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Overnight Forum

Category: WSO Stuff

Course #1: Simple Machines Mastery

Below are detailed descriptions on what you will get in each video:

Video One: Installation

The very first step in governing your own online community is that you have to install and configure the software. In this video I painlessly guide you to the steps needed to get SMF running in literally minutes. No need to worry about it, its FAST and EASY.

Video Two: Themes

All default forums look identical out of the box. Do want to change the way your forum looks? Sure, this is easy as 123. With SMF you can easily change your forum to 100s of different variations in a couple of minutes. I show you precisely how to do this.

Video Three: Maintenance

Occasionally, your live forum may need updates and the wrong approach is doing it on a live forum and destroying the users experience. In this video I show you how to correctly configure your SMF to go into maintenance mode so that your forum members will know when they try to access your forum during this mode.

Video Four: Backing up the database
Saving your database can prevent catastrophes from happening on your site. Luckily, there is an easy way to prevent this from ever happening and it will only take a couple of minutes to execute!

Video Five: Backing up your site

We all heard those horror movie stories in which individuals lose all of their data on their site and conversely lose tons of business and credibility. Well, this is something that I show you how to easily prevent with my one minute data protection solution!

Video Six: How to make your forum secure

If you run an online forum then you will have malicious users that come to it to try and DESTROY it with spam advertisements! This is something that you HAVE to prevent if you want a long lasting community. The good news is I show you all of the key tricks that you need to implement within your simple machines forum that will get rid of all of those automated spamming *******s!

Video Seven: How to make your forum search engine friendly

Have you ever searched for something to Google and were taken to an online forum? This is not a surprise since many online forums become major authorities in the search engines. In this video I show a neat little trick that allows you to make all the urls on your simple machines forum search engine friendly.

Video Eight: The Expert Administrator

YOU will become the admin of your virtual world, and you will need to know all of the bells and whistles that are available to you so that you can better govern your forum. In this video I'll take you through a pleasant virtual tour of becoming that expert administrator.

Video Nine: Cool Avatars

Making your forum more interactive is surefire way to success, and in this video I show you how to install and deactivate several different avatar sets so that your website users can get more enjoy out of their experience!

Video Ten: Adding Additional Social Aspects

Baking social media within your online forum can yield excellent viral marketing for your site. In this video I show you how to integrate facebook, twitter, and other social media networks within your forum. Its really easy too!

Video Eleven: Putting Your Forum Together
What will your forum be without categories and threads? In this video I show you how to compile your forum and make it available for users to use!
Course #2: Magic Forum: Run The Most Popular Forum Script In Seconds!

How to easily install phpBB on your webhost
How to customize your phpBB website to over 100 different flavors!
How to setup and configure your forum for live visitors in a heartbeat!
How to backup your phpBB website so that youll save all of your important files just in case if a terrible disaster strikes!
How to add avatars, smilies, and all that cool stuff that forums needs!
How to install and configure the most popular plugins for phpBB
Much more!

Course #3: Dominate Your Niche Market With Vanilla Forum Scripts!

How to easily install and configure the vanilla forum script on your webhost
How to create new categories for your forum in a snap
How to easily control the layout and feel of your Vanilla Forum site
How to instantly use your Vanilla Forum as a blogging machine (bonus feature)
How to effortlessly configure your Vanilla Forum site so that youll give spamming bots the big boot!
How to add a karma system to your forum ($197 value)
How to easily make your Vanilla forum super seo friendly
How to easily change the appearance of your Vanilla forum site in a couple of clicks
How to easily add a ton of additional features to your Vanilla forum site
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