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Operating System: Make Your Fundamental Rock Solid+Pdf Notes

Category: Tutorials

Operating System: Make Your Fundamental Rock Solid+Pdf Notes

Operating System: Make Your Fundamental Rock Solid+Pdf Notes
Published 4/2024
MP4 | Video: h264, 1920x1080 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English

| Size: 5.82 GB[/center]
| Duration: 8h 46m
Academically Oriented Operating System Advanced Course : Mastering Core Concepts with 100+ Top Notch Examples

What you'll learn

Academically Oriented & Comprehensive Understanding : This is the most detailed OS course on this Platform.

Conceptual Clarity: You will solve loads of Practice Questions that will make your concepts crystal clear.

Enhanced Problem-Solving Skills: Learn to analyze and solve complex OS-related problems

You will appreciate the depth of the course content, covering a wide range of topics in OS with meticulous attention to detail.


Little bit of C and COA concepts.


This course represents the epitome of comprehensive learning available on this platform, a claim I can confidently stand by. Every effort has been dedicated to delving into the minutiae of the subject matter. Leveraging Numerical and Practice Sessions, I've endeavored to fortify your understanding of OS concepts and foundational principles. The breadth of topics covered is extensive, and even if you possess a rudimentary understanding of OS, you'll undoubtedly appreciate the depth this course explores:Curriculum : 1. Introduction and Background: a. Defining an OS: Elucidated through 5 Definitions Von Neumann Architecture Stored Program Concept Significance of Main Memory OS as Interface OS Kernel OS as Resource Manager OS as Control Program b. Types of OS: Uni-programming and Multiprogramming Degree of Multiprogramming Addressing CPU Idleness Throughput Schematic View of Multiprogramming Types of Multiprogramming OS Comparison between Multiprogramming and Multitasking OS Architectural Requirements for Implementing Multitasking OS Kernel & User Mode c. User and Kernel Mode Shifting: APIs Fork system call Interrupt ISR PSW Types of Functions Perspective on Mode Shifting2. Process Management: a. Understanding Processes: Distinguishing between program and process Key C Concepts 7 Definitions of Process Treating Process as an ADT (Abstract Data Type) Various Process Operations Process Attributes and PCB b. Process Transition Diagram: Different Process States Process State Transition Diagram Introduction to Schedulers and Dispatchers Addressing Common Doubts c .Scheduling Queues and State Queuing Diagrams: Detailed Examination of Schedulers and Dispatchers Context Switching3. CPU Scheduling: a. Introduction and Process Times: Implementation of Short-Term Schedulers Functions and ObjectivesUnderstanding Process Times (AT, BT, TAT, IOBT, CT, Schedule Length) b. FCFS: Selection Criteria Operational Mode Conflict Resolution Assumptions Challenges with FCFS Scheduling Gantt Chart % CPU Idleness and Efficiency c. FCFS with Dispatch Latency and IOBT: Addressing the Most Complex FCFS Problems Regular Discussion of Home- Work Problems d. Shortest Job First ( Preemptive and Non Preemptive Case ) Selection Criteria Operational Mode Conflict Resolution Assumptions Challenges with FCFS Scheduling Gantt Chart % CPU Idleness and Efficiencye. HRRN f. LRTFg. Round Robin and Performance Discussionh. Priority Based Schedulingi. Multilevel Queue Feedback Scheduling


Section 1: Introduction and Background

Lecture 1 What actually is OS, Its functions and goals.

Lecture 2 Multiprogramming OS , Schematic View of Multiprogramming OS & Modes in OS

Lecture 3 Problem Solving Session ( DPP-1)

Lecture 4 Mode Shifting , Interrupt & System Calls

Lecture 5 Problem Solving Session ( DPP - 2 )

Section 2: Process Management

Lecture 6 Program Vs Process || Process as ADT

Lecture 7 PCB ||Process States || Process Transition Diagram

Lecture 8 Process Transition Diagram - Part 2

Lecture 9 State Queuing Diagram || Schedulers and Dispatchers || Context Switching

Section 3: CPU Scheduling

Lecture 10 Introduction and Process Times

Lecture 11 First Come First Serve Algorithm + Practice Questions

Lecture 12 FCFS with Dispatch Latency and IO Burst Time

Lecture 13 FCFS Last Part

Lecture 14 FCFS Home Work Questions Discussion

Lecture 15 Shortest Job First

Lecture 16 Shortest Remaining Time First

Lecture 17 Shortest Remaining Time First - Part 2

Lecture 18 Techniques for Prediction of Burst Times

Lecture 19 Highest Response Ration Next ( HRRN )

Lecture 20 Longest Remaining Time First

Lecture 21 Priority Based Scheduling

Lecture 22 Priority Based Scheduling Part 2

Lecture 23 Round Robin Scheduling

Lecture 24 Performance of Round Robin Scheduling

Lecture 25 Multi Level Queue Scheduling

Section 4: Process Synchronization / Coordination

Lecture 26 IPC and Introduction To Synchronization

Lecture 27 Exploring Race Condition

Lecture 28 Producer and Consumer Problem Implementation

Lecture 29 Which type of Sync in Producer & Consumer Problem ?

Lecture 30 Necessary Conditions for Sync Problems

Lecture 31 Requirements for Sync Problems

Lecture 32 Introduction to Sync Mechanism

Lecture 33 Lock Variable - 1

Lecture 34 Lock Variable - 2

Lecture 35 Lock Variable - 3

Lecture 36 Strict Alternation ( Turn Variable )

Lecture 37 Implementation of Peterson Solution

Lecture 38 Analysis Of Peterson Solution

Lecture 39 HomeWork Question Discussison

Lecture 40 Dekker's Algorithm

Lecture 41 Introduction to Hardware Solutions

Lecture 42 Test & Set Lock

Lecture 43 SWAP - Lock and Key

Lecture 44 Priority Inversion Problem

University Students,GATE Aspirants,Those who want to make their OS Fundamentals Rock Solid

Free search engine download: Operating System Make Your Fundamental Rock SolidPDF Notes


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