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Rainbow Realms : Meditation - Spiritual Ascension Journey

Category: Tutorials

Rainbow Realms : Meditation - Spiritual Ascension Journey

Rainbow Realms : Meditation - Spiritual Ascension Journey
Published 5/2024
MP4 | Video: h264, 1920x1080 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English

| Size: 5.27 GB[/center]
| Duration: 3h 23m
A spiritual journey with rainbow energy and manifesting healing, sacred geometry, crystals, flowers and intentions

What you'll learn

Open yourself up to Unity Consciousness, Oneness

Connect deeply with the I AM Divinity

Feel a complete Abundance of Love, Health, Wealth and life

Building your light body with rainbow rays of colour and frequency

Know how to create your altar


No prerequisites for this course, just an openness to connect with meditations and ascended masters


Join Kim on a journey with Rainbow Realms, colours, rays, chakras, sacred geometry and ascension energies. The course is taught with a series of videos about each energy/flame and a guided meditation. There are reflective journal pages for you to download for each of the rainbow realm energies. Are you ready for Ascension? To let go of blockages?To go deeper into the realms of colours to expand your consciousness?Are you ready to ignite your inner passions, desires and dreams? Step into the bridges of light to be the manifestor of your own life, by connecting with the I AM energy, Source, Divine Light Codes through colour and healing rays. Connect with the Seven Rainbow Realm energies and connect to:Magenta Flame*, Amethyst Flame*, Pink Bliss Divine Light*, Aquamarine Dolphin Healing Ray, Blue Ray*, White Flame* Holy Grail Golden Ray*. *These are initiations that have been channelled by Kim Ora Rose, each connects to Ascended Masters and Sacred Geometry, Kim Ora Rose attunes people to these signature energy codes. You will learn about the assorted colour frequencies of light and how they are interconnected with energy chakras. From the enthusiastic Magenta of the sacral chakra, earth star and heart chakras to create dreams and passions, projects and give life to ideas in the sacral and ground into the earth, plus connecting with your heart to embody your dreams fully.You will learn about a range of crystals that connect with each of the rainbow realms. The Amethyst opens up the upper chakras, your third eye and crown chakras to ignite your intuition and open you up to receiving more cosmic codes and light.You will connect with Sacred Geometry and learn how it relates to each of the rainbow energies from the Venus Rose with Pink Bliss to the Metatron's Cube with Blue Ray.You will learn how to set up your altar with elements, directions and personal items,You will understand how to cleanse your sacred space with incense or aura sprays


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Rainbow Realms

Lecture 2 Introduction to the Rainbow Realms Course

Lecture 3 Rainbow Realms Outline and Resources

Lecture 4 About Rainbow Realms - Sacred Journey Meditations

Lecture 5 Reflective Practice - Journal Prompts

Section 2: Chromatic Chakras: The Energetic Symphony of Color and Spirit

Lecture 6 Exploring the Vibrational Frequencies

Lecture 7 Chakras and their Colours

Lecture 8 Sacred Geometry and Colour Harmonics: Unveiling the Mystical Patterns

Section 3: Creating Sacred Spaces: Preparing for Color Therapy and Energetic Alignment

Lecture 9 Altar Creation: Infusing Intention and Symbolism

Lecture 10 Creating your Altar with Directions

Lecture 11 Aura Sprays and Energetic Clearing Techniques

Lecture 12 Flower Essences to support the Rainbow Realm Course

Lecture 13 Crystals and Gemstones for Colour Therapy

Section 4: Seven Sacred Journeys through the Rainbow Realms

Lecture 14 Embracing Divine Feminine Wisdom and Healing with Mary Magdalene's Magenta Flame

Lecture 15 Sacred Journey 1 - Magenta Flame Meditation

Lecture 16 Unlocking Spiritual Insight and Transformation with the Amethyst Flame

Lecture 17 Sacred Journey 2 Amethyst Flame Meditation

Lecture 18 Bathing in the Radiant Pink Bliss: Nurturing the Heart and Soul with Divine Love

Lecture 19 Sacred Journey 3 Pink Bliss Meditation

Lecture 20 Diving into Aquamarine Healing: Awaken Your Inner Harmony and Renewal

Lecture 21 Sacred Journey 4 Aquamarine Meditation

Lecture 22 Cosmic Bathing in the Blue Ray

Lecture 23 Sacred Journey 5 Blue Ray Meditation

Lecture 24 Bathed in the White Flame: Illuminating the Path to Divine Purity & Ascension

Lecture 25 Sacred Journey 6 White Flame Meditation

Lecture 26 Bathed in the Golden Ray of Christ Consciousness: Awakening Divine Wisdom & Love

Lecture 27 Sacred Journey 7 Golden Ray Meditation

Lecture 28 Integration and Self-Care Practices:

Section 5: 30 Day Journal Prompt

Lecture 29 30 Day Prompt Journal for Manifesting Goals

Lecture 30 Extra - Sacred Temple of the White Flame Audio Book

Section 6: White Flame Academy

Lecture 31 Your Certificate

Lecture 32 Who we are

Anyone with an interest in Ascension, Mary Magdalene, Abundance,Anyone with an interest in Meditations,Anyone with an interest in Chakras and Colour Healing

Free search engine download: Rainbow Realms Meditation - Spiritual Ascension Journey


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