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Spiritual Mediumship: Q&A Course

Category: Tutorials

Spiritual Mediumship: Q&A Course

Spiritual Mediumship: Q&A Course
Published 5/2024
MP4 | Video: h264, 1920x1080 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English

| Size: 2.48 GB[/center]
| Duration: 1h 56m
Diving Deep: Exploring Topics in Spiritual Mediumship

What you'll learn

Identify the importance of consistency when practicing.

The power of mediumship with another medium.

Explore a piggyback situation.

How to navigate a no show reading.

The responsibilities and power of mediumship in relation to your clients well being.

Psychic & Mediumship work united: Consider sitters expectations

Talk through the 'should I be doing this work'

Spirit vs Soul vs Higher Self

Letting go of Fears

Platform Readings

Faires & Extraterrestrials

Importance of Spacing Readings

Aging in Heaven

Life Reviews - Progress & Compassion

The Purpose of Life

The Impact Mediums Hold on the Grieving

Life with Spiritual Perspective

Let's Talk Orbs

The Affects of Reincarnation on a Spiritual Reading

Are Rituals Necessary

Protection, Structure, Soul Families & More


A desire to learn and honor the practice of mediumship.


I would like to invite you to join me in the Spiritual Mediumship Topics and Q&A course, a platform where we actively engage with the material and each other. In this course, we not only expand on some of the topics covered in the Spiritual Mediumship course but also encourage student participation through Q&A sessions.Topics we will be covering in the course include:PiggybackingLow vibrational soulsSpirit vs. Soul vs. Higher SelfLetting go of FearPlatform ReadingsExperience with DeathDual ConnectionsConsistency with Practicing Psychic Work with Mediumship WorkSpirits Showing Up Timing of Readings Psychic TruthAging in HeavenLife Reviews & Life PurposeGriefLiving with a Spiritual PerspectiveShould you do this workOrbsBeliefs on Fairies & Extraterrestrials Reincarnation Affecting ReadingsRitualsOverwhelming FeelingsA Prayer of ProtectionSoul Families Why StructureSigns & Symbols Third EyeLimited ClairsEmotions If these topics interest you, come in, grab a cup of coffee, and get cozy with me. We will chat one-on-one about personal beliefs and experiences. We will also go deeper with questions and topics of interest from the mediumship students.I look forward to connecting with you and will meet you inside the course!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome & Connect

Section 2: Q&A's & Spiritual Topics

Lecture 2 Connecting with Souls of a Low Vibration

Lecture 3 Spirit vs Soul vs Higher Self

Lecture 4 Piggybacking

Lecture 5 Leaving "Just" & Fear Behind

Lecture 6 Platform Readings

Lecture 7 Death

Lecture 8 Dual Connections

Lecture 9 Consistency

Lecture 10 Psychic VS Mediumship Work

Lecture 11 Spirit: A No Show

Lecture 12 Is it too soon for another reading?

Lecture 13 Psychic Reading Predictions

Lecture 14 Aging in Heaven

Lecture 15 Life Review: Progress & Compassion

Lecture 16 Purpose of Life

Lecture 17 Grief: The Impact You Have

Lecture 18 Life with a Spiritual Perspective

Lecture 19 Should I be doing this work?

Lecture 20 Orbs

Lecture 21 Beliefs: Extraterrestrial & Fairies

Lecture 22 Bothered by Spirits

Lecture 23 Reincarnation: How does it affect a reading?

Lecture 24 Rituals: Are they necessary?

Lecture 25 Overwhelmed: How do I navigate it all?

Lecture 26 Prayers & Protection

Lecture 27 Soul Families

Lecture 28 Why Structure?

Lecture 29 Building Upon Signs & Symbols

Lecture 30 Third Eye: Open at all times?

Lecture 31 Limited Senses

Lecture 32 Emotions

Section 3: Closing

Lecture 33 Course Closing

If you have taken the 'Spiritual Mediumship Development Course' join EA for this Q&A.,Those who are practicing mediumship and want to explore some topics further.

Free search engine download: Spiritual Mediumship QA Course


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