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People Pleasing in Business

Category: Tutorials

People Pleasing in Business
Free Download People Pleasing in Business
Published 12/2023
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 Ch
Language: English | Duration: 1h 43m | Size: 1.9 GB
Strategies for Leading with Assertive Communication and Decision-Making (Leadership)

What you'll learn
Business Professionals: Individuals in various stages of their careers who find themselves frequently prioritizing others' needs in the workplace.
Emerging Leaders: Those stepping into managerial or supervisory roles, seeking to balance team approval with effective leadership.
Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners: Business owners who face the challenge of making tough decisions while maintaining client and employee relationships.
Corporate Employees: Individuals in corporate settings who aim to navigate office politics without falling into the trap of people pleasing.
Freelancers and Consultants: Professionals who need to manage client expectations assertively without compromising on their own business goals.
There are no prerequisites. However, if you have ever found yourself feeling nervous, anxious or even ill when dealing with clients and customers, this is a course to help you lead in a way that does not include compromising your values or boundaries.
Transform your professional interactions with 'People Pleasing in Business: Strategies for Leading Assertive Communication and Decision-Making.'
This course is specifically designed for business professionals and entrepreneurs who want to overcome the tendency of people pleasing and develop a more balanced, assertive approach in their workplace. Whether you're climbing the corporate ladder, leading a team, or running your own business, this course offers valuable insights into managing people pleasing tendencies effectively.
What You Will Learn
Identifying People Pleasing Behaviors: Gain a deep understanding of what constitutes people pleasing in a business context and how it affects your professional growth.
Assertiveness in Business Communication: Master the art of assertive communication, enabling you to express your views and make decisions confidently without succumbing to people pleasing.
Balancing Good Business and Boundaries: Learn strategies to maintain positive relationships in business while asserting your own needs and boundaries.
Decision-Making Without People Pleasing: Develop skills to make sound business decisions that align with your goals, not just to please others.
Real-World Business Scenarios: Engage with practical examples and case studies that illustrate the impact of people pleasing in various business settings and how to overcome it.
This course is ideal for business leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs who want to enhance their interpersonal skills, make more autonomous decisions, and foster a healthier, more productive workplace environment free from the constraints of people pleasing.
Who this course is for
Business Professionals Seeking Personal Growth: Ideal for individuals at any stage of their career who recognize the impact of people-pleasing behaviors on their professional progress and are eager to develop more assertive communication skills.
Emerging Leaders and Managers: Tailored for those stepping into leadership roles who need to balance the fine line between being approachable and making assertive, independent decisions.
Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners: Perfect for business owners who face the challenge of maintaining positive client relationships while making tough decisions that are best for their business, not just pleasing to others.
Anyone in the Business World Confronting People-Pleasing Habits: This course is a valuable resource for any individual in the business sector looking to strike a balance between being accommodating and maintaining their own professional integrity and goals.


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