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Mastering Terraform: From Zero To Hashicorp Certified 2024

Category: Tutorials

Mastering Terraform: From Zero To Hashicorp Certified 2024

Mastering Terraform: From Zero To Hashicorp Certified 2024
Published 5/2024
MP4 | Video: h264, 1920x1080 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English

| Size: 2.71 GB[/center]
| Duration: 6h 46m
All in One video course for learning Terraform and gaining official Terarform Associate Certification (003)

What you'll learn

Manage infrastructure with an Infrastructure as a Code concept

All in One course for learning Terraform

Preparation to the official Terraform Associate Certification (003)

Implement Terraform in your organization

Terraform Best practices

Use Terraform on Professional Level


Basic understanding of Amazon AWS will be a plus.


Eager to enter the transformative world of DevOps? Terraform, a standout tool, is your ticket in. Whether you're preparing for the esteemed HashiCorp Terraform Associate Certification or keen to understand its fundamentals, we've designed this course just for you.Why pick this course?Detailed Topics: Delve deep into over 100 Terraform concepts. From basics to advanced, we ensure you're set for the Terraform Associate Certification (003).Hands-On Learning: More than just theory. Engage in a substantial Amazon AWS project. Witness Terraform's power and utility in tangible real-world applications.Beginner Friendly: New to Terraform? We welcome learners of all levels. Our structured lessons let you grasp concepts at your own pace.Experience Counts: Benefit from Oleksiy Pototskyy's rich 7-year journey with Terraform. Absorb essential tips, best practices, and invaluable insights from someone who's been in the trenches.Top-Notch Quality: Utilizing Amazon Polly ensures our video modules are crystal clear, enhancing your learning experience.Oleksiy curated this course with a vision: to provide a streamlined, effective learning path for Terraform enthusiasts. It's a treasure trove of knowledge without unnecessary jargon.Dive in, and embark on a rewarding journey to master Terraform. We promise a transformative learning experience, and can't wait to support you every step of the way!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Course introduction

Lecture 2 About your instructor

Lecture 3 Overview of lecture format

Lecture 4 What is Terraform and why it matters

Lecture 5 Terraform vs other Infrastructure as Code tools

Lecture 6 Code repository walkthrough

Section 2: Getting started & setting up your lab

Lecture 7 Overview of this section

Lecture 8 Terraform installation on MS Windows

Lecture 9 Terraform installation on macOS

Lecture 10 Terraform installation on Linux

Lecture 11 Managing multiple versions of Terraform

Lecture 12 AWS CLI

Lecture 13 AWS Setup: Create an AWS account

Lecture 14 AWS Setup: Generate an API credentials

Lecture 15 Configure AWS API credentials

Lecture 16 saml2aws

Lecture 17 Configuring IDE for Terraform development

Lecture 18 Summary

Section 3: First steps with Terraform

Lecture 19 Overview of this section

Lecture 20 Overview of Infrastructure as Code

Lecture 21 Pros and cons of Infrastructure As Code

Lecture 22 Introduction to HCL

Lecture 23 Introduction to JSON syntax of Terraform

Lecture 24 A tour of Terraform project structure

Lecture 25 Deploying your first infrastructure with Terraform

Lecture 26 Summary

Section 4: Understanding the core Terraform workflow

Lecture 27 Overview of this section

Lecture 28 Understanding Terraform Interaction with Service Providers

Lecture 29 Core Terraform workflow

Lecture 30 Terraform authentication and authorization

Lecture 31 Authentication with Static credentials

Lecture 32 Authentication with Environment variables

Lecture 33 Authentication with Shared credentials file

Lecture 34 Authentication with EC2 Role

Lecture 35 Authentication with Assume role

Lecture 36 Authentication with Identity federation

Lecture 37 Authentication with MFA

Lecture 38 Choose a right autehtication method

Lecture 39 Terraform Initialization

Lecture 40 Terraform Planning

Lecture 41 Save Terraform execution plan into file

Lecture 42 Terraform Applying

Lecture 43 Destroying infrastructure

Lecture 44 The importance of Idempotency in Terraform

Lecture 45 Summary

Section 5: Implement and Maintain State Files

Lecture 46 Overview of this section

Lecture 47 Overview of Terraform state management

Lecture 48 Understanding Desired & Current states

Lecture 49 Local vs remote state: Best practices

Lecture 50 Using S3 as a backend for Remote State

Lecture 51 Transitioning from Local to Remote State

Lecture 52 State locking

Lecture 53 Using DynamoDB for State locking

Lecture 54 Dealing with Terraform Drift

Lecture 55 Managing Resources Created Outside of Terraform

Lecture 56 Cross-Project Collaboration

Lecture 57 Summary

Section 6: Terraform Expressions

Lecture 58 Overview of this section

Lecture 59 Literal expressions

Lecture 60 Quoting, Heredocs, and Interpolation

Lecture 61 Syntax and Parameters

Lecture 62 Navigating Paths

Lecture 63 Conditional Expressions

Lecture 64 For expression

Lecture 65 Dynamic blocks

Lecture 66 Summary

Section 7: Terraform Functions

Lecture 67 Overview of this section

Lecture 68 Overview of built-in functions in Terraform

Lecture 69 Numeric built-in functions

Lecture 70 String built-in functions

Lecture 71 Collection built-in functions

Lecture 72 Encoding built-in functions

Lecture 73 Filesystem built-in functions

Lecture 74 Date and Time built-in functions

Lecture 75 Hash and Crypto built-in functions

Lecture 76 IP Network built-in functions

Lecture 77 Type Conversion functions

Lecture 78 Summary

Section 8: Terraform Modules

Lecture 79 Overview of this section

Lecture 80 Introduction to Modules in Terraform

Lecture 81 How to Write Your Own Local Terraform Module

Lecture 82 Input, Output, and Local Variables in Terraform Modules

Lecture 83 Using Modules from the Public Terraform Registry

Lecture 84 Module Versioning and Management

Lecture 85 Module Forking for Custom Solutions

Lecture 86 Writing Your Own Public Terraform Module

Lecture 87 Publishing Your Own Public Terraform Module

Lecture 88 Summary

Section 9: Terraform Provisioners

Lecture 89 Overview of this section

Lecture 90 Understanding Provisioners in Terraform

Lecture 91 local-exec provisioners

Lecture 92 remote-exec provisioners

Lecture 93 Creation-Time & Destroy-Time provisioners

Lecture 94 Failure Behaviour for Provisioners

Lecture 95 Summary

Section 10: Advanced Terraform Topics

Lecture 96 Overview of this section

Lecture 97 depends_on argument

Lecture 98 count argument

Lecture 99 for_each argument

Lecture 100 Tainting a Resource

Lecture 101 Lifecycle hooks

Lecture 102 Dependency Lock File

Lecture 103 Terraform Workspaces

Lecture 104 Terraform Graph

Lecture 105 Terraform Validation

Lecture 106 Introduction to HashiCorp Vault

Lecture 107 Introduction to Unit testing

Lecture 108 Summary

Section 11: Terraform Cloud & Enterprise

Lecture 109 Overview of this section

Lecture 110 Introduction to Terraform Cloud and Enterprise

Lecture 111 Getting Started with Terraform Cloud

Lecture 112 Terraform Cloud Workflow

Lecture 113 Policy as Code with Sentinel

Lecture 114 Working in Air-gapped Environments

Lecture 115 Summary

Section 12: Preparing for the Terraform Associate Certification

Lecture 116 Overview of this section

Lecture 117 About the Terraform Associate Certification

Lecture 118 How to book an exam

Lecture 119 Essential Preparations for the Exam

Lecture 120 Summary

Individuals who are interested in mastering Terraform from scratch.,Individuals who are interested to learn Infrastructure as a Code concept from scratch.,Individuals interested in gaining the HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate certification (003).

Free search engine download: Mastering Terraform from Zero to HashiCorp Certified 2024


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