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Mastering Go From Basics To Advanced Real–World Application Free Download Mastering Go From Basics To Advanced Real–World Application Published 11/2023 MP4 | Video: h264, ...
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Mastering Azure OpenAI Exercises Free Download Mastering Azure OpenAI Exercises Published 11/2023 Created by MD SARFARAZ MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | ...
MasterClass – Navigating Change with Jay Shetty Released 11/2023 MP4 | Video: h264, 1920x1080 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 Ch Genre: eLearning | Language: English | ...
Learning Spring 6 with Spring Boot 3 Free Download Learning Spring 6 with Spring Boot 3 Released 11/2023 MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, ...
Learn Music Theory From Scratch–Tcl Grade 1 Exam Prep. 100% Free Download Learn Music Theory From Scratch–Tcl Grade 1 Exam Prep. 100% Published 11/2023 MP4 | Video: h264, ...


Nulled.org Software 8TM URL Shortener

Salestickers Vector Mix 5

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Salestickers Vector Mix 6

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Web Components – Pack 3 in 1

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Here is a New Ioncube deocder here is the Virus log

IONCUBE Decoder ! 1.8 not 1.10

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ChimeraBuzz - Premium Business Corporate Template

ChimeraBuzz - Premium Business Corporate Template

Live Demo :


# Multiple layout columns setup
# Multiple buttons styles
# Multiple content boxes
# Multiple information boxes
# Icon features boxes
# Pricing page
# Tooltips
# Cufon fonts replacement
# Jquery Powered
# Valid Code Cross browser compatible

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Web Design in a Nutshell
winked wink O'Reilly Web Design in a Nutshell wink winked

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Category: Plugins/Modules

WPRobot 3.10 Full Modules Nulled By Jeen

Now Just From Me

Use WPRobot 3.10 With 15 Modules For Free

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                        - RELEAZE -


                         - iNFO -
Rls Date: 02-Jul-2010

This is a Private release for sCRiPTz-TEAM community.
Enjoy it!
Thanks to all who providing RETAiL scriptz.
Our greetz fliez to all good groups in da scene.

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PJ Velocity - July 2010 Pure Joomla! Template

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Mixel - Simple One Page Template

Mixel - Simple One Page Template

Mixel HTML Template, Simple, stylish, and fancy template that would be great for a web portfolio, business website, and personal web. Designed with one page style, you can choose 3 variations background

Live Demo:


# Valid XHTML
# Simple and fancy look

What you get:
# One page HTML
# CSS files
# JS files

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Category: CMS (depraced!)

Joomla! 1.5.18 / 1.0.15 / 1.6 Beta 4 | MEga Pack
feel love Joomla! 1.5.18 / 1.0.15 / 1.6 Beta 4 | MEga Pack love feel

This is an award-winning content management system (CMS), which enables you to build Web sites and powerful online applications.

Joomla! is very flexible through the hundreds of extensions developed for it and can be used for a variety of purposes, from corporate Web sites to personal homepages.

Here are some key features of "Joomla!":

· Banner
· Contacts
· Newsfeeds
· Polls
· Search
· Weblinks

· Archived Content
· Banners & Feed
· Custom HTML
· Breadcrumbs
· Footer
· Login
· Menu
· Most Read & Latest News
· News Flash
· Polls
· Random Image
· Related Items
· Search
· Sections
· Statistics
· Syndicate
· Who's Online
· Wrapper

· Authentication (Joomla!, LDAP, OpenID, GMail)
· Cache
· Code Highlighter (GeSHi)
· Email Cloaking
· Editors (TinyMCE 2.1 & Xstandard Lite for Joomla!)
· Editors-XTD (Image, Page Break, Readmore)
· Legacy
· Rating
· Search (Categories, Newsfeeds, Sections, Contacts, Content, Weblinks)
· XML-RPC (Blogger API, Joomla! API)

· RHUK Milkyway
· Beez


· Apache 1.3+ with mod_mysql, mod_xml, and mod_zlib or IIS web server 6 or higher
· PHP 4.3.10+
· MySQL 3.23+

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Category: CMS (depraced!)

Lanius CMS 0.5.2_r1668
feel love Lanius CMS 0.5.2_r1668 love feel

This is a light-weight PHP dynamic web authoring and content management system

The CMS is suitable for a wide range of target solutions, spanning from small personal websites to complex commercial applications.

It provides advanced support flat file databases and for any other classic database system the user might one to use and like to integrate.

The standard Lanius CMS package is simple, easy to install and does not require any programming skills to setup because the package comes with a easy to use graphic installer.

Lanius CMS will adapt to the server's capabilities and resources working out-of-the-box with PHP4 and PHP5.

Here are some key features of "Lanius CMS":

General features:
· Embedded flat-file database (Gladius DB)
· Supports many DBMSes through adoDBM (MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL etc)
· Advanced backup features (tarball backup, database backup)
· Comes with all the necessary addons pre-installed
· Optimized for security and speed (lightweight)
· Internationalization (i18n) support
· Fully extensible (templates, components, modules, plugins etc)
· Supports backups of Limbo CMS and Drake CMS

Usage recommendations:
· Community-based portals
· Personal or family homepages
· Corporate intranets and extranets
· Magazines and newspapers
· Non-profit and organizational websites
· School and church websites
· Corporate websites or portals
· Government applications

Language packs:
· Chinese
· Croatian
· Dutch
· English
· German
· Greek
· Italian
· Polish
· Portuguese
· Romanian
· Russian
· Slovenian

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Category: CMS (depraced!)

DiY-CMS 1.0
feel love DiY-CMS 1.0 love feel

This is a simple content management system (CMS) written in PHP, with a MySQL database backend

Custom functionality can easily be added through modules and the theming engine is easy to use.

Here are some key features of "DiY-CMS":

· Multilingual: You can add your own translation easily. DiY-CMS has a support for left-to-right and right-to-left languages.
· xtensible: Modules can be created and integrated into DiY-CMS easily.
· Customizable: HTML code is separated from php code so you can add a theme of your design seamlessly.
· owerful administrator area: You can manage the whole website through a highly advanced admin area. Enable or disable parts of your website, install or uninstall modules, add or remove menus, upload and create themes for your website or create and delete user groups.
· Permissions: Assign permissions to any group you like so you decide who accessing what page.
· Password-protected areas, show different content to different groups of users
· Multiple attachments: You can add multiple attachments to your forum or news post, edit them or delete them.
· WYSIWYG editor

Modules included:
· Users: Essential to the DIYCMS and can not be removed, but can be customized.
· News: Add the ability to add news to your website.
· Forum: Create a discussion board.
· Downloads: Add a download center.
· Links: Manage links directory.
· Guestbook: Let your guests add their impressions and opinions of your website
· Poll: Add polls to your website.
· Pages: Create customized pages to insert any content you like.

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GB Top-Directory 5.1
feel love GB Top-Directory 5.1 love feel

GB Top-Directory is a system for traffic exchange and (or) link exchange.

You can use it for creation of TopList, or Directory, or Links Page for your site, or even complex resource for traffic-link exchange like TopList Directory CJ. You can easily integrate the script in your php-portal.

A few things you'll want to know about the script
- Written in PHP without using MySQL and very quick
- Easily sets up and running in minute
- Autogeneration of SE-optimized categories pages - forget about manual html-editing
- Intellectual anticheat algorithms - no chances to cheaters
- Search-engine friendly listings for top members
- Traffic filtering by country, browser language, proxy, robots etc
- Detailed stats for each site
- Directory functions with backlink & backwards checkers
- Quick upgrading from AutoRank Pro without traffic loss
- Simple search script with integrated pay-per-click results can give you some cash (option)
- Script can automatically find your best Member partners, and sends more hits to them to increase your traffic (cj-functions)
- All sites can send their hits directly to your root url or can use individual id
- Individual stats for every site, including in/out stats, traffic quality, hourly diagrams
- Statistics calculated for all your bookmark and most information tracked for your non-Member traffic
- High reliability - automatic backup and restoring of database
- Scanning of new sites for improper content
TopList and Directory site types

The script will be optimized after installation for using as TopList or Directory. You can change site type anytime in settings and even combine TopList and Directory functions as you need.

Integration with existing site

GB Top-Directory is script for independent sites, but you can also integrate it in your existing site. There are two ways: installing in subdirectory and in main directory.

Subdirectory installation is simplest choice for independent Toplist(Directory). You don't need to do any changes in settings, but you can count traffic in this subdirectory only. Your must have some traffic on index page of your directory(toplist) which will start script spiders and automatic updating of lists. This mode is good choice for independent TopLists and simple links pages without regular backlink&backwards checkers.

Installation in main directory is highly recommended for any sites, especially if your need to include the lists in any pages or to count incoming traffic from any page of your site or if your need regular backlink&backwards checkers.

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 phpListPro 2.0.1
feel love phpListPro 2.0.1 love feel

phpListPro - PHP/mySQL rating TopList professional

- Easy Configuration with CSS (some samples incl.)
- All functions configurable with one config-file
- mySQL Database Backend (fast, stable)
- unlimited language-templates, with language-select (english, german, dutch, french, spanish, italian, russian, ... included)
- unlimited categories, with category-select
- Site rating on incoming votes
- 3 Stage - Anti cheating Gateway
- AntiFrame on Gateway
- unique Cheating-Detection (TILT-Protect)
- Cookie-Detection (only cookie-enabled browsers can vote)
- Random-Link
- Site-Search
- NewIcon for new entries
- Variable pagebreaks
- Userfriendly Add site (with HTML integration help)
- Userfriendly Edit site
- Userfriendly HTML integration help
- Auto "Add to Favorits" Window for first-time Users
- Exitwindow's for exit's and outclick's
- Listsorting on votes or hits
- Listreset for cronjobs or automatic
- SetInactive on listreset (if no vote's within timeframe)
- SetActive on listreset (if vote's within timeframe)
- Lost password function

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eSoftScript 2.0
feel love eSoftScript 2.0 love feel

Developers have the possibility and are allowed to submit software as PAD files.

The eSoftScript application uses AJAX extensively and is very easy to customize it to suit specific needs.

Here are some key features of "eSoftScript":

· Software categories management
· Rating and review system
· Customizable template
· Friendly urls
· Users panel
· Developers panel
· Admin panel
· Default 4 operating systems with categories
· Advertising
· Reviews
· Users and sofware management
· Multi language support
· Pad file submiter
· Highly configurable site parameters


· UNIX web host
· PHP 5.2.1 or higher
· MySQL 4.1 or higher
· Apache 1.3
· Around 100Mb Storage Space
· ionCube Decoder

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YooTools Tutorials + Warp

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Category: Plugins/Modules

tInput CodeCanyon

Input and Textarea customizer - tInput


Download 2:

Password :

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Category: Plugins/Modules

Simple members system

Simple members system




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After Land Wordpress Theme

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Olive Twist Wordpress Theme

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Shinto Gate Wordpress Theme

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Category: CMS (depraced!)

WEBO Site SpeedUp is a PHP solution that automatically speeds up your website by
combining and compressing your javascript and CSS assets.
It can also GZIP these assets, and the page itself (via PHP or .htaccess
options). Also it applies CSS Sprites and data:URI techniques. It supports
unobtrusive javascript conversion, multiple hosts, CDN, and a lot of other
useful options.
Actually WEBO Site SpeedUp applies all known client side optimization approaches
to completely speed up your website. Average acceleration is 2.5 times. WEBO
Site SpeedUp is based on Web Optimizer which was initially based on PHP Speedy.





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Lady in Mood (WordPress)

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Panacea – July 2010 RocketTheme Joomla Template

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Activeden – Punkerpop XML – Orignal File
Activeden – Punkerpop XML – Orignal File

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cartoon Collection in Vector must see and download

Vector1,600 Files EPS | AI | CDR | WMF | JPG Preview600 FIles GIF B&W Line Drawings for Coloring

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Template Downloadsemprelivre.com Para Wordpress

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