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Mbse & Sysml Mastery: Systems Engineering With Sysml & Uml!

Category: Tutorials

Mbse & Sysml Mastery: Systems Engineering With  Sysml & Uml!

Published 3/2024
MP4 | Video: h264, 1920x1080 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 396.84 MB | Duration: 1h 42m

Product development and systems engineering (UML, SysML) MASTERCLASS: Learn SysML, UML to dominate systems engineering!

What you'll learn
Understand the Principles of MBSE.
Evaluate and Solve System Design Challenges.
Recognize and Apply Various Model Types and Diagrams.
Apply MBSE in Practical Scenarios.
Model Physical Components using Composite Structure Diagrams.
Perform Model Validation and Verification Techniques.
Plan and Manage System Development using MBSE Methodologies.
And SO Much More!
No experience needed.
Would you like to master the essentials of systems engineering within just a couple hours?Welcome to the Comprehensive Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) Course!As MBSE reshapes the landscape of industries from aerospace to defense and beyond, understanding and applying these principles has never been more critical. With this course, you'll acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in this evolving field, and a market that is expected to reach $44.9 billion by 2024.This comprehensive MBSE course will explore a variety of key topics, including:The importance and application of MBSE in modern engineeringIn-depth tutorials on modeling languages like UML and SysMLTechniques for creating, analyzing, and optimizing system modelsPractical use cases and user stories for real-world applicationClass and sequence diagrams for detailed system visualizationAnd much more!This course offers extensive content, including high-quality slides and resources, making it the most efficient MBSE course available. Designed for both beginners and those with some engineering background, the course will guide you from fundamental concepts to advanced applications. Here's why this course is perfect for you:The course is led by an experienced systems engineer with a proven track record in both commercial and government projects with years of teaching at the university level.Developed with the latest trends and technologies in mind, this course covers critical aspects of MBSE, including UML for software design, SysML for systems engineering, and a deep dive into requirement, behavioral, and structural models used in MBSE practice.Our course includes detailed presentations, assignments, downloadable resources, articles, and more, all tailored to ensure a complete understanding of MBSE.Thousands of students have embarked on new careers or elevated their existing roles through our courses, with many moving on to significant positions within the engineering sector or launching successful tech ventures.Constant updates keep the course fresh, incorporating new advancements in MBSE and adjustments based on what you, the student, want to learn.By the end of the course, you'll be well-equipped to apply MBSE methodologies in your projects, driving innovation and efficiency in any engineering endeavor.Sign up today and gain access to:Professional Video LecturesHours of Instruction from an Expert in Systems EngineeringMBSE Assignments and ProjectsQuizzes & Practice OpportunitiesDownloadable Resources and CheatsheetsExclusive Articles on MBSE TechniquesOver $1000 worth of course materials and curriculumJoin us at Evergreen Systems Engineering and start your journey into the world of Model-Based Systems Engineering. Click the buy now button and become part of this comprehensive MBSE course.See you inside.
Section 1: Welcome to MBSE!
Lecture 1 Course Structure
Section 2: System Engineering Essentials
Lecture 2 Decoding the Basics of System Engineering
Lecture 3 Explore the Critical Role of System Engineering
Lecture 4 Navigate the Challenges of System Engineering
Lecture 5 System Engineering
Section 3: MBSE and Modelling Languages
Lecture 6 Explore the Fundamentals of Model-Based System Engineering
Lecture 7 UML Basics: What You Need to Know
Lecture 8 Intro to SysML: Basics of System Modeling
Lecture 9 MBSE and Modelling Languages
Section 4: UML Deep dive: Unlocking the Language of Software Design
Lecture 10 Exploring the Various UML Diagrams
Lecture 11 Distinguishing Between Objects and Classes in UML
Lecture 12 Defining Values and Attributes in UML
Lecture 13 Introducing Actors: Defining Roles in UML Use Cases
Lecture 14 Understanding Use Cases: Capturing System Functionalities in UML
Lecture 15 Crafting Use Case Diagrams: Visualizing System Interactions
Lecture 16 Decoding Relationships in Use Case Diagrams: 'Include', 'Extend' and Beyond
Section 5: Types of System Models: Exploring Varieties and Purposes
Lecture 17 Exploring Model Types: Requirements, Behavioral, and Structural Models
Lecture 18 Understanding Requirements Models: Mapping Needs and Constraints
Lecture 19 Decoding Behavioral Models: Understanding System Dynamics
Lecture 20 Unpacking Structural Models: The Anatomy of Systems
Lecture 21 Models Types
Section 6: Practical Applications of MBSE: Exploring Use Case Scenarios
Lecture 22 Real-World Applications of MBSE Theoretical Concepts
Section 7: Demos & Case Studies for MBSE Concepts
Lecture 23 Translating Needs into Action: User Stories
Lecture 24 Class Diagrams Decoded: A Guided Demonstration
Lecture 25 Sequence Diagrams: Step-by-Step Demonstration
Section 8: Putting All Into Practice: Assignment
Section 9: Wrapping Up!
Lecture 26 Thanks!
This course is suitable for engineers from diverse backgrounds, including IT, mechanical, software, and more.





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