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Solidity Essentials – Master Smart Contract Development

Category: Tutorials

Solidity Essentials – Master Smart Contract Development
Free Download Solidity Essentials – Master Smart Contract Development
Published 11/2023
MP4 | Video: h264, 1920x1080 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 1.78 GB | Duration: 4h 42m
Solidity Essentials Course 1: Building Smart Contracts from Scratch. Master Solidity with Hands-On Projects.

What you'll learn
Solidity Programming Language: Get to grips with Solidity syntax and its programming concepts.
Writing and Deploying Your First Smart Contract: Learn step-by-step how to write, deploy, and interact with your first smart contract.
Create and deploy a Basic Calculator Contract: to understand functions, variables, and basic operations in Solidity.
Develop and deploy a Basic Bank Contract: Dive into a practical project that handles Ethereum transactions, teaching you about Eth management in smart contracts
Build and Deploy an ERC20 Token: Learn about ERC20 tokens and create your own token on Ethereum.
Programming Experience: Basic knowledge of programming in any Object Oriented Programming Language
Basic knowledge of Cryptocurrency and Ethereum or and EVM compatible Blockchain
Basic Understanding of Blockchain: Familiarity with blockchain concepts and how Ethereum works.
Eagerness to Learn: A willingness to dive into the world of smart contracts and blockchain development.
Welcome to "Solidity Essentials Course 1: Building Smart Contracts from Scratch," the ideal starting point for anyone aspiring to enter the world of blockchain and Ethereum-based development. This course is meticulously designed for beginners and existing programmers who want to make a foray into the exciting realm of smart contracts using Solidity. Begin your journey with a solid grounding in blockchain technology fundamentals, understanding Ethereum's ecosystem and the pivotal role of smart contracts. We then transition into the core of Solidity, where you'll learn its syntax and essential features through engaging, hands-on projects. You'll start by writing your first smart contract, an empowering milestone on your path to becoming a blockchain developer. Following this, delve into creating practical applications such as a Basic Calculator and a Basic Bank contract, which will not only solidify your understanding of Solidity but also demonstrate how smart contracts interact with Ethereum's blockchain. The course culminates in a significant project where you will create your own ERC20 token, laying the groundwork for future exploration into decentralized finance (DeFi) and beyond. With each module, you'll gain valuable skills and confidence, equipping you to navigate and contribute to the blockchain landscape effectively. Join us in this comprehensive course to kickstart your journey as a proficient Solidity developer.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 General Introduction
Lecture 2 Course 1 Introduction
Lecture 3 Breif Introduction to Blockchain Smart Contract And Solidity
Section 2: Course Resourses
Lecture 4 Course 1 Links
Section 3: Development Environment
Lecture 5 Setting up metamask
Lecture 6 Setting up metamask Part 2
Lecture 7 Setting up the development environment
Lecture 8 Setting up the development environment (Correction)
Lecture 9 Course 1 Links
Section 4: First Smart Contract
Lecture 10 First smart contract part 1 (Compiler version)
Lecture 11 First smart contract part 2 (Coding)
Lecture 12 First smart contract part 3 (Deploying)
Lecture 13 First smart contract part 4 (Deploying, Visibility and Mutability)
Section 5: Basic Calculator App
Lecture 14 Calculator App part 1 (Coding)
Lecture 15 Calculator App part 2 (Refactoring - require, assert)
Lecture 16 Calculator App part 3 (Deploying - Remix VM)
Lecture 17 Calculator App part 4 (Deploying - Blockchain Testnet)
Section 6: Basic Bank App
Lecture 18 Bank App part 1 (Coding - Deposit)
Lecture 19 Bank App part 2 (Coding - Withdraw and Balance)
Lecture 20 Bank App part 3 (Coding - Owner and Increase Balance)
Lecture 21 Bank App part 4 (Coding - Modifier onlyOwner)
Lecture 22 Bank App part 5 (Coding - Event)
Lecture 23 Bank App part 6 (Deploying - Remix VM)
Lecture 24 Bank App part 7 (Deploying - Blockchain Testnet)
Lecture 25 Bank App part 8 (Deploying - Verify and Publish)
Section 7: ERC20 Token Creation
Lecture 26 ERC20 token part 1 (Source code and Interface)
Lecture 27 ERC20 token part 2 (Context, SafeMath and Ownable)
Lecture 28 ERC20 token part 3 (Token Part 1)
Lecture 29 ERC20 token part 4 (Token Part 2)
Lecture 30 ERC20 token part 5 (Deploying, Verify and Publish, Add to Metamask)
Beginners in Blockchain Technology: Individuals new to blockchain looking for a practical way to start.,Aspiring Blockchain Developers: Programmers and developers who want to dive into smart contract development with Solidity.,Tech Enthusiasts: Anyone interested in understanding how Ethereum and smart contracts function.,Career Changers: Professionals seeking to shift their career towards blockchain and decentralized applications.



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