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Animate with Dermot – 30 Full Animation Courses

Category: Tutorials

Animate with Dermot – 30 Full Animation Courses
Free Download Animate with Dermot – 30 Full Animation Courses
Dermot O'Connor | Duration: 109:23 h | Video: H264 1280x720 | Audio: AAC 48 kHz 2ch | 20,5 GB | Language: English
Dermot O'Connor, an animator, designer, cartoonist, and indie filmmaker, has been working in animation since being hired by Don Bluth in 1988. He has experience in feature films, television, interactive media, and mobile/web animation.
His reel primarily features footage from his courses on Lynda/LinkedIn. Most of the scenes were animated traditionally, either by hand or using software like Harmony, Photoshop, or Animate CC. O'Connor recently began using Krita for 2D animation due to its superior capabilities compared to Adobe products. Many scenes also utilize symbol/puppet systems, with O'Connor striving to make the puppetry seamless. He employed After Effects for adding blurs and depths, as well as adjusting color saturation and levels.
O'Connor recently created all the character animation for the popular Disney mobile game "Where's My Water?" The animation presented technical challenges due to extreme frame limitations and memory constraints, but the project ultimately proved enjoyable. Another recent work of note is the music video "As Lights Fall" for Alan Parsons (of The Alan Parsons Project), where O'Connor hand-animated the ink drawings coming to life in Adobe Photoshop to maintain a practical feel.

O'Connor further highlights his expertise by mentioning his courses for Lynda.com, now known as LinkedIn Learning. These courses primarily focus on animation and design, utilizing software like Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Flash, Adobe Animate CC, Adobe After Effects, and Toonboom Harmony.
Dermot O'Connor - 2D Animation Animal Walk Cycles
Dermot O'Connor - 2D Animation Animate Flying Creatures
Dermot O'Connor - 2D Animation Animate Monsters & Aliens
Dermot O'Connor - 2D Animation Character and Attitude Walk Cycles
Dermot O'Connor - 2D Animation Principles
Dermot O'Connor - 2D Animation Walk Cycles Basics
Dermot O'Connor - 21 Foundations of Animation
Dermot O'Connor - After Effects Compositing Animation from Animate CC
Dermot O'Connor - Animate CC Animating Scenes
Dermot O'Connor - Animate CC Storyboarding
Dermot O'Connor - Animating in 2D Breakdowns and Thumbnails
Dermot O'Connor - Animating in 2D Hair and Clothing
Dermot O'Connor - Animating in 2D Loosening Up
Dermot O'Connor - Animating in Historical Styles
Dermot O'Connor - Animating in Photoshop
Dermot O'Connor - Animation Foundations Storyboarding
Dermot O'Connor - Animation Tips and Tricks with Flash Professional
Dermot O'Connor - Applying the Foundations of Animation
Dermot O'Connor - Creative Animation in Photoshop
Dermot O'Connor - Draw Characters in Photoshop
Dermot O'Connor - Essential Technical Aspects of Animation
Dermot O'Connor - Flash Professional CS5 Character Animation
Dermot O'Connor - Foundations of Drawing Cartoon Characters for Animation
Dermot O'Connor - Hand-Drawn Animation in Flash
Dermot O'Connor - Learn Adobe Animate CC Animation
Dermot O'Connor - Learning 2D Animation Tips and Tricks (Updated 29.06.2021)
Dermot O'Connor - Migrating from Flash to Toon Boom Harmony
Dermot O'Connor - Rigging a Face in Flash Professional
Dermot O'Connor - Toon Boom Harmony Essential Training
Dermot O'Connor - Traditional 2D Animation in Harmony


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