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Power Bi Financial Reporting & Financial Analysis: A To Z

Category: Tutorials

Power Bi Financial Reporting & Financial Analysis: A To Z

Power Bi Financial Reporting & Financial Analysis: A To Z
Last updated 6/2022
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English

| Size: 4.36 GB[/center]
| Duration: 7h 43m
The Ultimate Hands-On Microsoft Power BI & DAX Financial Statements, Reporting, Analytics, Visualization, & BI Course.

What you'll learn
Power BI fundamentals like Data Import, Data Modelling, Analysis, and Visualization
Prepare Financial Statements: Profit & Loss Statement (Income Statement), Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, & The Statement of Changes in Equity
Calculate Ratios & Analyze Financial Data to assess Business Performance in terms of Profitability, Liquidity, Risk Management, & Operational Efficiency
Visualize and Cross-Visualize Financial Data with a variety of Power BI Charts and Graphs
Prepare Beautiful & Dynamic Financial Reporting & Analytics Dashboards
Filter and Cross-Filter Power BI Reports Charts and Dashboards
Basic knowledge of Financial Statements
No previous Power BI knowledge is required
Windows computer as Power BI is not available on Mac
To prepare Financial Statements and Analyze Financial Data, a powerful Business Intelligence Software like Power BI is the number 1 choice of professionals and organizations. But with the extra ordinary capability that Power BI offers, there comes some complexity and one needs expert training to be able to prepare Financial Reports and Analytics.This is exactly what is course is all about! Starting with no Power BI background, you will master using this amazing program to prepare all the Financial Reports and Analytics that you need. You will learn: Fundamentals, like importing data, modelling data, analyzing and visualizing data in Power BIPreparing Financial Statements: Profit and Loss Statement (Income Statement), Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement Calculating key Financial Ratios to analyze Profitability, Liquidity, Financial Risk, and Operational Business Efficiency Preparing Beautiful and Dynamic Financial DashboardsPower BI is the tool used by the top organizations for reporting and analysis. Having this on your resume, and to that too with a very specific financial application, would clearly take you an extra mile."This is a very well thought out course. I learned a great deal: this is even after earning my DA-100 certification last year. The instructor is very responsive to student questions. I highly recommend this course."If you have basic knowledge of Financial Statements, you are ready to jump in! No previous knowledge of Power BI or any other technical knowledge is required. However, you will need to have a windows computer as Power BI desktop is not available for Mac. Learn from a UK qualified Chartered Accountant with 12 years of experience in Accounting, Reporting and Business Intelligence systems. And finally, there is Nothing to lose! If you will not be satisfied with the course, you will have the option to avail full refund within 30 days of the purchase.


Section 1: Getting started

Lecture 1 Downloading Power BI desktop

Lecture 2 Course data files

Lecture 3 Understanding data

Lecture 4 Why use GL | Why use positive and negative values

Lecture 5 Getting data into Power BI

Section 2: Getting ready for P&L Preparation - Analyzing Sales

Lecture 6 Calculating Sales

Lecture 7 Formatting Matrix for better visibility

Lecture 8 Analyzing Sales by Quarter and Month - Drilling up and drilling down the data

Lecture 9 Visualizing Sales trends with Charts

Lecture 10 Visualizing data by Country - Adding Slicers

Section 3: Preparing and Analyzing P&L

Lecture 11 Preparing P&L

Lecture 12 Calculating Gross Profit, EBITDA, Operating Profit, PBIT, & Net Profit

Lecture 13 Using Card to visualize numbers

Lecture 14 Using KPI to visualize numbers

Lecture 15 Using date slicer

Lecture 16 Adding basic chart visuals for P&L analysis

Lecture 17 Country comparison - P&L values

Lecture 18 Section Power BI file

Lecture 19 Moving forward - DAX!

Section 4: Introduction to DAX and P&L Analysis redo with DAX

Lecture 20 Introduction to DAX

Lecture 21 DAX - Sum for the period

Lecture 22 DAX Notes 1 - Sum function

Lecture 23 Calculate function to apply filters - Calculating Gross Profit

Lecture 24 DAX Notes 2 - Calculate function

Lecture 25 Optional Homework - Calculate Net Profit

Lecture 26 Calculating Net Profit

Lecture 27 Calculate with multiple conditions - Calculating Operating Profit

Lecture 28 DAX Notes 3 - Calculate function with OR conditions

Lecture 29 DAX Notes 4 - Calculate function with AND conditions

Lecture 30 Alternative way to calculate Operating Profit with DAX

Lecture 31 Homework - calculate EBITDA and PBIT

Lecture 32 EBITDA

Lecture 33 PBIT

Lecture 34 Sales, GP, & NP visulization

Lecture 35 Adding small multiples in chart

Lecture 36 Marketing to Sales relationship visualization

Lecture 37 Calculating Gross Profit Margin and Net Profit Margin

Section 5: Preparing DAX for the Next Level

Lecture 38 Calculating Minimum & Maximum Date

Lecture 39 Calculating Minimum Date Across the Data - Override Column filters

Section 6: Preparation of Balance Sheet

Lecture 40 Preparing the Balance Sheet

Lecture 41 Removing visual level filter from the Balance Sheet

Lecture 42 Visualizing data with Donut Charts

Lecture 43 Visualizing data with Treemap

Lecture 44 Current Ratio

Lecture 45 Quick Ratio or Acid Test Ratio

Lecture 46 Gearing Ratio

Lecture 47 Coming next!

Section 7: More Financial Ratios

Lecture 48 Asset turnover

Lecture 49 ROCE - Return on Capital Employed

Lecture 50 ROE - Return on Equity

Lecture 51 Interest Cover

Lecture 52 Let's clean our file

Lecture 53 Receivables Collection Period

Lecture 54 Payables Payment Period

Lecture 55 Inventory turnover period

Section 8: Making Ledgers and Enabling Drill-through

Lecture 56 Making Ledgers

Lecture 57 Enabling Drill-through from Reports to Ledgers

Section 9: Trial Balance

Lecture 58 Making Trial Balance Structure

Lecture 59 Measure to calculate Trial Balance Value

Lecture 60 Fixing the problem and calculating the correct balance

Section 10: Cash flow Statement

Lecture 61 Revising the Cash flow Statement in indirect method

Lecture 62 Defining Cash flow structure in data

Lecture 63 Understanding the ValueType field in report structure

Lecture 64 Importing report structure into Power BI & Modelling it with the data

Lecture 65 Making Cash flow Statement Structure

Lecture 66 Calculation of the Cash flow statement values

Section 11: Statement of Changes in Equity

Lecture 67 Revising the Statement of Changes in Equity and Defining the Structure in Data

Lecture 68 Calculation of Values for the Statement of Changes in Equity

Section 12: Next steps

Lecture 69 How do we convert Debit & Credit GL values to Positive and Negative values

Lecture 70 Converting Debit & Credit values to positive and negative

Lecture 71 Converting Positive & Negative Values to Debit & Credit

Lecture 72 Working with Financial Year that is different from the Calendar Year

Lecture 73 Demo - connecting Database with Power BI

Lecture 74 Bonus lecture

Finance Managers,Financial Controllers,Finance Directors,Accountants, Bookkeepers, & Financial Analysts,Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Finance students,Investors and stock market analysts

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