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Navigating Today'S Shifting Landscape As A Dei Facilitator

Category: Tutorials

Navigating Today'S Shifting Landscape As A Dei Facilitator

Navigating Today'S Shifting Landscape As A Dei Facilitator
Published 3/2024
MP4 | Video: h264, 1920x1080 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 1.73 GB | Duration: 1h 40m

Overcoming Pushback and Polarization in DEI Initiatives

What you'll learn
Learn strategies to facilitate meaningful DEI workshops during social disruption.
Understand the social, political, economic, and technological forces that fuel DEI dynamics in organizations.
Identify visible and hidden dimensions of identity in yourself and your organization.
Recognize and navigate social group identity and power dynamics in DEI workshops.
Understand the historical and contemporary presence and context of social legacies in DEI.
Learn about the conflicting values and worldviews influencing DEI.
Shed light on the learners' unique characteristics and the personal sensitivities related to their dimensions of identity.
Equip learners with the tools to manage emotional responses and navigate their hot buttons and associated triggers.
Basic DEI Knowledge: Entrants should have a foundational grasp of diversity, equity, and inclusion principles to facilitate deeper exploration of these topics.
DEI Experience: Ideal for those with at least two years in DEI-related roles (facilitation, coaching, program administration) looking to deepen their impact.
Workshop Participation: Previous participation in DEI workshops is beneficial for understanding diverse educational settings and learning dynamics.
Adult Learning Design Skills: Competency in designing engaging and impactful learning experiences for adults is key.
Openness and Reflectivity: A commitment to self-exploration, bias examination, and engagement in reflective practices enhances the learning journey.
Technical Requirements: Reliable internet access and suitable technology (computer or tablet) are essential for full course participation.
Navigating Today's Shifting Landscape as a DEI Facilitator is crafted to empower both new and seasoned DEI facilitators with the tools, knowledge, and strategies required to effectively address and navigate the complexities of diversity, equity, and inclusion within today's organizations and social climate. Through eight detailed sections, learners will engage with a range of topics from foundational DEI principles to advanced facilitation strategies in the face of societal pushback and organizational resistance. This course combines theoretical insights with practical applications, facilitating a deep understanding of the intricate dynamics of DEI in the modern workplace. In addition to expert lectures and roundtable discussions, we've prepared several worksheets and assessments to help you self-assess where you are starting from and to help you tackle the larger issues facilitators face when developing training for organizations of all sizes.As a learner, you'll gain the insights and skills necessary to design and facilitate effective DEI learning experiences, capable of navigating the complexities of diversity, equity, and inclusion from personal to global levels within any organization. This comprehensive approach ensures learners are prepared to create impactful, inclusive, and equitable DEI programs that resonate with diverse organizational stakeholders, fostering a culture of understanding and empathy in today's dynamic societal landscape.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Meet Your Facilitators
Lecture 2 Course Goals and Objectives
Lecture 3 Learner Expectations
Lecture 4 Self-assessment | Learning the ABCs of DEI Workshops
Lecture 5 Self-assessment | Understanding Your DEI Facilitation Landscape
Section 2: Introducing Diversity Training to Your Organization
Lecture 6 Actions to Consider When Introducing DEI to Your Organization
Lecture 7 Self-assessment | Assessing Informal Norms in Your Organization
Lecture 8 Self-assessment | Assessing the Organizational Barriers to Your DEI Training
Lecture 9 Self-assessment | DEI System-level Practices Assessment
Lecture 10 Self-assessment | Navigating Informal Organizational Norms
Section 3: Facilitating DEI in a Rapidly Changing World
Lecture 11 Forces Fueling the Dynamics of DEI in Society and Organizations
Lecture 12 Recognizing Competing Viewpoints
Lecture 13 10 Key Skills for Facilitating DEI in Turbulent Times
Lecture 14 Self-assessment | Essential DEI Competencies
Lecture 15 Self-assessment | Internal Support Evaluation Worksheet
Lecture 16 Self-reflection
Lecture 17 Self-assessment | Facilitating DEI in a Rapidly Changing World
Lecture 18 Self-assessment | Emotional Intelligence in DEI Facilitation
Section 4: Dimensions of Identity in Modern DEI Training
Lecture 19 Navigating the Multiplicity of Identity Dimensions
Lecture 20 Self-assessment | Your Exposure to Identity Dimensions
Lecture 21 Unpacking Intersectionality in DEI Facilitation
Lecture 22 Who Are You? The Significance of Self-Knowledge
Lecture 23 Examining Your Hot Buttons and Triggered Responses
Lecture 24 Self-assessment | Your Hot Buttons and Triggers
Section 5: Understanding Social Legacies and How They Impact Facilitation
Lecture 25 Social Legacies: Privilege and Oppression
Lecture 26 Social Legacies: Segregation and Assimilation
Lecture 27 Social Legacies: Civil Rights and Multiculturalism
Lecture 28 Social Legacies: Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, Belonging, and Globalism
Lecture 29 Strategies to Communicate Across Social Legacies
Section 6: Navigating Social Group Identity
Lecture 30 Understanding Social Group Identity
Lecture 31 Self-assessment | Understanding Contemporary Social Legacies
Lecture 32 Social Group Identity: Addressing Organizational Challenges
Lecture 33 Strategies to Navigate Complex Social Tensions
Lecture 34 Self-assessment | Organizational DEI Strategy
Section 7: Power Dynamics and DEI Facilitation
Lecture 35 Power Dynamics in the Context of DEI
Lecture 36 Translating Power into an Organizational Context
Lecture 37 Broader Organizational Power Dynamics
Lecture 38 Power Dynamics in Organizations With Union Representation
Section 8: Conclusion
Lecture 39 Summary
This course is tailored for individuals stepping into DEI roles for the first time, as well as seasoned practitioners seeking to enhance their skills amidst today's polarized and challenging environment. Ideal participants include HR professionals, team leaders, organizational development specialists, DEI practitioners, coaches and anyone interested in deepening their understanding of DEI design and facilitation. Participants will range from those seeking foundational knowledge in DEI principles to those aiming to implement innovative strategies to overcome current DEI challenges.





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