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Generative Ai: Artificial General Intelligence

Category: Tutorials

Generative Ai: Artificial General Intelligence

Generative Ai: Artificial General Intelligence
Published 5/2024
MP4 | Video: h264, 1920x1080 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English

| Size: 2.81 GB[/center]
| Duration: 2h 46m
Best of Generative AI from using best AI to Building an AI tool for Yourself in One GO Course

What you'll learn

What is an AI in this world?

How to create pictures with AI?

Why Adobe Firefly AI is the big thing for tech and AI

How AI and GenAI are changing the demographics of world around you

What is GPT and ChatGPT Plus

How to use AI tools with ease?

How to Generative AI for anything and everything


No prior experience is needed, just your attention will be appreciated


Are you excited to dive into the groundbreaking world of AI without having to deal with complex coding?Welcome to "Generative AI" a course designed for forward-thinkers and trailblazers. This exceptional program simplifies the intricacies of generative AI, providing a deep understanding and hands-on experience with cutting-edge tools.DALL·E: Redefining Conversational AIIn this course, we explore the wonders of DALL·E, the latest advancement in creative AI from OpenAI. You'll uncover how DALL·E revolutionizes text generation, making it invaluable for businesses, creatives, and developers.Learn to utilize advanced natural language processing for tasks like automated customer service and content creation.Understand the ethical considerations and best practices in deploying conversational AI responsibly.Unlock the art of crafting Custom DALL·E models without any coding hassle.Adobe's Gen AI: Igniting Creative SparksAdobe's Gen AI, another highlight of our course, empowers creative professionals with its innovative features. This groundbreaking platform streamlines design processes and expands creative possibilities.Discover how Gen AI can enhance your workflow, from image editing to design generation.Engage in hands-on projects to create captivating visuals and streamline design tasks effortlessly.Who can benefit from this course?Business Leaders and Innovators: Learn to leverage AI for strategic advantages and innovative solutions.Creative Professionals: Explore how AI can amplify your creative process, from design to content creation.Tech Enthusiasts and Educators: Stay ahead of AI advancements and their applications across industries.Students and Lifelong Learners: Gain a competitive edge in your career with cutting-edge AI knowledge.What will you master?Custom DALL·E Creation: Become proficient in developing personalized AI models without coding.Adobe AI Proficiency: Dive deep into Adobe's AI capabilities and their transformative potential.Gen AI Mastery: Get hands-on with Adobe's Gen AI to enhance your creative projects.Real-world Applications: Discover practical uses of AI tools across business, education, and creative fields.Future Trends: Stay updated on the latest developments and possibilities in generative AI.Our course structure combines theory with practical exercises, ensuring you can apply your knowledge effectively. With interactive sessions, live demos, and project-based learning, you'll learn by doing.Why choose our course?Expert Instruction: Learn from industry leaders with extensive AI experience.Flexible Learning: Access course materials anytime, anywhere, to fit your schedule.Community and Networking: Connect with like-minded individuals and expand your professional circle.Cutting-Edge Curriculum: Stay updated with the latest AI advancements.Anyone keen on harnessing Gen AI in their endeavors is welcome.By the end of the course, you'll possess not only technical expertise but also a strategic mindset to implement AI in your business or creative ventures. Prepare to emerge as a leader poised to make a significant impact in the AI-driven landscape.Ready to lead the AI revolution?


Section 1: AI saga

Lecture 1 AI age

Lecture 2 AI what AI

Section 2: Types of AI

Lecture 3 ANI

Lecture 4 AGI

Lecture 5 ASI

Section 3: Prompt Engineering

Lecture 6 What is Prompt Engineering

Lecture 7 How to Prompt

Lecture 8 Science of Prompt Engineering

Section 4: DALL-E

Lecture 9 What is DALL-E

Lecture 10 Why is DALL-E

Lecture 11 How is DALL-E

Section 5: Advanced DALL-E for GenAI

Lecture 12 More DALL-E

Lecture 13 Gen AI with DALL-E


Section 6: Science of Prompts

Lecture 15 Science of Prompts 1

Lecture 16 Science of Prompts 2

Lecture 17 Science of Prompts 3

Section 7: Adobe AI

Lecture 18 What is Adobe AI

Lecture 19 How to Adobe AI

Lecture 20 Why Adobe AI

Section 8: Adobe AI for GenAI

Lecture 21 Generic Prompt AI

Lecture 22 More GenAI

Lecture 23 AI with Adobe

Section 9: Canva for GenAI

Lecture 24 Canva for GenAI

Lecture 25 Canva in action

Section 10: Adobe AI once again

Lecture 26 Advanced AI

Lecture 27 Advanced SVG AI

Lecture 28 Text AI with Adobe

Section 11: Veed for GenAI

Lecture 29 Veed GPT

Lecture 30 GenAI with Veed io

Section 12: Build a GPT for GenAI

Lecture 31 Build a GPT

Lecture 32 Build a Test GPT

Lecture 33 Concluding on GPT making

Section 13: Conclusion on GenAI

Lecture 34 DALL-E Conclusion

Lecture 35 Adobe AI Conclusion

Entrepreneurs: who want to start their own AI-powered businesses.,Leaders and CEO's who want to lead with AI power,Students will work on practical projects applying AI voice technology in real-world scenarios.,Creative professionals, such as artists, musicians, and filmmakers, can use prompt engineering to generate new creative ideas and produce their work,Anyone looking to learn and use AI in their life

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