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B2B Sales EmPowerment & Enablement-Training Standards Appvd

Category: Tutorials

B2B Sales EmPowerment & Enablement-Training Standards Appvd

B2B Sales Empowerment & Enablement-Training Standards Appvd
Last updated 5/2024
MP4 | Video: h264, 1920x1080 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English

| Size: 3.27 GB[/center]
| Duration: 2h 40m
Unlocking Business Growth through Effective Partner Selling - Approved by Training Standards.

What you'll learn

In the B2B Sales Empowerment & Enablement course, students will learn effective B2B sales strategies and tactics.

The course enables students to utilize modern tools and technology to enhance their sales abilities.

Students will gain an understanding of customer relationship management and its role in maintaining clientele and generating sustained revenue.

The course will teach students how to deliver their business value proposition effectively, conveying the unique worth of their products or services.

This course provides comprehensive knowledge to those aspiring to work in B2B sales environments, preparing them to excel in challenging roles.

The overall goal of the course is to enhance students' B2B sales skills, setting them on a path for better customer engagement and revenue growth potential.


Openness to constructive criticism and feedback.

Positive and proactive mindset ready for learning.

Willingness to participate and engage in discussions.

Respectfulness towards teachers and fellow students.

Strong commitment to meet course objectives.

Ability to embrace challenges and strive for improvement.


The course 'B2B Sales Empowerment & Enablement' is meticulously designed to offer participants a comprehensive understanding of modern B2B sales strategies and tactics. It goes beyond the basics to deeply explore sales enablement practices, arming sales professionals with advanced tools and techniques that are pivotal in enhancing their performance in the competitive business landscape. Through this course, attendees will gain insights into various sales models, the nuances of customer relationship management, and the art of effectively communicating their business value proposition to potential clients.This educational program is perfectly suited for sales professionals seeking to elevate their career in B2B sales environments, as well as for newcomers aspiring to break into the field. By participating in this course, individuals will not only refine their sales skills but also acquire critical knowledge that is essential for fostering improved customer engagement and achieving significant revenue growth. Additionally, the curriculum includes case studies and real-world examples, enabling learners to apply their knowledge in practical settings. It also covers the latest trends in sales technology, digital selling techniques, and how to leverage data analytics for sales optimization. This holistic approach ensures that participants are well-prepared to meet and exceed the demands of today's dynamic B2B sales environments, making them invaluable assets to their organizations.


Section 1: Introduction to B2B Sales Empowerment & Enablement

Lecture 1 Understanding the Basics of B2B Sales Empowerment

Lecture 2 Key Components of B2B Sales Enablement

Lecture 3 Implementing Strategies for B2B, or business to business, Sales Success

Lecture 4 Overcoming Challenges in B2B Sales Empowerment

Lecture 5 Measuring the Impact of B2B Sales Enablement Initiatives

Section 2: Foundation of Business Alignment in B2B Sales

Lecture 6 Understanding the Value of Business Alignment in B2B, Business to Business, Sale

Lecture 7 Establishing Clear Goals & Objectives for Business Alignment

Lecture 8 Creating a Collaborative Sales and Marketing Strategy

Lecture 9 Leveraging Technology for Business Alignment Success

Lecture 10 Measuring and Evaluating Business Alignment Effectiveness in B2B Sales

Section 3: The Psychology behind Effective B2B Incentives

Lecture 11 Understanding the Motivations of B2B Customers

Lecture 12 The Power of Incentives in Influencing B2B Behavior

Lecture 13 Designing Effective B2B Incentive Programs

Lecture 14 The Role of Psychology in B2B Decision Making

Lecture 15 Case Studies in Successful B2B Incentive Strategies

Section 4: Understanding Dynamic Price Structures in B2B Sales

Lecture 16 Introduction to Dynamic Price Structures in B2B Sales

Lecture 17 Factors Influencing Price Changes in B2B Sales

Lecture 18 Strategies for Adjusting Prices in B2B Sales

Lecture 19 Pricing Models and Techniques for B2B Sales

Lecture 20 Case Studies in Dynamic Price Structures in B2B Sales

Section 5: Encouraging Empowerment through Sales Enablement

Lecture 21 Empowering your Sales Team: Strategies for Success

Lecture 22 Building Confidence and Motivation in Sales Enablement

Lecture 23 Harnessing the Power of Sales Enablement for Empowerment

Lecture 24 Cultivating a Culture of Empowerment through Sales Enablement

Lecture 25 Empowering Sales Through Training and Enablement Initiatives

Section 6: Unlocking Potential through Field Specialization

Lecture 26 Identifying Your Field of Specialization

Lecture 27 Developing Expertise in Your Chosen Field

Lecture 28 Leveraging Your Specialized Skills for Success

Lecture 29 Networking within Your Niche Industry

Lecture 30 Overcoming Challenges in Field Specialization

Section 7: Marketing Strategies for B2B Sales Success

Lecture 31 Understanding the B2B, or Business To Business, Sales Cycle

Lecture 32 Creating a Targeted Marketing Plan for B2B Success

Lecture 33 Leveraging Social Media and Online Platforms for B2B Sales

Lecture 34 Building Strong Relationships with B2B Clients

Lecture 35 Utilizing Analytics and Data to Optimize B2B Marketing Strategies

Section 8: Achieving Synergy between Sales and Marketing

Lecture 36 Aligning Sales and Marketing Strategies for Success

Lecture 37 Understanding the Role of Sales and Marketing in Driving Revenue

Lecture 38 Implementing Cross-Functional Collaboration between Sales and Marketing

Lecture 39 Leveraging Technology to Enhance Sales and Marketing Integration

Section 9: Nurturing the Entrepreneurial Spirit for Sales Growth

Lecture 40 Cultivating Confidence: Building Self-Belief in Sales

Lecture 41 Embracing Risk-Taking: Taking Chances to Boost Sales Success

Lecture 42 Developing a Growth Mindset: Fostering a Positive Attitude for Sales Growth

Lecture 43 Finding Your Passion: Connecting Personal Interests to Sales Success

Lecture 44 Embracing Innovation: Encouraging Creativity for Increased Sales Opportunities

Section 10: Closing Keys to Sustainable B2B Sales Empowerment & Enablement

Lecture 45 Mastering Relationship Building for Long-Term Success

Lecture 46 Leveraging Technology for Sustainable Sales Growth

Lecture 47 Cultivating a Culture of Continuous Learning and Development

Lecture 48 Implementing Effective Sales Enablement Strategies

Lecture 49 Key Metrics for Monitoring and Improving B2B Sales Performance

This course is for sales professionals who wish to elevate their performance in B2B sales environments.,Aspiring individuals looking for a strong foundation for a career in B2B sales would benefit from this course.,Those who are interested in mastering the use of modern sales tools and technology to advance their sales efforts are the ideal candidates for this course.,This program is designed for individuals wishing to improve their understanding and application of customer relationship management in the B2B sales context.,People looking to effectively communicate their business value proposition within B2B sales would find this course particularly useful.,Professionals seeking to further their knowledge and skills in diverse sales models and their applications will gain significant value from this course.

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