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Mastering Fortinet Fortiswitch For NetWork Professionals

Category: Tutorials

Mastering Fortinet Fortiswitch For NetWork Professionals

Mastering Fortinet Fortiswitch For Network Professionals
Published 5/2024
MP4 | Video: h264, 1920x1080 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English

| Size: 1.92 GB[/center]
| Duration: 5h 6m
Dominate Network Security: The Fortinet FortiSwitch Course

What you'll learn

Network Administrators: You're responsible for the day-to-day operation

IT Professionals: You work within the IT department and may have a broader focus on network management

Security Professionals: Your primary focus is network security.

This Fortinet FortiSwitch course is designed for a variety of IT professionals


Basic Networking Knowledge: A foundational understanding of networking concepts like IP addressing, network protocols (TCP/IP)

Familiarity with Networking Devices: If you've previously worked with network switches from any vendor

Interest in Network Security: A desire to understand and implement network security measures is key


Master the deployment, configuration, and management of Fortinet FortiSwitch for robust network security.This comprehensive Udemy course equips you with the skills to confidently manage Fortinet FortiSwitch devices within your network infrastructure. Whether you're a seasoned network professional or new to Fortinet security solutions, this course provides a clear path to proficiency.In this course, you'll delve into:Initial Configuration: Get up and running quickly with a step-by-step guide to setting up your FortiSwitch device for optimal functionality.VLANs & Port Management: Master the creation and configuration of VLANs and switch ports to segregate traffic and enhance network security and organization.Essential Switching Features: Explore and configure crucial switching features like Spanning Tree Protocol, Link Aggregation Groups (LAGs), and more to optimize network performance and eliminate potential loops.FortiSwitch Security: Uncover the built-in security features of FortiSwitch, enabling you to implement access control lists (ACLs), port security, and other measures to protect your network.FortiLink Integration: Learn how to seamlessly integrate FortiSwitch with your existing Fortinet security infrastructure using FortiLink for unified management and enhanced security.MCLAG for Advanced Redundancy: Explore Multi-Chassis Link Aggregation Group (MCLAG) technology to configure redundant links across multiple FortiSwitch devices, maximizing network uptime and performance.By the end of this course, you'll be able to:Confidently configure your FortiSwitch device for optimal operation.Create and manage VLANs and switch ports for improved network organization and security.Implement essential switching features to optimize network performance and stability.Leverage built-in FortiSwitch security tools to safeguard your network.Integrate FortiSwitch with your Fortinet Security Fabric using FortiLink for centralized management.Configure MCLAG for increased network redundancy and resilience.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Initial Configuration - Hostname, DNS, NTP

Section 2: Initial Configuration

Lecture 2 Initial Configuration - Fortigate Firmware Upgrade

Lecture 3 Initial Configuration - Configure VDOMS + Moving Interfaces Part1

Lecture 4 Initial Configuration - Configure VDOMS + Moving Interfaces Part2

Lecture 5 Initial Configuration - Configuring Interfaces between VDOM + Route

Lecture 6 Initial Configuration - Reconfiguring VDOMs & NGFW Zones + Vdom DNS

Lecture 7 Initial Configuration - Creating VLANS + Interfaces Part 1

Lecture 8 Initial Configuration - Creating Policies Part 1

Section 3: FortiSwitch - Configuring FortiSwitch VLANs and ports

Lecture 9 Zero-touch management

Lecture 10 Initial Configuration - Fortilink For Switches

Lecture 11 Initial Configuration - Creating the Fortilink

Lecture 12 Initial Configuration - Fixing The Trunk - Migrating the VLANs

Lecture 13 Adding the FortiSwitches

Lecture 14 Chaging the names and Static IP

Lecture 15 Upgrade FortiSwitchOS Firmware

Lecture 16 Any port can be used for FortiLink if it is manually configured

Lecture 17 Diagnostic & Tools and more

Lecture 18 MCLAG requirements

Lecture 19 Switch redundancy with MCLAG

Lecture 20 Configuring VLANs CLI + GUI

Lecture 21 Configuring ports using the GUI

Lecture 22 Configuring port speed, status, & more

Lecture 23 Configuring flap guard

Lecture 24 Enabling FortiLink VLAN optimization

Section 4: FortiSwitch - Configuring switching features

Lecture 25 Configuring DHCP blocking, STP, and loop guard on managed FortiSwitch ports

Lecture 26 Configuring loop guard & bpdu guard attack

Lecture 27 Limiting the number of learned MAC addresses on a FortiSwitch interface

Lecture 28 Controlling how long learned MAC addresses are saved

Lecture 29 Logging violations of the MAC address learning limit

Lecture 30 Persistent (sticky) MAC addresses

Lecture 31 Configuring storm control

Section 5: FortiSwitch security

Lecture 32 Disabling the FortiSwitch console port login

Lecture 33 Configuring access to management and internal interfaces

Lecture 34 Changing the admin password on the FortiGate for all managed FortiSwitch units

Lecture 35 SSH and HTTPS to the switch

Lecture 36 Configuring the DHCP trust setting

Lecture 37 Configuring the DHCP server access list

Lecture 38 Configuring dynamic ARP inspection (DAI)

Lecture 39 Configuring DHCP-snooping static entries

Network professionals with no prior Fortinet experience: This course is designed for beginners,Anyone interested in learning about network security best practices with Fortinet FortiSwitch

Free search engine download: Mastering Fortinet FortiSwitch for Network Professionals


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