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Investment Banking And Finance: Leveraged BuYouts (Lbos)

Category: Tutorials

Investment Banking And Finance: Leveraged BuYouts (Lbos)

Investment Banking And Finance: Leveraged Buyouts (Lbos)
Published 5/2024
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Language: English

| Size: 26.40 GB[/center]
| Duration: 25h 2m
Master Leveraged Buyouts LBO financial modelling, transaction analysis, deal execution, documentation, exit strategies

What you'll learn

Understand the foundational structures and strategies of private equity funds.

Define leveraged buyouts and their significance in corporate finance.

Analyse key characteristics and typical frameworks of LBO transactions.

Evaluate the RJR Nabisco LBO as a pivotal case study in LBO history.

Assess the impact of economic cycles and financial foundations on LBOs

Identify and describe the roles of key participants in LBO transactions.

Utilise essential financial tools and models specific to LBO analysis.

Rank LBO financing instruments by cost, risk, security, and return metrics

Explore classic and modern capital structure theories within LBO contexts.

Examine esoteric and complex debt structures used in LBO financing

Optimise LBO capital structures to enhance deal stability and profitability.

Assess the role and impact of covenants in LBO financing strategies.

Understand debt capacity and leverage limits within LBO economic frameworks.

Learn the step-by-step private equity deal process in leveraged buyouts.

Explore the roles and decision-making processes of investment committees in LBOs.

Introduction to LBO modelling, emphasising its purpose and application.

Delve into advanced LBO modelling techniques for comprehensive transaction analysis

Step-by-step analysis of LBO transactions, focusing on valuation and debt structuring.

Explore management and employee equity incentives and their implications in LBOs.

Understand the documentation crucial for successful LBO transactions.

Manage LBO transactions from investment monitoring to value creation strategies.

Strategically plan and execute exit strategies for LBO investments.

Detailed exploration of the IPO process as an exit strategy in LBOs.

Navigate the complexities of selling shares post-IPO in leveraged buyouts.

Understand third-party sales in LBOs, assessing process advantages and challenges.

Explore secondary buyouts, understanding their process and market implications.

Delve into management buyouts, focusing on strategies and participant roles.

Navigate partial exits strategies like recapitalisations and tag-along rights in LBOs

Consider the implications and processes of liquidations in leveraged buyouts.

Debate ethical considerations and controversies surrounding leveraged buyouts.


Basic Understanding of Finance: Familiarity with financial statements and investment concepts.

Interest in Corporate Finance: A keen interest in learning how companies are acquired and managed.

Access to Financial Calculator or Software: Useful for exercises and case studies involving financial analysis.

Prior Business or Economics Study: Helpful but not mandatory; basic economic principles are beneficial.

No Advanced Mathematics Required: The course is accessible to beginners with general math skills.


This comprehensive course on Leveraged Buyouts (LBOs) is meticulously designed to equip you with the analytical tools, financial strategies, and essential concepts necessary to excel in the high-stakes world of private equity and corporate acquisitions. Whether you're a finance professional aiming to expand your expertise, a business student seeking a practical application of financial theories, or an aspiring private equity investor, this course offers valuable insights that can be immediately applied in real-world scenarios.With over 290 lectures, it may be difficult to see the wood for the trees. I have categorised this course into 8 Primary Themes and Educational Objectives:1. Foundations of Private Equity and Leveraged Buyouts2. LBO Transaction Dynamics3. Financial Engineering in LBOs4. Operational and Strategic Management in LBOs5. LBO Financing and Capital Structure Optimization6. Regulatory, Ethical, and Stakeholder Considerations7. Exit Strategies and Deal Closure8. LBO Modelling and Transaction AnalysisThese broad themes enable you to navigate the complexities of LBOs with a structured approach that builds from basic concepts to advanced applications, enhancing both your theoretical understanding and practical skills in private equity leveraged buyout financing. Watch the first preview lecture, where I explain these categories, to get a better understanding of what you will discover in the courseHere's what makes this course really stand out:Understanding Private Equity Structures: Delve into the architecture of private equity firms and how they fund and manage LBO operations.Defining Leveraged Buyouts: Clarify the concept and process of LBOs, distinguishing them from other financial strategies.Analysing LBO Transaction Characteristics: Explore the unique attributes of LBO deals, focusing on their structural and strategic components.Evaluating the RJR Nabisco LBO Case: Learn from one of the most famous LBOs in history through a detailed case study analysis.Assessing Economic Impact on LBOs: Examine how economic factors influence LBO viability and success.Identifying LBO Key Participants: Recognise the roles and responsibilities of the critical players involved in LBO transactions.Using LBO Financial Tools: Gain hands-on experience with the financial instruments and methodologies employed in LBO analysis.Ranking LBO Financing Instruments: Understand the hierarchy and use of various financing tools in structuring LBOs.Exploring LBO Capital Structures: Investigate the different capital configurations that can be utilised in LBO scenarios.Examining Esoteric Debt Structures: Unpack complex debt arrangements that are often pivotal in executing LBOs.Optimise LBO Capital Structures: Learn to tailor capital structures to maximise investment returns and minimise risk in LBO scenarios.Assess Covenants in LBOs: Understand the importance of covenants in safeguarding the interests of debt holders within LBO frameworks.Understand LBO Economics: Explore the economic principles that underpin the feasibility and profitability of leveraged buyouts.Master the PE Deal Process: Gain proficiency in the end-to-end private equity deal process from due diligence to deal closure.Guide Investment Committee Roles: Learn about the critical decision-making process of investment committees in PE deals.Learn LBO Modelling Basics: Acquire foundational skills in LBO financial modelling to analyse potential returns and risks.Deep Dive into LBO Modelling: Engage in advanced LBO modelling techniques for a deeper understanding of complex buyouts.Analyse LBO Transaction Process: Study the sequence of steps in an LBO transaction, from initial analysis to final acquisition.Explore Management Equity Incentives: Examine how equity-based incentives align management goals with those of equity holders.Review LBO Documentation: Scrutinise the essential documents that underpin every stage of the LBO transaction.Manage LBO Transactions: Learn strategies for managing ongoing LBO operations to ensure alignment with long-term goals.Plan LBO Exit Strategies: Strategise exit routes from LBO investments to realise value for stakeholders.Detail IPO Exits in LBOs: Analyse the role of initial public offerings as a successful exit strategy in LBOs.Manage Post-IPO Share Sales: Understand the complexities of managing share sales following an IPO.Conduct LBO Third-Party Sales: Navigate the process and strategies behind selling LBO-acquired companies to third parties.Execute Secondary Buyouts: Learn how to handle buyouts from one private equity firm to another.Lead Management Buyouts: Guide management teams through the process of buying out existing owners.Navigate Partial LBO Exits: Explore options for partial exits in LBOs, such as recapitalisations and refinancings.Understand LBO Liquidations: Discuss the circumstances and strategies for winding down operations in a leveraged buyout.Debate LBO Ethical Considerations: Engage in discussions on the ethical implications and considerations in LBO strategies.By the end of this course, you will not only understand the mechanisms of leveraged buyouts but also be able to critically assess their strategic advantages and risks. This course is perfect for those looking to make informed decisions in finance, enhance their career prospects, or simply gain a deeper understanding of a key financial strategy used worldwide by private equity firms. Join us to unlock your potential in the realm of high finance and investment strategy.Enroll today!


Section 1: Leveraged Buyouts Course Overview: What to Expect

Lecture 1 Introduction: What will you learn about LBOs in this course?

Lecture 2 How to make money with LBOs - A Cautionary Tale!

Lecture 3 What is a Leveraged Buyout (LBO)?

Lecture 4 The Importance of Glossaries in this Course

Lecture 5 LBO Course Roadmap: A Section-by-Section Exploration

Section 2: Private Equity Essentials: Structures, Transactions, and Governance

Lecture 6 Section Introduction: Overview of Private Equity

Lecture 7 Overview of Private Equity

Lecture 8 Structure of a Private Equity Fund

Lecture 9 Types of Private Equity Transactions

Lecture 10 Private Equity As An Alternative Model Of Corporate Governance

Lecture 11 Glossary: LBO Fund Terms

Lecture 12 Governance and Control Terms Glossary

Lecture 13 Glossary: Regulatory and Compliance Terms in LBO Transactions

Lecture 14 Section Summary: Overview of Private Equity

Section 3: Fundamentals of Leveraged Buyouts: From Basics to Business Impacts

Lecture 15 Section Introduction: Introduction to Leveraged Buyouts

Lecture 16 History of LBO Transactions

Lecture 17 Different Types of LBOs

Lecture 18 The Characteristics of an LBO Transaction

Lecture 19 Standard LBO Playbook

Lecture 20 The Theory behind Leveraged Buyouts

Lecture 21 Why are LBO's Important in Corporate Finance?

Lecture 22 Glossary: Leverage Terms in LBOs

Lecture 23 Capital Markets Terms Glossary

Lecture 24 Section Summary: Introduction to Leveraged Buyouts

Section 4: The Anatomy of Leveraged Buyouts: Roles, Risks, and Realities

Lecture 25 LBO Characteristics Introduction

Lecture 26 Inside an LBO Transaction with KKR

Lecture 27 The Role of the Buyout Board

Lecture 28 The Importance of Management Incentives

Lecture 29 KKR LBO Case Study: Duracell

Lecture 30 The Tension between Buyer and Seller

Lecture 31 Transactional Risks in LBOs

Lecture 32 Purchase and Sale Price Determination in LBOs

Lecture 33 LBO Strategy Terms Glossary

Lecture 34 LBO Purchase Price Terms Glossary

Lecture 35 LBO Deal Structure Terms Glossary

Lecture 36 Section Summary: The Characteristics of LBO Transactions

Section 5: Breaking Down the RJR Nabisco Leveraged Buyout: Lessons and Insights

Lecture 37 RJR Nabisco LBO 1988 Introduction

Lecture 38 Why was RJR Nabisco an attractive target?

Lecture 39 The Bidding Groups in the RJR Nabisco LBO

Lecture 40 The Role of Personalities in the RJR Nabisco LBO

Lecture 41 Section Summary: Case Study of RJR Nabisco

Section 6: How Economics and Finance Drive Leveraged Buyouts

Lecture 42 The Financial and Economic Foundations of LBOs: Section Introduction

Lecture 43 Risk and Return Dynamics of Leveraged Buyouts

Lecture 44 Impact of Economic Cycles on LBOs

Lecture 45 Regulatory and Policy Frameworks influencing LBOs

Lecture 46 Stakeholder Perspectives in LBOs

Lecture 47 Global Trends and the future of LBOs

Lecture 48 Impact of Artificial Intelligence on LBOs

Lecture 49 Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Glossary

Lecture 50 Section Summary: The Financial and Economic Foundations of LBOs

Section 7: Who's Who in LBOs: Key Roles and Responsibilities

Lecture 51 Key Participants in an LBO Transaction Section Introduction

Lecture 52 The Private Equity Investor

Lecture 53 The Seller

Lecture 54 The Target Company

Lecture 55 The Pivotal Role of Management in Leveraged Buyouts

Lecture 56 The Treasury Function in an LBO Company

Lecture 57 The Integral Role of the Senior Debt Lender

Lecture 58 Who are Second Lien Lenders?

Lecture 59 Mezzanine Lenders in LBO Financing

Lecture 60 High Yield Bond Holders in LBO Financing

Lecture 61 The Role of Investment Banks in LBOs

Lecture 62 The Role of Law Firms in LBOs

Lecture 63 The Roles of Accountancy Firms in LBO Transactions

Lecture 64 Specialist Due Diligence Advisers in LBO Transactions

Lecture 65 The Role of Strategy Consultants in Leveraged Buyouts

Lecture 66 What are Placement Agents?

Lecture 67 Role of Recruitment Consultants in LBOs

Lecture 68 The Role of Public Relations Agents in LBOs

Lecture 69 Key Participants in an LBO Transaction Glossary

Lecture 70 Section Summary: Key Participants in an LBO Transaction

Section 8: Financing LBOs: The Role of Debt, Equity, and Hybrid Instruments

Lecture 71 Introduction to the LBO Financial Toolkit

Lecture 72 The Role of Senior Secured Debt in LBOs

Lecture 73 Working Capital Facilities Role in LBO Financial Structures

Lecture 74 Unsecured Senior Debt in the Context of Leveraged Buyouts

Lecture 75 Mezzanine and Subordinated Debt in Leveraged Buyouts

Lecture 76 High Yield Bonds and Structured Debt in Leveraged Buyouts

Lecture 77 Equity Instruments in Leveraged Buyouts

Lecture 78 Hybrid and Convertible Instruments in Leveraged Buyouts

Lecture 79 More Detail on Convertible Debt Securities

Lecture 80 Derivative and Contingent Instruments in Leveraged Buyouts

Lecture 81 Vendor Financing in Leveraged Buyouts

Lecture 82 Bridge Financing in Leveraged Buyouts

Lecture 83 Capex Line of Credit

Lecture 84 Earn-Outs in Leveraged Buyouts

Lecture 85 LBO Valuation Methods Glossary

Lecture 86 LBO Financial Toolkit: Understanding Debt, Equity, Other Financial Instruments

Section 9: Strategic Ranking of Financing Instruments in Leveraged Buyouts

Lecture 87 The Relative Ranking of LBO Financing Instruments: Introduction

Lecture 88 Financial Instrument Rankings - Short Term to Long Term

Lecture 89 Financial Instrument Rankings - Low Cost to High Cost

Lecture 90 Financial Instrument Rankings - Low Risk to High Risk

Lecture 91 Financial Instrument Rankings - High Security to Low Security

Lecture 92 Financial Instrument Rankings - Low Return to High Return

Lecture 93 Case Study: KKR RJR Nabisco Deal: Cost, Risk, Security and Returns

Lecture 94 The Relative Ranking of LBO Financing Instruments Section Summary

Section 10: Designing Optimal Capital Structures for LBOs

Lecture 95 LBO Financing Structures Section Introduction

Lecture 96 Understanding Classic Capital Structure Theory

Lecture 97 Illustrative LBO Financial Structure

Lecture 98 Debt in LBO Capital Structures

Lecture 99 Understanding Payments-in-Kind (PIK) Toggle

Lecture 100 LBO Debt Glossary

Lecture 101 Equity in LBO Capital Structures

Lecture 102 Financial Instruments in LBOs Glossary

Lecture 103 The Two-Level Holding Company Structure in LBOs

Lecture 104 Case Study: KKR's Evolution in Deal Financing in the 1980s

Lecture 105 Case Study: Nabisco vs Toys "R" Us

Lecture 106 Risk Management Terms Glossary

Lecture 107 LBO Capital Financing Structures Section Summary

Section 11: Section 11. Advanced Debt Instruments in LBOs: Enhancing LBO Financial Strategie

Lecture 108 Esoteric Debt Structures in LBOs - Section Introduction

Lecture 109 Club Transactions in LBOs

Lecture 110 Stub Equity in LBO Transactions

Lecture 111 What does the term Hybrid Financing mean in LBO Transactions

Lecture 112 What is a Leveraged Recapitalisation?

Lecture 113 Restructuring Pathways in LBO Transactions

Lecture 114 The Role of Securitisation in LBO Financing

Lecture 115 Esoteric Debt Structures in LBOs: Navigating Complex Financing Solutions Section

Section 12: Capital Structure Strategies in Leveraged Buyouts

Lecture 116 LBO Frameworks and Optimising Capital Structure Section Introduction

Lecture 117 LBO Debt Understanding Security

Lecture 118 LBO Debt - Understanding Seniority

Lecture 119 Legal Entity in the Context of LBO Debt

Lecture 120 Maturity in the Context of LBO Debt

Lecture 121 The Importance of Staggered Maturities in LBOs

Lecture 122 Glossary of Key Terms: Leveraged Buyout (LBO) Debt

Lecture 123 Convertibility in LBO Debt Instruments

Lecture 124 Coupon in the Context of LBO Debt

Lecture 125 Call Protection and Non-Callable LBO Debt

Lecture 126 Glossary of Key Terms: Additional Aspects of Leveraged Buyout (LBO) Debt

Lecture 127 High Yield Debt Overview and Glossary

Lecture 128 Financing Terms in LBOs Glossary

Lecture 129 LBO Frameworks and Optimising Capital Structure Section Summary

Section 13: Navigating Covenants: Essential Controls in LBO Financing

Lecture 130 The Crucial Role of Covenants in LBOs Section Introduction

Lecture 131 What are Covenants?

Lecture 132 Senior Secured Debt Covenants

Lecture 133 High Yield Debt Covenants

Lecture 134 Covenant Lite Loans in the Context of LBO Financing

Lecture 135 Covenants in LBO Financing Section Summary

Section 14: Understanding the Financial Dynamics of Leveraged Buyouts

Lecture 136 Mastering Financial Metrics in Leveraged Buyouts - Section Introduction

Lecture 137 What do we mean by Debt Capacity?

Lecture 138 Debt Capacity Interview Question

Lecture 139 Case Study: Calculating Debt Capacity for TechGen Corp

Lecture 140 Leverage Limits in the Context of LBO Debt

Lecture 141 Determining Cash Flow Available for Debt Service: KKR Case Study

Lecture 142 What are Debt Service Coverage Ratios?

Lecture 143 Ability to Pay Analysis

Lecture 144 Ability to Pay Case Study

Lecture 145 Six Key Credit Ratios in an LBO

Lecture 146 What do we mean by Targeted Returns?

Lecture 147 What is the Internal Rate of Return?

Lecture 148 What do we mean by Money Multiples?

Lecture 149 What is the role of Key Performance Indicators?

Lecture 150 Taxation Terms Glossary

Lecture 151 Mastering Financial Metrics in Leveraged Buyouts Section Summary

Section 15: From Sourcing to Closing: The Steps of a Private Equity LBO Deal

Lecture 152 The Private Equity Deal Process in Leveraged Buyouts Section Introduction

Lecture 153 The Private Equity Deal Process - Step by Step

Lecture 154 Deal Sourcing in Leveraged Buyout Transactions

Lecture 155 Deal Origination Terms Glossary

Lecture 156 Industry Specific Terms Glossary

Lecture 157 The Importance of Deal Screening

Lecture 158 Understanding Non-Disclosure Agreements

Lecture 159 Confidentiality Agreement or Non Disclosure Agreement Terms Glossary

Lecture 160 The Due Diligence Phase

Lecture 161 Glossary of Due Diligence Terms

Lecture 162 Virtual Data Room Glossary

Lecture 163 What do we mean by an Indication of Interest (IOI)?

Lecture 164 Illustrative Outline Structure of an Indication of Interest (IOI) Letter

Lecture 165 Letter of Intent (LOI) - Its Purpose and Importance

Lecture 166 Leveraged Buyout Expert Illustrative Letter of Intent (LOI) Structure in an LBO

Lecture 167 Letter of Intent Terms Glossary

Lecture 168 Leveraged Buyout Negotiation Process

Lecture 169 Finalising the Acquisition

Lecture 170 Sale and Purchase Agreement Terms Glossary

Lecture 171 Detailed Key Points in the LBO Process Glossary

Lecture 172 Glossary of the Key Activities from the Deal Process

Lecture 173 Transaction Execution Glossary

Lecture 174 The LBO Deal Process Section Summary

Section 16: Inside the Investment Committee: Power and Responsibility in Private Equity

Lecture 175 Role of the Private Equity Firm Investment Committee Section Introduction

Lecture 176 The Purpose of the Investment Committee

Lecture 177 Investment Committee's Influence and Importance in a Private Equity Firm

Lecture 178 The Membership of the Investment Committee

Lecture 179 The Decision Making Powers of the Investment Committee

Lecture 180 Committee Responsibilities in an LBO Transaction

Lecture 181 The Role of the Private Equity Firm Investment Committee: Section Summary

Section 17: The Fundamentals of LBO Financial Modelling

Lecture 182 What is an LBO Model?

Lecture 183 What Makes a Good LBO Model

Lecture 184 What is the Difference between a Q&D and Fully Integrated LBO Model?

Lecture 185 Outline Structure of an LBO Model

Lecture 186 What is Stress Testing?

Lecture 187 LBO Modelling Input Glossary

Lecture 188 LBO Model Structure and Calculation Glossary

Section 18: Exploring the Intricacies of LBO Financial Models

Lecture 189 Introduction to LBO Modelling

Lecture 190 Navigation: Overview of an LBO Model

Lecture 191 Inputs: Document Sources

Lecture 192 Inputs: LBO Model Global Assumptions

Lecture 193 Inputs: LBO Model Key Assumptions

Lecture 194 Inputs: LBO Model Operational Assumptions

Lecture 195 Inputs: The Sources and Uses of Funds

Lecture 196 Financial Statements: LBO Model Financial Projections

Lecture 197 Financial Statements: Linkages and Balance Sheet Adjustments

Lecture 198 Financial Statements: Circularity in LBO Models

Lecture 199 Schedules: Working Capital Schedule

Lecture 200 Schedules: Revolver and Cash Sweep

Lecture 201 Schedules: Goodwill in LBOs

Lecture 202 Schedules: Tax Schedules

Lecture 203 Schedules: Depreciation and Amortisation Schedules

Lecture 204 Schedules: Debt Schedule

Lecture 205 Schedules: Debt Ratio Calculations

Lecture 206 Schedules: Distribution Waterfall

Lecture 207 Outputs: Valuation: WACC and DCF

Lecture 208 Outputs: Returns and Leverage

Lecture 209 Outputs: LBO Model Returns to Private Equity

Lecture 210 LBO Modelling Output Glossary

Lecture 211 Reports: General Report

Lecture 212 Reports: Financial Report

Lecture 213 Reports: Ability to Pay

Lecture 214 Reports: LBO Value Creation Analysis

Lecture 215 Reports: LBO Deal Presentation

Section 19: Evaluating LBOs: A Detailed Transaction Analysis Workflow

Lecture 216 LBO Transaction Analysis Step by Step Section Introduction

Lecture 217 Step 1: How to arrive at an LBO Valuation

Lecture 218 Step 2: Is this a Good Debt Story?

Lecture 219 Step 3: How defensible is the Business Model?

Lecture 220 Step 4: Risk Factors - Check List

Lecture 221 Step 5: Financial projections Check List

Lecture 222 Step 6: Challenging the EBITDA

Lecture 223 Step 7: Construct Sources and Uses of Funds

Lecture 224 Step 8: Calculate your Transaction IRRs

Lecture 225 Step 9: Additional Returns Analysis MoM, Ability to Pay, Multiple Expansion

Lecture 226 Step 10: Does the LBO Work?

Lecture 227 Deal Metrics Glossary

Lecture 228 Deal Analysis Glossary

Lecture 229 Section Summary: LBO Transaction Analysis Checklist

Section 20: The Role of Equity Incentives in Driving LBO Success

Lecture 230 Management and Employee Equity Incentives in LBOs - Section Introduction

Lecture 231 Introduction to Management Equity Incentives

Lecture 232 Understanding the Mechanics of Ratchets

Lecture 233 The Mechanics of Sweet Equity and the Envy Ratio

Lecture 234 Share Options in Equity Incentive Programs

Lecture 235 Glossary of Management Equity Incentives

Section 21: The Fundamentals of Transaction Documentation in LBOs

Lecture 236 Key Transaction Documentation in Leverage Buyouts Section Introduction

Lecture 237 Acquisition Documentation

Lecture 238 Complex Negotiation Areas in LBO Acquisition Documentation

Lecture 239 The Equity Documentation

Lecture 240 Investment Disclosure Letter

Lecture 241 The Articles of Association

Lecture 242 The Debt Documentation

Lecture 243 Loan Note Instruments

Lecture 244 The Senior Facilities Agreement

Lecture 245 The Mezzanine Facility Agreement

Lecture 246 High Yield Bond Documentation

Lecture 247 The Intercreditor Agreement

Lecture 248 Security Requirements of Funders

Lecture 249 Other Key Documentation

Lecture 250 Key Transaction Documentation in Leverage Buyouts Section Summary

Section 22: Navigating the Transaction Management Phase of LBOs

Lecture 251 Transaction Management Section Introduction

Lecture 252 Monitoring LBO Investments

Lecture 253 Five Steps to Managing an LBO Investment

Lecture 254 Understanding Value Creation Levers

Lecture 255 Glossary: Post Acquisition Strategy Terms

Lecture 256 Glossary: Integration and Restructuring Terms

Lecture 257 What if Further Funding is required?

Lecture 258 Under Performance and Financial Restructuring

Lecture 259 Debt Capitalisation and Restructuring

Lecture 260 Equity Cures and Debt Buybacks

Lecture 261 Glossary: Performance Improvement Terms

Lecture 262 Directors' Duties in Private Equity Deals

Lecture 263 Implications of Management Changes

Lecture 264 Transaction Management Phase: Section Summary

Section 23: Navigating LBO Exit Planning: From Investment to Divestment

Lecture 265 Introduction to Exit Planning

Lecture 266 Preparation: Investment Stage Exit Planning

Lecture 267 Preparation: Post Investment Exit Planning

Lecture 268 Glossary LBO Deal Exit Terms

Section 24: Understanding IPOs as an Exit Strategy for LBO Investments

Lecture 269 The IPO Process

Lecture 270 Advantages of an IPO Exit

Lecture 271 Disadvantages of an IPO Exit

Lecture 272 Impact of the JOBS Act

Lecture 273 Glossary of IPO Terms

Section 25: Navigating Post-IPO Share Sales: Understanding Rule 144 and Secondary Offerings

Lecture 274 Share Sale after the IPO: Rule 144

Lecture 275 Share Sale after the IPO: Secondary Registered Offerings

Section 26: The Ins and Outs of Trade Sales for LBO Exits

Lecture 276 Sale to a Third Party

Lecture 277 Process of a Trade Sale

Lecture 278 Advantages of a Trade Sale Process

Lecture 279 Disadvantages of a Trade Sale Process

Section 27: From One LBO to Another: Mastering Secondary Buyouts

Lecture 280 What is a Secondary Buyout

Lecture 281 Secondary Buyout Process

Lecture 282 Implications of Secondary Buyouts

Section 28: Leveraging Management Buyouts for Effective LBO Exits

Lecture 283 Management Buyouts (MBOs)

Section 29: Strategies for Partial Exits from Leveraged Buyouts

Lecture 284 Partial Exits - Recapitalisation

Lecture 285 Partial Exits - Dividend Recapitalisations

Lecture 286 Partial Exits - Redemption Rights

Lecture 287 Partial Exits - Tag Along Rights

Section 30: The Final Option: Liquidation in Leveraged Buyouts

Lecture 288 LBO Liquidations

Section 31: Responsibility and Consequences: Ethics in LBOs

Lecture 289 Ethical Implications of LBOs

Lecture 290 LBOs - Ethical Challenges for Directors

Lecture 291 Ethical Issues From an Employee Perspective

Section 32: Summary and Wrap Up

Lecture 292 Summary and Wrap Up

This leveraged buyout course is designed for a range of learners interested in the intricate world of corporate finance, especially those focusing on private equity transactions. Here's a detailed description of the intended learners: Finance Professionals: Ideal for analysts, associates, and managers in finance sectors seeking to deepen their understanding of LBOs and their applications in private equity. Business Students: Suitable for undergraduate and graduate students specializing in finance or business who wish to acquire a practical understanding of how LBOs work. Aspiring Private Equity Investors: Entrepreneurs and individuals looking to enter the private equity industry will find the detailed case studies and financial modeling skills particularly valuable. Corporate Executives: Senior managers and executives considering leveraged buyouts as a growth strategy or exit planning will benefit from the strategic insights into managing such transactions. Investment Enthusiasts: Individuals with a strong interest in the mechanics of major financial transactions and corporate restructuring efforts will gain comprehensive knowledge from this course. This course is tailored to equip these learners with the tools and knowledge to analyze, evaluate, and execute leveraged buyouts effectively, enhancing their competencies in complex financial transactions.




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