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Purposeful Goal Setting

Category: Tutorials

Purposeful Goal Setting
Free Download Purposeful Goal Setting
Published 3/2024
MP4 | Video: h264, 1920x1080 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 2.17 GB | Duration: 2h 7m
Design Goals That Align With Your Values and Purpose Making Them 10x Easier To Achieve

What you'll learn
Connect with your true values using the subconscious mind using hypnotherapy and other powerful tools so you gain clarity and confidence on your next steps.
Learn about vision boards and create your own to visually represent your true desires. Unlock your intuition and release any blocks holding you back.
Discover/reconnect with your purpose, using the comprehensive workbook. Create your own purpose statement in alignment with your values and true desires.
Create your aligned goals. Includes techniques and strategies for maintaining focus and consistency in working toward goals to accelate your results.
No previous goal setting knowledge required. A full, comprehensive A-Z interactive guide included.
This goals mastery program is designed to help participants gain clarity, set clear goals, align with their values, and improve their mindset. It emphasises the importance of aligning one's goals with their desires and purpose.The program also incorporates the concept of the Law of Attraction - thoughts play a significant role in achieving desired outcomes in life. It encourages participants to delve deeper into what they truly want and connect with their subconscious.The program consists of four modules and offers flexibility in terms of pacing, allowing participants to move through it at their own speed. It emphasizes the importance and supports the journey of self-discovery, journaling, and internal work to overcome limiting beliefs and blocks.Clarity and Alignment: The program aims to help participants gain clarity about their goals and align them with their values. This involves exercises and guidance to identify personal values and ensure that the set goals are in harmony with these values.Goal Setting: The training includes techniques and strategies for setting specific, achievable goals. It may provide participants with tools to write down and track their goals effectively.Mindset Improvement: The program emphasises the importance of mindset in achieving goals. Training in this area involves techniques for developing a positive and growth-oriented mindset, as well as addressing limiting beliefs and thought patterns.Law of Attraction: The training mentions the Law of Attraction and its connection to quantum physics. Training in this aspect involves understanding how thoughts and beliefs influence outcomes and practical exercises to harness this concept for personal growth.Vision Board Creation: Participants are guided to create vision boards, involving instructions on how to create vision boards that visually represent their goals and desires, which can serve as powerful visual reminders.Self-Reflection and Journaling: The program encourages participants to engage in self-reflection and journaling. Training in this area likely includes guidance on effective journaling techniques to explore desires, purpose, and blocks.Childlike Imagination: The program supports tapping into a childlike state of imagination to discover deeper desires and purposes. This aspect of training might involve creative exercises to think beyond practical limitations and uncover genuine aspirations.Flexible Pacing: The program allows participants to move through it at their own pace, indicating a self-guided approach. It provides resources and lessons that participants can access and revisit as needed.Goal Tracking and Daily Connection: The training emphasises the importance of writing down and connecting with goals daily. Training includes techniques for maintaining focus and consistency in working toward goals.Overall, the training in the "Goal Mastery Blueprint" program is a comprehensive personal development program that combines goal setting, mindset improvement, alignment with values, and creative exercises to help participants achieve their goals and lead a more fulfilling life.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Welcome to Goals Mastery Blueprint
Lecture 2 Journaling
Lecture 3 Hpynotherapy & Visualisation Session
Section 2: Creating your Values
Lecture 4 Creating your Values
Section 3: Connecting With Your Purpose
Lecture 5 Connecting With Your Purpose
Section 4: How to Create Your Vision Board
Lecture 6 How to Create Your Vision Board
Section 5: Setting Goals
Lecture 7 Goal Setting Part 1
Lecture 8 Goal Setting Part 2
Anyone who is interested in personal development and are looking to reach the next level of progress and see results.,People who want to get clarity in life,People who want to design a vision board and set goals,People ready to set big goals and reach them in life and business



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