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EDGE Diagrammer 7.22.2192 EDGE Diagrammer 7.22.2192 File size: 7.78 MB
Mellel 6.0.3 macOS Mellel 6.0.3 macOS Language: Multilingual | File size: 96 MB
Lara Acosta – Literally LinkedIn (Cohort 1) Lara Acosta – Literally LinkedIn (Cohort 1) | 14.8 GB From 0 to Forbes: 20 months ago, I was unemployed and depressed, ...
PullTube macOS PullTube macOS Language: Multilingual | File size: 119 MB
FastScripts 3.3.1 (1831) macOS FastScripts 3.3.1 (1831) macOS File size: 8 MB
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Nulled.org Software 8TM URL Shortener


Hello, visitors of SCRiPTMAFiA.ORG
To help this site keep staying online and provide you a lot of good content, I decided to set survey ads up here.
Please, spend few minutes to pass through survey.
Sorry for inconvenience

Ok, I decided to include it daily for few hours only.
So, most of visitors would be happy, and me too.


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New feature on SCRiPTMAFiA.ORG
Now you can check accessibility of download links at article and comments.
It works with all popular filesharing services.

To test it go to any article and click:
New feature: Check download links

Please, comment what do you think about it.

Report all suggestions or bugs of this feature to New feature: Check download links

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Poll inside.
Please vote.

UPD: Ok. I disabled it.

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Hello, dear visitors.
I am thinking about opening warez section (subdomain or separate category not sure yet) on this site.
What do you think about it?
Please vote (poll inside) and comment.

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I have problems last few days with email [email protected].
Now they are solved.
Please, repeat your letters once more if you didn't get answer from me
Thank you.

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Please vote (poll inside), do you need light site version for smartphones?
Do not forget to comment, please, your opinion is highly appreciated.

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Please, vote (poll inside), do you need calendar at left navigation.
Comment, how do you use it, if yes.
Thank you.

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Sometimes I get messages where people ask if I want to sell this website (scriptmafia.org).
If you have an offer I can't refuse - send it to [email protected].

We have 16k 21k uniques a day and 1775 1335 alexa rank

Do not ask price. Offer your price.


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Design studio NeadoDesigns created new design for SCRiPTMAFiA.ORG.
Here it is:

New scriptmafia.org design

Full preview:

I want to ask all SCRiPTMAFiA.ORG users to vote, which design you like more, existing one or new (poll inside).
Also please, leave comments on what you think about both of designs.
Thank you!

Thanks for your opinions, now I begin working on transporting PSD to working engine template (it took couple weeks for me, I think).
I see that 22% of users prefer existing template, so I decided to create theme switcher (thx iKiller for advice).

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No more templatemonster templates allowed. New posts would not be approved, old posts would be deleted.

My congrats to Eugene Kostin, the Head of Anti Piracy Department of Template Monster company. You did it, man! All templatemonster templates were deleted from scriptmafia.org.
It's time to ask your boss about promotion fellow

Sorry to all editors whose posts were deleted.

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Happy New Year 2010!

SCRiPTMAFiA.ORG wish you to be good boys and girls next year.
Be healthy, listen to your mummy, do not use nulled scripts.
And don't do drugs.

Thx everyone!

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I am on vacation.
All news would be approved, all letters would be answered after August 15.

On vacation

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We have resisted DDOS attack directed on our website for two days and now we are online again!
Null scripts updates coming soon!
THX you are still with us.

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Dear SCRiPTMAFiA.ORG visitors!
For LiveJournal users, we have LJ crossposting account.
Please, visit LJ CrosspostingSCRiPTMAFiA
Do not forget to friend us

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Our releasers team needs new members!
If u wanna join SCRiPTMAFiA team and share your null scriptz, please contact me

Site Admin.

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Our friends site offers everything about vbulltein such as hacks, mods, premium themes, and more.

Registrations are now open at the site!

Warning! Do not copy anything from this site!

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SCRiPTMAFiA.ORG wishes you best things in New Year!

Be healthy and love your mummy :) And do not use stolen scriptz!

THX you are still with us!!

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Somebody ask me to upload vBulletin 3.6.8.

Take it!

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Ok, no more designs needed!
I got and selected the best one.
You'll see it and the winner would be named soon

Thanks everybody who sent me smth!


You can see, our current design have a lot of errors. I decided to change it.
So, if you have good design skills you can help our site.

What scriptmafia.org site need:

One page xhtml+css template with graphics (psd and fonts if they need to be edited).

How must it look like:

1. It would be excellent if it will not be with fixed sizes (and look well with all monitor resolutions from 1024*768)
2. Texts must be comfortable for reading
3. No table structure - only div's !!
4. It must be html (or xhtml) valid
5. Anything you want as designer

What will you get:

1. Permanent, direct link to your (or design studio or smth else) web site at bottom or in friends section
2. An article about you (or your design studio or smth else) with any text you want on scriptmafia.org index page as first article on page (sticky article) for one week.
3. Article will not be deleted and it will left permanently in site article archive.


Offer prize you want to get (except money).


1. If I get more than one template I'll select the best one.
2. Template will be used only on this site.
3. I'll wait for templates till year end. end of February
4. Contact me anytime you want if you have questions.


1. Feedback form
2. email: admin [at] scriptmafia.org

THX Everybody, Special thx to all EDITORS!

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Grabs all rapidshare links from any rapidshare folder (Download all files in RapidShare folders)

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Script Info:
Script name : PhotoStore v2.9.7
Supplied by : DGT
Nullified by : DGT
Tested by : DGT
Homepage :

Release date : 01-08-2006
Release type : PHP/MySQL
Price : $295

PhotoStore allows you to setup a complete photo selling website on your server or hosting space in just minutes. Perfect for professional photographers looking to sell their photos or prints to their customers online. PhotoStore also works for anyone who would like to run a stock photo type site.

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Adbrite Clone

Full Admin Control Panel - Have total control over your websites users. Features include, Stats,

Newsletters, Payments, User Admin, Category Control, plus more.

Publishers Features Include:

Set your own ad prices. Pay Per Click or Set Rate Ad Products. Full control over how the ads

look. Ad Stats. Payment Info

Advertisers Features Include:

Live ad stats. Conversion Tracking Feature. Detailed Current and Past Ad Stats.
Easy Installation
Built In Payment Gateways, including Paypal, 2checkout and Protx



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Comes with instructions on how to use.

Pirate Radio is the easiest way to broadcast any kind of radio show over the Internet from your personal PC. All you need is a Windows-based PC, sound card and a connection to the Internet and something to blast out to reach listeners all over the Internet.
The RadioDestiny Broadcaster allows you to play any combination of live input and digital audio over the Internet in a few easy steps. Broadcast MP3s, .wavs; hook up your microphone and mix between the sources.

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Script Name : Youtube Clone Script
Homepage :

Supplied by : dreaMaker
Nullified by : Team STN Member
Tested by : Team STN Member
Demo :

Release date : 25th Jan 2007
Date Nulled : 3rd July 2007
Release type : PHP/MySQL
Price : $418.00

* Description
Youtube clone, Metacafe clone, Myspace clone, Vidilife Clone

A community style clone of youtube, myspace like profile customization, fun stuff like vidilife,
functions like metacafe, so the net result you get an all in one product which is amazing

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Get paid to read , click , promote , signup


* PHP based with MySQL database
* Easy to use and easy to install
* Good looking design which is best viewed with IE 5+
* Fully featured admin panel
* Statistic Feature
* Advertisement Manager
* Membership Manager
* Contest Manager
* Payment Manager
* Tracking Feature
* Customer Contact Feature

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Category: CMS (depraced!)

DataLife Engine v.6.2 nulled by M.I.D team (russian ver)

Whats new:

1. A new WYSIWYG editor, or rather to say that radically overhauled old WYSIWYG editor. Of the major innovations are the following :

New changeable dashboard-style Office 2007
- Significantly uvelichina speed Editor
- Contributed by numerous changes in work relating to formatting text, taking into account the wishes of the majority of users, at the outlet you get much more pleasant text and smaller
- Fixed many mistakes and inadequacies Editor
2. In module IP utility "has been added to search for the name of IP addresses used by the user while writing comments

3. Added most likely expected many functions : All downloaded images distributed through a script file for months that puts a large number of images in the form of more sorted.

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12-all v3.
Active Relay Chat 2.0 (WWW-IRC Gateway).rar
Active Table.rar
Ad Peeps.rar
AdPeeps 7 release 2007.rar

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Pay-Per-View Chat v1.5 w/Flash Source ($999)

Complete List of Features
MAIN PAGE: View Online/Offline Models, along with their thumbnail image and a short info: username, age, localation, spoken languages.
* Member Registration with account validation link sent by email
* Member Login (password is encrypted in the database).
* Password recovery.
* Member Control Panel:
o Update Profile

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Myspace Resource Site Script

See more to download

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Users can upload, share, comment and rate videos online
Why Rayzz?.Rayzz is also incorporated with Audios, Photos, Channels, Community and blogs apart from videos. The script also allows you to create groups among the members, post your bulletin, and interact with forums and Shoutout your views.

see more to download

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