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Nulled.org Software 8TM.NET URL Shortener Money for webmaster

This is ver of the WHM And Cpanel it's ver. 9.9.8
this is anice ver nulled ver

links down

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ProSubmitter $1000 SEO

How it works :
- Our software (DPGP? or CloakerPro?) creates thousands of keyword-oriented web pages with unique contents.These pages are search-engine-spider friendly! The spiders crawl and index the pages, and finally show them in the search results.

- Once a visitor clicks your page URL, he will be re-directed to the specified URL you set.

- You can send the visitors to anywhere you want! You may change the destination URL in just one minute at any time in the Future.


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[DGT] vBulletin v3.7.0 Gold

■ Script name   : vBulletin 3.7.0 Gold incl. KeyGen    
■ Supplied by   : DGT                                            
■ Nullified by  : DGT                                            
■ Tested by     : DGT                                            
■ Protection    : Removed                                        
■ Homepage      : http://www.vbulletin.com                      
■ Release date  : 30-04-2008                                    
■ Release type  : PHP/MySQL                                      
■ Price         : Forget it :)                                  
■ Under music   : N/A

vBulletin  is  a  powerful,  scalable  and  fully customizable forums
package  for  your  web  site.  It  has been written  using the Web's    
quickest-growing    scripting  language;   PHP, and   is complimented    
with  a  highly efficient  and  ultra  fast back-end  database engine  
built using MySQL.

**** Validator ****

Upload all files in BINARY mode.
Run validator.php before editing files to verify release.
Use online verifier of validator.php file and you will see NFO file.
Remove both files from server after checking and enjoy.
Remember, we include validator.php and checksums.md5 in our releases.
If you don't see these files, don't trust.
Do not modify validator.php.

**** KeyGen ****

Before installation or updating vBulletin you must:

1) Check the release with validator.php to make sure, that it does not
   contain any changed files or just use our release without keygen.
2) CHMOD all files 0777 to  write the new data in them.
3) Execute keygen.php
4) Remove keygen.php from server after genering and enjoy.

WARNING: DON'T FORGET to return CHMOD back beforσ start using your
forum. It's safety requirement!

If you face some problem In install/authenticate.php


Rar Pass: MeGa.UNioN.WaReZ

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speed chat (no comment)
bully Gorilla Gab chat
This set of small scripts is very easy to set up.
What you should have is :
1: gorilla.php3 permission...755
2:gorilla2.php3 permission..755
3:gorilla_main.php3 permission..755
4:kmoo.gif permission..755
5:blank.gif permission..755
6:msg.txt permission..777

Open gorilla.php3.
there are several lines that need to be changed.

/*Dat file name. Make sure it is in the same folder*/
$talk_back_ok = "msg.txt";
/*Webmasters Image Location(put url not path)*/
$webmaster_image = "kmoo.gif";
/*Webmasters Name*/
$webmaster_name = "kmoo";
/*Webmasters Password*/
$pass = "061667";
/*messages displayed*/
$help_lenght = 20;
/*Home Long can the lake each message*/
$max_single_msg_lenght = 100000;

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Category: CMS (depraced!)

What is Joomla! ?
Joomla  Lavra Edition 2007

Joomla! is an award-winning Content Management System (CMS) that will help you build websites and other powerful online applications. Best of all, Joomla! is an open source solution that is freely available to everybody.

Joomla! in Action

Joomla! is used all over the world to power everything from simple, personal homepages to complex corporate web applications. Here are just some of the ways people use our software:
Corporate websites or portals
Online commerce
Small business websites
Non-profit and organizational websites
Government applications
Corporate intranets and extranets
School and church websites
Personal or family homepages
Community-based portals
Magazines and newspapers
the possibilities are limitless

Joomla! can be used to easily manage every aspect of your website, from adding content and images to updating a product catalog or taking online reservations.

Rar Pass: MeGa.UNioN.WaReZ

By: Www.PortalDownloads.Net


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What is SMF?

SMF - Simple Machines Forum

Simple Machines Forum SMF in short is a free, professional grade software package that allows you to set up your own online community within minutes.

Its powerful custom made template engine puts you in full control of the lay-out of your message board and with our unique SSI - or Server Side Includes - function you can let your forum and your website interact with each other.

SMF is written in the popular language PHP and uses a MySQL database. It is designed to provide you with all the features you need from a bulletin board while having an absolute minimal impact on the resources of the server. SMF is the next generation of forum software - and best of all it is and will always remain completely free!

Recommended System Requirements

However, for best performance and use, a bit more is suggested. This includes the following:
Linux or another Unix based operating system.
The GNU Aspell and its dictionaries for spell checking support.
Apache with AcceptPathInfo set to On (Apache 2 and later only) for queryless URL support.
PHP 4.3.0 or higher, with the following set in php.ini:
the max_input_time directive is set to a value of at least 30.
the post_max_size and upload_max_filesize directives are set to the size of the largest attachments you wish to be able to upload.
the session.use_trans_sid directive set to Off.
the memory_limit directive is set to at least 8M.
the max_execution_time directive is set to at least 15.
the register_globals directive is set to Off.
MySQL 4.0.15 or higher with query caching enabled.
GD Graphics Library 2.0 or higher.

This package is provided "as is" and without any warranty. Any express or implied warranties, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are disclaimed. In no event shall the authors be liable to any party for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, exemplary, or consequential damages arising in any way out of the use or misuse of this package.

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vBulletin v3.6.8 PREMODED with Torrent Tracker - FLS Edition

What Includes?
The Lastest vBulletin v3.6.8 Nulled by DGT

What hacks are included?
VBTT Torrent Tracker
Activity Modification
Cyb - Advanced Forum Rules
Cyb - Advanced Forum Statistics
Cyb - Attention Zero-Posters
Cyb - Check If Already Posted

Cyb - PayPal Donate
Cyb - PM System Enhancements
Cyb - Sub-Forum Manager
Cyb - Top Posters In Month X
Guest Tracking
ibProArcade for vBulletin
Inactive User Reminder Emails
Inferno AJAX Member Pop-Up
Inferno vBShout
Members who have visited the forum
Post Thank You Hack
psiStats 2006
sids hide hack
Usergroup Legend
Username Request
View threads started on postbit
Viper's YouTube & Google Video
Welcome Headers
[Sniper] - Mood Manager
Hide Hack + Post Thank You Hack

And some little graphics: Smileys, ranks etc...

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JA Teline II 1.0.xx

JA Teline II 1.0.xx joomla template

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Revolution Pro Business Theme For Wordpress

The Revolution Pro Business theme is a widget-ready, customizable theme that provide ideal solutions for small business who wish to use WordPress as their content management platform.

Live Demo:


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Start your own business directory listings website with our newest version of BizDirectory (version 2) ! This release is more customizable then ever before, programmers and non-programmers alike should be pleased with the flexibility and features offered in BizDirectory version 2.x.
Administrator Features
Customize directory locations! You can add a single country, city, state (etc..) or as many as you like. We include a pre-created list of countries available for easy import as well if you prefer to support all locations that can be easily imported.
Create custom listing packages. Our flexible and robust system will allow you to create & control how listings can be upgraded by your directory users! Control number of photo's allowed, listing color
Create unlimited categories! Create unlimited sub-category depth!
Subscription / sales history, earnings reports & management.
User management controls.
Toggle user listing automation preferences. Both automatic inclusion and require administrative approval modes available for user submitted listings.

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