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[pluralsight] Git Fundamentals (2012)

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Download [pluralsight] Git Fundamentals (2012)

[pluralsight] Git Fundamentals (2012)

[pluralsight] Git Fundamentals (2012) | 01:51:01 | WMV | 222mb

Git is a popular distributed version control system (DVCS). In this course, learn how to create a local repository, commit files, push changes to a remote repository, fix errors in your commits, and many of Git's other features. Understand the difference between the working copy, staging area, and repository itself. Come learn the power of Git.

Introduction to Git 00:24:56
Overview 00:27
A Brief History 02:05
Advantages of DVCs 04:39
About Git 01:04
Installing Git on Windows 04:24
Installing Git on Mac OSX 00:44
Installing Git on Linux 00:44
Configuring Git 01:04
How to Configure Git 09:13
Summary 00:32

Working Locally with Git 00:20:44
Overview 01:01
Creating a local repository, adding files, and committing changes 02:20
Viewing history and diffs 03:30
Staging changes as multiple commits 02:24
Deleting and renaming files 02:15
Undoing changes to the working copy 01:48
Undoing/redoing changes in the repository 02:47
Cleaning the working copy 01:14
Ignoring files with .gitignore 02:40
Summary 00:45

Working Remotely with Git 00:26:39
Overview 00:43
Cloning a Remote Repository 01:10
Basic Repository Statistics 03:34
Viewing Commits 02:26
Git Protocols 02:59
Viewing Branches and Tags 00:53
Fetching from a Remote 03:23
Pulling from a Remote 01:58
Pushing to a Remote 02:57
Creating and Verifying Tags 03:20
Pushing Tags to a Remote 02:52
Summary 00:24

Branching, Merging, and Rebasing with Git 00:38:42
Overview 00:36
Visualizing branches 02:09
Creating local branches 01:23
Difference between branches and tags 01:52
Renaming and deleting branches 02:28
Recovering deleted commits 02:09
Stashing changes 05:03
Merging branches 05:21
Rebasing changes 07:01
Cherry-picking changes 04:24
Creating a remote branch 03:10
Deleting a remote branch 02:49
Summary 00:17

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[pluralsight] Git Fundamentals (2012)

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[pluralsight] Git Fundamentals (2012)
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