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Guide To Green Taxonomies And Eu Taxonomy Reporting Tutorial

Category: Tutorials

Guide To Green Taxonomies And Eu Taxonomy Reporting Tutorial

Guide To Green Taxonomies And Eu Taxonomy Reporting  Tutorial

Published 3/2024
MP4 | Video: h264, 1920x1080 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 4.88 GB | Duration: 2h 45m

Green Taxonomies, Sustainable Finance, EU Regulations (EU Taxonomy, SFDR, NFRD, CSRD), Taxonomy KPIs Reporting Templates

What you'll learn
Learn about the purpose of green taxonomies and the latest global developments
Understand how the EU taxonomy fits within EU sustainability regulations
Discover the challenges and benefits of compliance with EU Taxonomy Regulation
Discover the impact of EU Taxonomy on non-EU companies
Learn how to calculate EU taxonomy KPIs and fill in reporting templates for non-financial corporations and financial institutions
There are no special requirements for this course, anyone can learn about green taxonomies, but this course is aimed mostly at people who need to understand how to calculate EU taxonomy KPIs and fill in templates, so some financial or analytical background should be helpful
The EU Taxonomy is one of the most important ESG regulations introduced in 2020 by European commission. It is a cornerstone of the EU's sustainable finance framework and an important market transparency tool, helping direct investments to the economic activities most needed for the transition, in line with the EU European Green Deal objectives.EU Taxonomy is a European classification system of environmentally sustainable economic activities. It determines science-based criteria that have to be met by businesses in order to call their operations green. The regulation also requires corporations and financial institutions to disclose a portion of their revenue, expenses, investments and assets that are aligned with the EU Taxonomy.In this course, we will talk about the history and purpose of green taxonomies, the global developments with the main focus on the EU taxonomy. We will briefly talk about key EU sustainability regulations which are interlinked with the taxonomy regulation, including NFRD, SFDR and CSRD, and discuss why sustainable taxonomy is important for the green transition and how it is designed and used. We will look at taxonomy-related terminology, including eligible, aligned, transitional and enabling economic activities, go through the core reporting requirements of the non-financial corporations, including Turnover, CapEx and OpeEx KPIs. We will examine the main disclosures of credit institutions, and calculate Green Asset Ratios (GAR) using Turnover and CapEx approaches. You will learn about key performance indicators that investment firms, asset managers and insurance companies have to calculate and report under the EU Taxonomy. We will also talk about the benefits of the EU Taxonomy regulation compliance and challenges of reporting implementation.The course has been designed on the request of the students who wanted to see more technical details with regards to preparation of reports. So for this course we have a fantastic guest speaker and the technical expert in ESG reporting - Anastasia Kuznetsova, who will take us through the technical side of calculating EU Taxonomy KPIs and filling in reporting templates for non-financial corporations, credit institutions, asset managers, investment firms, and insurance and reinsurance companies.The course will benefit a wide variety of professionals including ESG and finance professionals involved in reporting, leaders aiming to integrate green taxonomies into business strategy, reporting and analytics, policymakers and regulators developing green taxonomies, management consultants as well as anyone interested in ESG regulations and sustainable finance.Thank you for choosing our course Guide to Green Taxonomies and EU Taxonomy Reporting Tutorial.Kind regards,Julia MariasovaPlease check out all my other courses which you can find on my profile page. Just search "Julia Mariasova" or go to the bottom of this page and click my name under "INSTRUCTOR" title. My other courses cover the following important topics:Other courses cover:the history and politics of climate change negotiations, including key climate agreements and the latest developments such as Inflation Reduction Act in the US and Green Deal Industrial Plan in Europe,decarbonisation and energy transition, key technologies (renewables, nuclear power, hydrogen, carbon capture and utilisation, long duration storage, etc),transport and heavy industry decarbonisation,business case for corporate sustainability (return on investment),climate and ESG reporting (including introduction to key climate reporting regulations and guidelines, including TCFD, GRI, SBTi and ISSB)net zero strategies and GHG reduction,circular economy,blockchain applications in climate change, data science, AI and ML for non-technical professionals, and much more
Section 1: Course introduction
Lecture 1 Welcome to the course and our guest speaker
Lecture 2 A bit of housekeeing
Lecture 3 What to expect and the course objectives
Section 2: Green Taxonomies and their Role in Sustainable Finance and Clean Transition
Lecture 4 Green Taxonomies Definition, History and Purpose
Lecture 5 Green Taxonomy Typical Structure and Limitations
Lecture 6 The Global Landscape of Green Taxonomies and Potential for Alignment
Section 3: European Union (EU) Sustainable Finance and Role of EU Taxonomy
Lecture 7 EU Sustainable Finance Approach and Role of EU Taxonomy
Lecture 8 Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR)
Lecture 9 NFRD & Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)
Lecture 10 EU Taxonomy - Entities in Scope
Lecture 11 Interrelationship between EU Taxonomy, SFDR and CSRD
Lecture 12 EU Taxonomy Basics: Eligibility, Alignment and Minimum Social Safeguards (MSS)
Section 4: EU Taxonomy Disclosures and KPIs for Non-Financial Corporations
Lecture 13 Challenges of EU Taxonomy Implementation for Corporates and Key Financial Terms
Lecture 14 EU Taxonomy Disclosure Requirements for Non-Financial Corporations
Lecture 15 Non-Financial Corporations - Turnover KPI
Lecture 16 Non-Financial Corporations - OpEx and CapEx KPIs
Lecture 17 Benefits of EU Taxonomy for Corporates, including Non-EU and non-NFRD companies
Section 5: EU Taxonomy Disclosures and KPIs for Financial Institutions
Lecture 18 Challenges in EU Taxonomy Implementation for Financial Institutions
Lecture 19 Credit Institutions - Turnover and CapEx based KPIs for Banking Book
Lecture 20 Credit Institutions - Practical Example of Green Asset Ratio (GAR) Calculation
Lecture 21 Asset Managers - Turnover and CapEx KPIs
Lecture 22 Asset Managers - Practical Example of EU Taxonomy KPIs calculation
Lecture 23 Investment Firms EU Taxonomy Disclosures
Lecture 24 Insurance and Reinsurance Companies EU Taxonomy Disclosures
Lecture 25 Benefits of EU Taxonomy Reporting for Financial Institutions and Conclusion
Section 6: Course wrap-up, handouts and additional resources
Lecture 26 Course slides, practice exercises file and additional resources with links
Lecture 27 Before you go. And thank you!
Financial and ESG Professionals involved in preparation of the EU Taxonomy reports,Financial analysts and other financial services professionals who work with green taxonomies for their financial analysis and investment strategy,Corporate Executives, including leaders and sustainability officers aiming to integrate green taxonomies into business strategy and reporting,Management consultants and software providers who guide companies on compliance and sustainability strategies,Policy Makers and Regulators who are developing taxonomies for their countries or regions or working on the alignment of taxonomies,Individuals seeking employment in sustainability/ESG reporting,Anyone interested in sustainable and green finance, sustainable development, ESG regulations, and EU developments in green transition





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