Progress Details
A detailed breakdown of the upload progress is shown, including the percentage complete and time remaining.
* Custom Thumbnail Generator
After your video is uploaded, you will be able to see the three generated thumbnails, and if you don't like them, you can generate them again until you get ones you like.

Member Accounts
* Account Status
In the My Account page, member can see detailed statistics of their account including their account status, e-mail status and summaries of all interactions.
* Account Functions
Members can change their e-mail, change thieir password, change their avatar, toggle their family filter, edit their profile, change their profile background image, as well as change their profile picture.
* Avatars
Members can use one of the provided avatars, or upload thier own custom avarar which is shown on all comments throughout the site.
* Family Filter
Before members can view mature content, they must turn their family filter off, which is on by default for new members and guests.
* Messages
Members have a inbox, where they can view received messages from other members, as well as reply to them.
* AJAX Reply To Message
When viewing a message, members can instantly reply without page re-load.

* Sent Messages History
All messages the member sends are recorded in their sent messages history, which can be deleted.
* Member Friends
Members can view as well as remove their current friends.
* Friend Requests
Requests to be a member's friend are shown, where they can accept or reject it.
* Channels, Videos and Series
Members can view, edit or delete any of their created or uploaded channels, videos and series.

Search System
* Popular Searches
A record of the search terms are kept, and the most popular search terms are shown on the search results page.
* Multi-Search
When you search for something, the number of results for that search term for other sections are also shown for users convenience.
* Search From Any Page
With our advanced search system, users can search from any page they are on by clicking "Search" on top of the page.

* Easy Ads
With out easy ads system, adding an advertisement to the site is made too simple!

Play Video Page
* AJAX Add Video To Favorites
Logged in members can favorite videos without page re-loading.
* AJAX Share Video
Logged in members can share(e-mail) videos to their friends without page re-loading.
* AJAX Report Video To Admin
Logged in members can report videos to the Admin without page re-loading.
* AJAX Add Video To Channel
Logged in members can add videos to channels without page re-loading.
* AJAX Subscripe To Member
Logged in members can subscribe to other members without page re-loading.
* Social Bookmarks
Viewers can add the video page to their favorite social bookmarking website to, which boosts your traffic.
* Related, User, and Newest Videos
Lots of other videos available on this page that will increase the viewer's clickthrough rate.

Channel Page
* SEO Channel URL's
Channels have the best seo url's. [url]www.yourdomain.com/channel-name[/url]
* Upload Channel Background Picture
Members can upload their own channel background picture if they wish, otherwise the default background is shown.
* AJAX Join Channel
Logged in members can join the channel without page re-loading.
* AJAX Rate Channel
Logged in members can rate the channel without page re-loading.
* Channel Video Player
The latest video added to the channel is shown on the channel video player.
* Channel Comments
Comments made to the channel are listed.
* Channel Videos
Videos added to the channel are shown on the right of the video player.
* Channel Members
Members who joined the channel are listed.

Video Series Page
* AJAX Subscribe To Series
Logged in members can subscribe to the video series without page re-loading.
* Latest Series Video Playing
The last video added to the series will automatically be played on the video player of this page.
* AJAX Rate Series
Logged in members can rate the series without page re-loading.
* Series Subscribers Listing
A list of all series subscribers is shown below the video player.
* Videos in Series List
A list of all videos in the series is shown to the right of the video player.

* Video Section
Video section of the script lists all videos, with the option to order via recently added, most popular, top rated, top favorites, featured or by runtime length.
* Series Section
Series section lists all video series created by users, with the option to order it by most subscribed, recently created, highest rated, recently added, or series spotlight.
* Members Section
Members section of the site list all active members, with the option to sort by recently joined, recently online, profile hits, video views, featured, only men or only women.
* Channel Section
Channel section lists all channels created by members, with the option to sort by recently created, most subscribed, most viewed, featured, top rated or most comments.
* Picture Section
The picture section contains all of the features of the video section. Pictures can be uploaded with a progress bar, has channels, comments, ratings, sharing options, everything!
See The Demo: [url]http://mods.videowatchpro.com[/url]
* Audio/Music Section
Coming Soon.

* Video Categories
Categories are available for videos, which can be added/removed by the Admin.
* Channel Categories
Categories are available for channel, which can be added/removed by the Admin.
* Picture Categories
Categories are available for pictures, which can be added/removed by the Admin.

Account Help
* Forgot Username
If members forget their username, they can now request it by entering their e-mail address and have it e-mailed to them.
* Reset Password
If members forget their account password, they can now request it by entering their username and have it e-mailed to them.

* CSS Tableless Theme
The script comes with a modern looking css tableless theme.
* Encoded Passwords
For additional security, all member passwords are MD5 encoded.
* 2-Pass Video Encoding
To improve video quality, we have upgraded to 2-pass video encoding.
* SEO Optimization
To improve your popularity on search engines, we have completely seo optimized the script to have as much friedly url's as possible.
* Extensive RSS Feeds
25 new rss feeds have been added and are available to everyone who uses your site.

* Create Multiple Administrators
Now administrators no longer have to share one login and password. Multiple administrators can be added.
* Encoded Administrator Passwords
For additional security, all member passwords are MD5 encoded.
* Customization
Administrators can customize every aspect of the site to suit their preferences, including listings per page, listings per block on the homepage, allowing downloads, allowing who can download, video conversion settings, video conversion paths, SEO settings, Rating settings, allowed avatar width, height, meta tags, etc.
* View Edit Delete
Administrators can view edit or delete channels, videos, series and members.
* Create or Delete Categories
Administrators can create new categories for video and channels or delete them.
* Advertisements
Administrators can edit advertisements that appear throught the website.


By Me: http://videos.redequestion.com.br

Rar Pass: MeGa.UNioN.WaReZ

By: Www.PortalDownloads.Net


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AJAX DeskTop StartPage Enterprise

AJAX DeskTop StartPage Enterprise

AJAX DeskTop StartPage Enterprise is our latest range of web 2.0 AJAX based application that allows you to start your very own personal start page service just like Netvibes.com, iGoogle & PageFlakes.com.

What exactly is StartPage Enterprise and what does it do? For those who have not seen sites like PageFlakes, Netvibes or iGoogle, StartPage Enterprise is a multi-lingual Ajax-based personalized start page. It is organized into tabs, with each tab containing user-defined widgets including RSS reader, Notes, Web search, weather forecast,  bookmarks, email reader and more!

StartPage Enterprise also features a unique "Drag and Drop" interface that allows your users to easily add or remove widgets from their pages making it truly a simple to use and fun tool for all your web users.

Here are some examples of what you or your users can do with StartPage Enterprise:

Read POP/Yahoo/Gmail/AOL emails all at once without having to login into 4 different accounts. StartPage Enterprise will auto-save your email login information. All its takes is one common login to your StartPage Enterprise account

Our UWA compatible and external widgets allows your members to use thousands of ready made widgets

Take down important notes and retrieve it from anywhere with a web browser

All your daily dose of news feeds can now be displayed via our online RSS reader widget in one page

Our weather forecast widget instantly shows the weather information of your preferred location

Select your search engine and enter the search phrase to retrieve search results

and many more!


Rar Pass: MeGa.UNioN.WaReZ

By: Mega Union WareZ - Www.PortalDownloads.Net


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[DGT] vBulletin Blog 1.0.5

[ScRiPt iNfO]
&#9632; Script name   : vBulletin Blog v1.0.5                          
&#9632; Supplied by   : DGT                                            
&#9632; Nullified by  : DGT                                            
&#9632; Tested by     : DGT                                            
&#9632; Protection    : Removed                                        
&#9632; Homepage      : http://www.vbulletin.com                      
&#9632; Release date  : 24-04-2008                                    
&#9632; Release type  : PHP/MySQL                                      
&#9632; Price         : Forget it :)                                  
&#9632; Under music   : N/A


vBulletin Blog is a fully-featured blogging add-on that enables
community members to create their very own online blogs within
vBulletin. Giving members a place to post thoughts, ideas and
musings will keep users returning to the community again and again,
and advanced administration features allow forum owners and moderators
to keep control and integrate Blog into vBulletin&#198;s existing look and

[/End DeScRiPtIoN]

Rar Pass: MeGa.UNioN.WaReZ

By: Www.PortalDownloads.Net


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[ScRiPt NfO]
&#9632; Script name   : vBulletin Project Tools 1.0.3              
&#9632; Supplied by   : DGT                                            
&#9632; Nullified by  : DGT                                            
&#9632; Tested by     : DGT                                            
&#9632; Protection    : Removed  
&#9632; Homepage      : http://www.vbulletin.com/                      
&#9632; Release date  : 24-04-2008                                    
&#9632; Release type  : PHP/MySQL                                      
&#9632; Price         : Forget it :)                                          
&#9632; Under music   : N/A


vBulletin  Project Tools  is a versatile add-on product that enhances
vBulletin  with  project management  functionality,  empowering  your
community  members  to  create projects,  contribute to tasks, submit
issues  and  view  progress  of  projects. Seamless  integration with
vBulletin  ensures  maximum  usability, and  an  administration suite
within the vBulletin control panel allows full customization of
projects, issues, tasks and user permissions.

Rar Pass: MeGa.UNioN.WaReZ

By: www.portaldownloads.net


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[vB 3.7.X] Inferno vBShout Pro v2.5

Invitation System v2.0.2

Hacks to vBulletin!

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24 DDL Scripts

DDL Scripts Included
1.Axx Beta Release 1 DDL
2.Dailyxdownloads DDL Script
3.DDL Center Optimized
4.DDL Center
5.DDL Network Script
6.Deepblue DDL V1.2
8.Dutch Warez DDL
9.Godabuzz DDL
10.Illegalvvarezphilez De Vu - DDLscript
11.Lith Warez DDL
12.Macro DDL
13.Macrowarez DDL
14.Modifed DDL Script
16.Submissionz.Com Php DDL
19.Kddl template DDLBase
20.Link Encrypter [Anti-Link-Leech] - downloads

Rar Pass: MeGa.UNioN.WaReZ

By: www.PortalDownloads.Net

Enjoy my Friends!

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Category: CMS (depraced!)

Arcade Builder 1.7 CHT Nulled

Arcade Builder 1.7 CHT Nulled

ArcadeBuilder is game portal script writen in PHP and powered by MySQL with tons of great features not found in any others similar products.
Not only it comes with a great admin panel backend and a professional template; it has been designed to make money using Google Adsense, Fastclick/ValueClick, Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN) or any other provider you choose, It also allows the webmaster to sell "Sponsored Games Spots" at your desired price.

Rar Pass: MeGa.UNioN.WaReZ

By: Www.PortalDownloads.Net


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Category: CMS (depraced!)

Datalife Engine 7.0 Final Release

Datalife Engine 7.0 Final Release

Have been prepared and implemented the following changes:
1. For more rapid and understandable perception preferences of user groups in adminpaneli have been divided into thematic tabs.
2. Now it's possible abandonment of the homepage address of an empty site. In this case, the script will automatically determine where it is installed and use appropriate ways. This innovation is useful if you use odnovrennoy parked domains or work site in the local network and the Internet, because ostavatsya visitor will always be within the domain to which he has gone and will not be when navigating the site to move to the domain referenced by the script settings.
3. Added the ability to download images on the server to set up or editing static pages. When removing static pages downloaded images also automatically removed.
4. In setting user groups added to authorize or prohibit downloading of images to the server. By doing so, now may hold more fine-tuning who are allowed to download pictures and who does not.
5. In setting user groups added to authorize or prohibit downloading various files on a server. By doing so, now may hold more fine-tuning who not only allowed to upload pictures, but also different files to the server.
6. Now it is possible, when you add news from the site, not only to upload images to a server, but also other files that are allowed by site for downloading, provided that for this group to allow files. In this way, your visitors, while adding news not only to upload pictures to it, but such materials and videos.
7. Added support script quotes in the module "filter words" to the desired phrases.
8. On the main page adminpaneli added a reference to the editing of news awaiting moderation, while in the transition from this link in the list of news will only news that await moderation. Also added preservation parameters exhibited in an expanded search for returning to news after news editing.
9. Now it is possible in group settings to allow or prohibit users to use the signature in the comments.
10. Now it is possible in group settings to allow or prohibit users to use clickable links in the comments, profile or personal communications. In order to prevent spam, you can publish links to permit only a proven user groups.
11. Now it is possible to specify in your profile setting multiple IP addresses or subnets with which the authorization is permitted on the site under the login data. In so doing, you can specify multiple sub-networks safe, such as home subnet and working. The maximum you can specify IP addresses 15.
12. Added ability to view all the latest news added, regardless of whether they appear on the home or not. This feature is useful for sites that publish in the main, not all news and news does not get much to the home page. View all news is carried out at http://site.ru/lastnews/ when the NPC and NPC http://site.ru/index.php?do=lastnews when off.
13. Improving the cache system site, added caching such actions as viewing the latest news, view the catalogue, viewing news for a certain day.
14. Significantly increased speed of the script when viewing pages with the latest news and brief comments as well as significantly reduced load on the server with MySQL. This optimization was dostugnuta by lifting MySQL queries to the server for calculating the total number of news in the formation of navigating the pages.
15. New mechanisms to protect the site from programs designed to automatically uploads news sites.
16. Added the ability to choose and insert a large number of pictures uploaded to the server when you add one click news.
17. According to numerous wishes changed the principle of formation and display navigation on the news pages. Applies the same principle as when editing news adminpaneli.
18. Changed navigation bar on the commentary in the news. Now displays not a complete list of all pages, as well as news on 10 pages. In so doing, navigation has become more comfortable in the news where a lot of comments.
19. When editing the user in finding IP adminpaneli added that user as well as links to search other users with similar IP address.
20. In setting the script added the possibility of appointing order sort of news viewing catalogue. Thus the criterion sort of news viewing catalogue of more independent of the general preferences for news.
21. In setting the script added the possibility of establishing a number of found similar news when viewing the full news website.
22. Sponsor for the module send the site to correct problems with kirilitsey in some mail clients.
23. Added to choose the type of links to the full NPC news. All three options are available: C indicating the categories in the URL, without specifying the categories and the old type that was used earlier, using the date in the URL.
24. Added automatic meter news update the user whose news script automatically removed if expired news publication.
25. Added the ability to quickly search for similar news when adding or editing news in adminpaneli, thereby greatly facilitated the process ezmlm large number of news. Search a news done using technology AJAX.
26. In adminpanel while editing news added mass appointment today for selected news.
27. Added the possibility of limiting the maximum number of news that site visitors can add to the moderation.
28. The bug in the filter words, which leads to the emergence of incorrect tags in the news when editing, if the word in the filter is intended for disposal.
29. The bug where when viewing category whose own parameters sort of news, as happened redirection settings to sort and tag (custom ...)
30. Fixed all the previously declared and small errors in the script.

Rar Pass: MeGa.UNioN.WaReZ

By: Www.PortalDownloads.Net


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