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Beginning Laravel 9 - From Novice To Professional (2022) (updated 1/2023)

Category: Tutorials

Beginning Laravel 9 - From Novice To Professional (2022) (updated 1/2023)

Beginning Laravel 9 - From Novice To Professional (2022)
Last updated 1/2023
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English

| Size: 13.56 GB[/center]
| Duration: 30h 37m
Get from novice to professional in Laravel by learning the concepts and build Two Real World Laravel projects

What you'll learn

Learn the Laravel concept and how to apply it to build real-world projects

Practice your Laravel skills with challenges and assignments (solutions included)

Leverage Laravel Eloquent to communicate with any databases in easy and elegant way

Build 2 amazing real-world projects for your portfolio and become job-ready programmer

Write clean code with Laravel


You should be familiar with the basics of HTML and PHP

You should have basic understanding of Object Oriented Programming


** This course was updated in December 2022 **Welcome to Beginning Laravel - From novice to professional! The most up-to-date resource online for learning Laravel!Are you ready to take your web development skills to the next level? Look no further, because our Laravel course is here to help you become a professional in one of the most popular PHP frameworks on the market.Our course starts with the basics, introducing you to the Laravel framework and walking you through the process of setting up a development environment. From there, we'll dive into the core concepts of Laravel, including routing, controllers, views, and more.You'll learn how to build robust and scalable applications using Laravel's elegant syntax and tools. As you progress through the course, you'll work on real-world projects that will help you put your skills into practice and build your portfolio.By the end of this course, you'll have a solid understanding of how to build and maintain Laravel applications at a professional level.Don't just take our word for it – check out what our students have to say:"A good course that touches on pretty much most of the fundamental topics of learning/using Laravel.My goal after a year-and-a-half of writing PHP procedurally was to learn a framework and I'm glad I chose this course to get started doing so" - Jacob P."This is the best course I have learned on udemy. The teacher is focusing really good on subject and give it in linear way. I think I am getting professional knowledge that will help me in my work. Thank you very much mister." - Mohammed M."I rarely rate any course. I Already bought 4 Laravel courses, and I think this is the best course. Instructor gives different solutions/methods to solve a single problem. Clear explanation". Mohd Rushdi.So why wait? Start your journey to becoming a professional Laravel developer today! Enroll now and join the hundreds of students who have already benefited from our comprehensive and hands-on course. We can't wait to see what you'll build with your new skills.Update Histories:11/11/2022 - Re-recorded some lectures with Laravel 9 (total 6 hours)21/05/2022 - Added new content:One-to-one relationshipBuild settings featureBuild author profile page on Larapics app02/04/2022 - Added new section: Authorization01/03/2022 - Added new section: Working with Blade components20/02/2022 - Added new section: Build a new project with Laravel 910/01/2022 - Update course curriculum to support Laravel 801/01/2022 - Added new section: Working with File Storage06/05/2020 - Added Handling File upload04/06/2020 - Added N+1 Query Problem & Eager Loading02/03/2020 - Added new content about tidying up the code01/15/2020 Updated contents on Setting up Local development environmentAdded fresh content about Authentication in Laravel 6.x12/15/2019 - Added new content about Query scopes11/20/2019 - Added fresh content with Laravel 6.x04/02/2018 - Added course contents About customizing Authentication with Laravel 5.6 Includes:Authentication redirectionBasic Login Form customizationAdvance Login Form customization


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome

Lecture 2 Project Repositories

Section 2: Setting up our Laravel Development Environment

Lecture 3 Section Introduction (DON'T SKIP unless you have dev environment setup)

Lecture 4 Setting up Local Development on Windows - Installing XAMPP

Lecture 5 Setting up Local Development on Windows - Install Composer & Laravel Installer

Lecture 6 Upgrade PHP version on XAMPP (OPTIONAL)

Lecture 7 Setting up Local Development on Mac - Install Homebrew, PHP, MySQL and Composer

Lecture 8 Setting up Local Development on Mac - Installing Valet

Lecture 9 Alternative Local Development Environment - Installing Laravel Sail

Lecture 10 Other Tools to install

Lecture 11 My Visual Studio Code Editor settings

Section 3: Getting started with Laravel

Lecture 12 Setting up new Laravel project

Lecture 13 Laravel project structure

Lecture 14 Artisan CLI & Tinker

Section 4: Routing

Lecture 15 Defining our first routes

Lecture 16 Routes Parameters

Lecture 17 Constraining the route parameter format

Lecture 18 Named routes

Lecture 19 Route groups

Lecture 20 Fallback routes

Section 5: Views and Blade Template

Lecture 21 Displaying data in the Blade template

Lecture 22 Creating our first view

Lecture 23 Exercise 1 - Creating view for contacts-create route

Lecture 24 Passing data to the views

Lecture 25 Another approach passing data to the views

Lecture 26 Building application layout

Lecture 27 Blade template inheritance

Lecture 28 Exercise 2 - Using blade template inheritance

Lecture 29 Including sub-views

Lecture 30 Blade control statements and loops

Lecture 31 Controlling loops and loop variables

Lecture 32 Rendering views for collection

Lecture 33 Styling the empty view

Lecture 34 Create landing page for our app

Section 6: Controllers

Lecture 35 Creating our first controller

Lecture 36 Exercise 3 - From routes to controllers

Lecture 37 Grouping the controller routes

Lecture 38 Single Action Controller

Lecture 39 Dependency Injection in the Controller

Lecture 40 Resource Controller

Lecture 41 Partial resource routes

Lecture 42 API resource routes

Lecture 43 Nested resources

Lecture 44 Customizing the resource routes

Section 7: Working with Database

Lecture 45 Setting up the database connection

Lecture 46 Introduction to Migrations

Lecture 47 Creating our first migration

Lecture 48 Exercise 4 - Creating Tasks table schema with migration

Lecture 49 Updating table with migration

Lecture 50 Foreign key constraints

Lecture 51 Dropping foreign keys

Lecture 52 Foreign key constraint actions

Lecture 53 Query Builder - Inserting records

Lecture 54 Query Builder - Updating and deleting records

Lecture 55 Query Builder - Retrieving all records

Lecture 56 Query Builder - Retrieving a single record

Lecture 57 Seeding database

Lecture 58 Working with Faker library

Section 8: Eloquent ORM

Lecture 59 Creating our first Model

Lecture 60 Exercise 5 - Creating Contact Model

Lecture 61 Querying database with Eloquent

Lecture 62 Using the Where clauses

Lecture 63 Inserting, Updating and deleting records

Lecture 64 Mass assignment

Lecture 65 Inserting or updating method

Lecture 66 Upsert method

Lecture 67 Exercise 6 - Seeding the contacts table

Lecture 68 Exercise 7 - Calling the model in the controller

Lecture 69 Eloquent Relationship - Querying models

Lecture 70 Eloquent Relationship - Inserting related models

Lecture 71 Eloquent Relationship - Implementing The Eloquent relationship

Section 9: Pagination

Lecture 72 Introduction to Pagination

Lecture 73 Implementing the Pagination

Lecture 74 Appending query string and handling auto numbering

Lecture 75 Creating Pagination manually

Section 10: Model Factories

Lecture 76 Create our first factory

Lecture 77 Factory states

Lecture 78 Factory sequences

Lecture 79 Implementing eloquent factories in Database Seeder

Lecture 80 Factory relationships

Section 11: Working with Form, requests and responses

Lecture 81 Using the HTML Form with the GET method

Lecture 82 Using the HTML Form with POST method

Lecture 83 Interacting with HTTP Request

Lecture 84 Retrieving the incoming request data

Lecture 85 Validating the incoming request data

Lecture 86 Displaying validation error messages

Lecture 87 Handling old inputs

Lecture 88 Handling Http responses

Lecture 89 Exercise 8 - Using HTML form with PUT http method

Lecture 90 Using HTML form with DELETE Http method

Lecture 91 Searching data - Client side

Lecture 92 Searching data - Server side

Section 12: Soft Deletion

Lecture 93 Setting up soft deletion

Lecture 94 Soft deleting models

Lecture 95 Querying soft deleted models

Lecture 96 Changing the deletion behaviour

Lecture 97 Displaying soft deleted models

Lecture 98 Restore and force delete the soft deleted models

Lecture 99 Searching soft deleted models

Section 13: Query Scopes

Lecture 100 Global Scopes

Lecture 101 Removing global scopes

Lecture 102 Make our global scopes reusable

Lecture 103 Local Scopes

Lecture 104 Dynamic Scopes

Lecture 105 Making our Local Scopes reusable

Lecture 106 Creating sortable helper function

Lecture 107 Handling sortable column in the backend

Lecture 108 Creating default sorting column

Lecture 109 Styling the sortable columns

Section 14: Route Model Bindings

Lecture 110 Implicit Bindings

Lecture 111 Implicit Binding on soft deleted models

Lecture 112 Customizing route model binding's column in the route parameter

Lecture 113 Customizing route model binding's column in the Model

Lecture 114 Explicit Bindings

Lecture 115 Customizing The Resolution Logic

Section 15: Form Request Validation

Lecture 116 Introduction to Form Request Validation

Lecture 117 Customizing validation attributes

Lecture 118 Customizing validation error message

Lecture 119 Preparing input before validation

Lecture 120 Other useful methods

Section 16: Authentication

Lecture 121 Setting up Fortify

Lecture 122 Adding User Registration feature

Lecture 123 Signing user in

Lecture 124 Retrieving the authenticated user

Lecture 125 Remembering users and signing users out

Lecture 126 Protecting routes from unauthenticated users

Lecture 127 Adding Password Reset feature - Request password

Lecture 128 Adding Password Reset feature - Resetting the password

Lecture 129 Adding Email Verification feature

Lecture 130 Adding the Edit user profile information form

Lecture 131 Updating user profile information

Lecture 132 Customizing the update user profile information feature

Lecture 133 Updating the user password

Lecture 134 Linking resources to users

Lecture 135 Displaying current user's data

Section 17: Working with Laravel File Storage

Lecture 136 Setting up File Storage

Lecture 137 Reading Files

Lecture 138 Storing Files

Lecture 139 Copying, moving and deleting files

Lecture 140 Working with Directories

Lecture 141 Implementing File Storage in our Application

Lecture 142 Other useful methods for storing files

Lecture 143 Displaying the uploaded file from the disk to the form

Section 18: Contact App : CRUD Companies

Lecture 144 Displaying all companies

Lecture 145 Refactoring our views

Lecture 146 Refactoring the Filter view

Lecture 147 Fixing the Reset filter button issue

Lecture 148 Building the Create and Edit company features

Lecture 149 Adding a feature to show company details

Lecture 150 Enabling the delete, restore and force delete company features

Lecture 151 Fixing the soft deleted issue

Section 19: N+1 Query Problem & Eager Loading

Lecture 152 Section Introduction

Lecture 153 3 different ways debugging our queries

Lecture 154 N+1 Query Problem & Eager Loading

Lecture 155 Advanced Eager Loading

Lecture 156 Detecting N+1 problem Automatically

Lecture 157 Counting Related Models

Section 20: Larapics Project - Building CRUD functionalities

Lecture 158 Section Introduction

Lecture 159 Create New Laravel Project

Lecture 160 Setting up existing Laravel project

Lecture 161 Create a model and migration for image

Lecture 162 Seeding images table with the Model Factory

Lecture 163 Working with File Storage

Lecture 164 Calculate the image dimension

Lecture 165 Displaying all images

Lecture 166 Showing a single large image

Lecture 167 Creating an Upload Image form

Lecture 168 Uploading the image

Lecture 169 Handling the image slug

Lecture 170 Updating the image data

Lecture 171 Working with Eloquent Events

Lecture 172 Deleting existing images

Section 21: Working with Blade components

Lecture 173 Creating our first Blade Component

Lecture 174 Passing data to the Blade Component

Lecture 175 Component default values and methods

Lecture 176 Component attributes

Lecture 177 Conditionally merging class

Lecture 178 Working with Slots

Lecture 179 Scoped Slots

Lecture 180 Refactoring our Alert Component

Lecture 181 Anonymous Component

Lecture 182 Implementing the Form component in our App

Lecture 183 Building Application Layout using component

Lecture 184 Integrating Bootstrap 5 theme in our layout

Lecture 185 Refactoring the Show Image view

Lecture 186 Refactoring the Upload image Form

Lecture 187 Refactoring the Edit Image Form

Lecture 188 Pagination

Section 22: Authorization

Lecture 189 Authentication Scaffolding

Lecture 190 Adding a role to the user

Lecture 191 Learn a simple way to authorize action

Lecture 192 Authorization with Gates

Lecture 193 Learn some useful authorization methods

Lecture 194 Authorization with Policies

Lecture 195 Authorizing actions using Policies

Lecture 196 Creating new pages to display public images

Lecture 197 Authorizing images resource

Lecture 198 Other authorization stuff

Section 23: Eloquent Relationship: One to One

Lecture 199 One to One - The basic

Lecture 200 One to one assignment and queries

Lecture 201 One of many relationship

Lecture 202 One to one Model factory

Lecture 203 Build User Setting feature - Create the Setting form

Lecture 204 Build User Setting feature - Update Social Profile changes

Lecture 205 Build User Setting feature - Update Social Profile changes

Lecture 206 Build User Setting feature - Create user configuration schema

Lecture 207 Build User Setting feature - Update user configuration changes

Lecture 208 Build User Setting feature - Modify the user profile schema

Lecture 209 Build User Setting feature - Update the user profile changes

Lecture 210 Build User Setting feature - The account setting

Lecture 211 Build Author public profile page - Author bio, profile and cover image

Lecture 212 Build Author public profile page - Author social links and images

Section 24: [Legacy] Working with Database

Lecture 213 [Legacy] Introduction to Database Migration

Lecture 214 [Legacy] Working with Migration

Lecture 215 [Legacy] Seeding Database Table

Lecture 216 [Legacy] Generate realistic data with Faker library

Lecture 217 [Legacy] Eloquent

Lecture 218 [Legacy] Mass Assignment

Lecture 219 [Legacy] Exercise 1 - Create table & model for Contact

Lecture 220 [Legacy] Eloquent Relationship - Inserting & Updating Related Models

Lecture 221 [Legacy] Eloquent Relationship - Querying Relations

Lecture 222 [Legacy] Model Factories

Lecture 223 [Legacy] Exercise 2 - Implement Model Factories on seeding companies table

Lecture 224 [Legacy] Factory Relationships (Below Laravel 8)

Lecture 225 Exercise 5 - Build Manage companies feature by yourself [Legacy]

Section 25: [Legacy] Routing, Controllers & Views

Lecture 226 [Legacy] Basic Routing

Lecture 227 [Legacy] Named Routes

Lecture 228 [Legacy] Views

Lecture 229 [Legacy] Controllers

Lecture 230 [Legacy] Building Application Layout using Blade Template Inheritance

Lecture 231 [Legacy] Factory Relationships (Laravel 8+)

Section 26: [Legacy] Rendering Dynamic Data

Lecture 232 [Legacy] Displaying all contacts

Lecture 233 [Legacy] Adding pagination

Lecture 234 [Legacy] Exercise 3 - Display all companies on dropdown list

Lecture 235 [Legacy] Filtering contacts by company

Lecture 236 [Legacy] Showing contact details

Section 27: [Legacy] Working with Form

Lecture 237 [Legacy] Handling Form

Lecture 238 [Legacy] Adding Form Validation

Lecture 239 [Legacy] Persisting validated data into database

Lecture 240 [Legacy] Exercise 4 - Update data

Lecture 241 [Legacy] Deleting the Data

Section 28: Query Scopes [Legacy]

Lecture 242 Building a Search Form [Legacy]

Lecture 243 Local Scopes [Legacy]

Lecture 244 Global Scopes [Legacy]

Lecture 245 Adding more criteria on our Search global scope [Legacy]

Lecture 246 Removing Global Scopes [Legacy]

Lecture 247 Make our Global Scopes reusable [Legacy]

Lecture 248 Another approach to make our Global Scopes reusable [Legacy]

Lecture 249 Implementing Bootable Eloquent Traits [Legacy]

Section 29: Resourceful Routes and Form Request validation [Legacy]

Lecture 250 Section Introduction [Legacy]

Lecture 251 Route Model Binding - Implicit [Legacy]

Lecture 252 Customizing the key on route model binding [Legacy]

Lecture 253 Resource Routes [Legacy]

Lecture 254 Partial resource routes [Legacy]

Lecture 255 Route Model Binding - Explicit [Legacy]

Lecture 256 API Resourceful Route [Legacy]

Lecture 257 Nested Resources [Legacy]

Lecture 258 Naming resource routes [Legacy]

Lecture 259 Put Complex query on the model [Legacy]

Lecture 260 Form Request Validation [Legacy]

Lecture 261 Customise Validation error messages [Legacy]

Lecture 262 Useful methods when working with Form Request [Legacy]

Section 30: Authentication [Legacy]

Lecture 263 Authentication Scaffolding in Laravel 6.x or above [Legacy]

Lecture 264 Control visibility of Navbar links [Legacy]

Lecture 265 Retrieving The Authenticated User [Legacy]

Lecture 266 Custom Authentication Redirection [Legacy]

Lecture 267 Protecting Routes [Legacy]

Lecture 268 Password Reset [Legacy]

Lecture 269 Email Verification [Legacy]

Lecture 270 Linking users table to companies and contacts table [Legacy]

Lecture 271 User, Company and Contact relationship models [Legacy]

Lecture 272 Updating our factory relationships (Laravel < 8) [Legacy]

Lecture 273 Updating our factory relationships (Laravel 8+) [Legacy]

Lecture 274 Displaying Authenticated User's Data [Legacy]

Lecture 275 Confirm Password [Legacy]

Section 31: Handling File Upload [Legacy]

Lecture 276 Section Introduction [Legacy]

Lecture 277 Setting up endpoints for edit profile [Legacy]

Lecture 278 Building Edit Profile Form [Legacy]

Lecture 279 Adding more columns on users table for storing profile information [Legacy]

Lecture 280 Refactoring the Register Controller [Legacy]

Lecture 281 Updating Current User Profile [Legacy]

Lecture 282 Refactoring Flash message [Legacy]

Lecture 283 Setting up the form for uploading [Legacy]

Lecture 284 Create basic upload File logic [Legacy]

Lecture 285 Some handy methods when working with uploaded file [Legacy]

Lecture 286 Tidying up our Profile Controller [Legacy]

Section 32: Working with File Storage [Legacy]

Lecture 287 Setting up File Storage [Legacy]

Lecture 288 Retrieving Files [Legacy]

Lecture 289 Storing Files [Legacy]

Lecture 290 Copying, moving and deleting files [Legacy]

Lecture 291 Working with Directories [Legacy]

Lecture 292 Implementing File Storage in our Application [Legacy]

Section 33: Contact App : Add new feature to manage companies [Legacy]

Lecture 293 Section Introduction [Legacy]

Lecture 294 Create Resource Controller for Companies [Legacy]

Lecture 295 Displaying all companies [Legacy]

Lecture 296 Filtering companies data [Legacy]

Lecture 297 Create, Show, Edit & Destroy company [Legacy]

Lecture 298 Setting up the active menu dynamically [Legacy]

Section 34: Contact App - Bug fixing [Legacy]

Lecture 299 Section Introduction

Lecture 300 Fixing 404 Error when updating contact

Lecture 301 Fixing Search Feature issue

Lecture 302 Fixing the pagination issue on search results

Lecture 303 Fixing issue on companies dropdown when searching contact

Section 35: Authentication Tips [Legacy]

Lecture 304 Introduction

Lecture 305 Authentication Scaffolding

Lecture 306 Custom Authentication Redirection

Lecture 307 Login Form Customization

Lecture 308 Advance Login Form Customization

Lecture 309 Build Update Current User's Profile and Password Form - Part 1 of 2

Lecture 310 Build Update Current User's Profile and Password Form - Part 2 of 2

Section 36: Building Blog [Legacy]

Lecture 311 Install New Laravel Project

Lecture 312 Setup Application Layout

Lecture 313 Create Posts table using Database Migration

Lecture 314 Insert Posts table with dummy data using Database Seed & Faker

Lecture 315 Display all posts - Part 1

Lecture 316 Display all posts - Part 2

Lecture 317 Display all posts - Part 3

Lecture 318 Display all posts - Part 4

Lecture 319 Show the Blog Post/Post Detail

Lecture 320 Make the Blog Post SEO Friendly

Lecture 321 Enable Markdown Support

Lecture 322 Create Post Categories

Lecture 323 Filter the posts by category - Part 1

Lecture 324 Filter the posts by category - Part 2

Lecture 325 Filter the posts by category

This course is meant for students already familiar with the basics of HTML, PHP and have basic understanding of OOP,PHP Developers who want to take their skill to the next level,Anyone who want to learn Laravel in efficient way


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