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Chatgpt & Ai: Elevating Cyber Threat Detection Mastery

Category: Tutorials

Chatgpt & Ai: Elevating Cyber Threat Detection  Mastery

Chatgpt & Ai: Elevating Cyber Threat Detection Mastery
Published 10/2023
MP4 | Video: h264, 1920x1080 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 1.35 GB | Duration: 4h 56m

Harnessing the Power of AI & ChatGPT for Advanced Cybersecurity Threat Detection

What you'll learn
AI transforming cyber security landscape
Machine Learning for Cyber Threat Detection
NLP for Threat Detection
ChatGPT for Cyber Threat Intelligence Analysis
AI for Cyber threat detection
PC Malware Detection with AI
Zero-Day Vulnerability Detection with AI
Anomaly Detection with AI
Basic knowledge of Python will be good
Basic knowledge of AI and ML will be good
But everything will be taught from the round up
Dive deep into the groundbreaking synergy of artificial intelligence and modern cybersecurity with "ChatGPT & AI: Elevating Cyber Threat Detection Mastery." This comprehensive course takes you on a journey from the foundational concepts of cybersecurity to the innovative applications of machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), and the prowess of ChatGPT in threat intelligence analysis. Discover how AI is reshaping the cybersecurity landscape, offering tools and techniques that can detect and counter sophisticated cyber threats with unparalleled efficiency.Chapter highlights include:An exploration of the transformative role of AI in cybersecurity and its benefits.A primer on essential cybersecurity concepts, attack vectors, and their ramifications.A deep dive into machine learning, its intricate facets, and its applications in deciphering cyber threats.An extensive overview of NLP and its significance in detecting cybersecurity threats.Leveraging ChatGPT's capabilities for advanced cyber threat intelligence analysis.Insights into the world of malware, its lifecycle, and AI-powered detection mechanisms for personal computers.A comprehensive look at zero-day vulnerabilities, their life cycle, and the use of AI in decoding and defending against these imminent threats.Throughout the course, hands-on labs will provide practical experience, allowing you to implement AI-driven solutions for real-world cybersecurity challenges. Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats. Join us and master the art of AI-driven cyber threat detection.You'll also get:Lifetime Access to The CourseQuick and Friendly Support in the Q&A sectionUdemy Certificate of Completion Enroll now and become a cybersecurity expert with the power of AI on your side!See you in the "ChatGPT & AI: Elevating Cyber Threat Detection Mastery" course!With this course you'll surely get 24/7 support. Please feel free to post your questions in the Q&A section and we'll definitely respond to you within 14 hours.
Section 1: Introduction: ChatGPT & AI: Elevating Cyber Threat Detection Mastery
Lecture 1 ChatGPT & AI: Elevating Cyber Threat Detection Mastery
Section 2: From Machines to Minds: Synergy of AI & Modern Cybersecurity
Lecture 2 Overview of Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity
Lecture 3 Importance of mastering AI for security threat detection
Lecture 4 How is AI transforming the Cybersecurity landscape
Lecture 5 Real-world examples of AI-based cybersecurity solutions
Lecture 6 Is AI Essential in Cybersecurity? Can It Surpass Human Expertise?
Lecture 7 Balanced Strategy for AI and Human Experts for Effective Cybersecurity
Lecture 8 Benefits of AI in Cyber Security Threat Detection
Section 3: Foundations of Cyber Defense: Threats, Vectors, and Consequences
Lecture 9 Overview of cybersecurity concepts
Lecture 10 Cyber threats and attack vectors
Lecture 11 various cyber attacks and their impact
Section 4: Deciphering Cyber Threats: The Confluence of ML, NLP
Lecture 12 Introduction to Machine learning and its applications in cybersecurity
Lecture 13 Philosophical Underpinnings of Machine Learning: Conceptual Exploration
Lecture 14 Demystifying Machine Learning Process: Understanding the Inner workings of ML
Lecture 15 Machine learning algorithms Types
Lecture 16 Intricacies of Machine Learning : Deep Dive into Key Aspects and Explainability
Lecture 17 Building Machine learning models for Threat Detection
Lecture 18 Techniques for Analyzing and Processing Text Data
Lecture 19 Deeper Understanding of NLP from a Cybersecurity Threat Detection Perspective
Section 5: Harnessing ChatGPT: Advancements in Cyber Threat Intelligence
Lecture 20 Enhancing Cybersecurity Threat Detection with ChatGPT
Lecture 21 Threat Intelligence Analysis Overview
Lecture 22 Threat Intelligence Analysis Lifecycle and Defense
Lecture 23 Threat Intelligence Analysis with ChatGPT
Lecture 24 Lab: Threat Intelligence Analysis using ChatGPT
Section 6: Modern Malware Warfare: AI-Powered Detection for PC
Lecture 25 The Malware Menace: Traditional Threats Meet AI Innovations
Lecture 26 The Lifecycle of Malware: From Infiltration to Detection
Lecture 27 Advanced AI-driven Malware Detection: Internals
Lecture 28 Implementation of PC Malware Detection using AI
Lecture 29 Lab: PC Malware Detection using AI
Section 7: AI's Shield: Decoding & Defending Against Zero-Day Vulnerabilities
Lecture 30 Zero-Day Vulnerability Concept
Lecture 31 Zero-Day Vulnerability Lifecycle
Lecture 32 Zero-Day Protection Measures
Lecture 33 Harnessing AI for Zero-Day Vulnerability Detection
Lecture 34 Adaptive Zero-Day Attack Detection using AI : Proactive Threat Identification
Lecture 35 Implementation of Zero-Day Vulnerability Detection using AI
Lecture 36 Lab: Zero-Day Vulnerability Detector using AI & One Hot Encoding
Anyone who want to enhance skills in cyber security threat detection using ML and AI,Any people who want to create added value to their cyber security business by using powerful Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning tools.,AI experts who want to expand on the field of cyber security applications.,Anyone passionate about developing Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP and Artificial Intelligence based cyber security applications,Any one who want to start or pursue career in AI based Cyber Security.,Any one who are not comfortable with coding but interested in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence and apply it in cyber security field.,Any one who are not satisfied with their job, but want to become AI Cyber Security Expert


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