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Turo: The Car Sharing Masterclass Vol 3

Category: Tutorials

Turo: The Car Sharing Masterclass  Vol 3

Turo: The Car Sharing Masterclass Vol 3
Published 9/2023
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 1.66 GB | Duration: 1h 34m

Mastering Insurance, Legal Entities, Finance, and Vehicle Tracking for Turo Success

What you'll learn
remote key exchanges, guest verification, and location choice for Turo
Learners will understand financial aspects, automate communication, and conclude rentals professionally.
Key skills include efficient communication, inspection, and handling charges fairly.
By the end, students will confidently host Turo rentals with convenience and professionalism.
Topics encompass guest licensing, lock box methods, reimbursement procedures, and more.
You must have an Vehicle, Driver's License, Turo Account, Basic Tech Skills and Insurance Awareness
Volume 3 of the Turo Masterclass is a comprehensive and essential component of the course, offering in-depth knowledge and practical insights into critical aspects of running a successful Turo hosting business. In this volume, students will embark on a journey to master various facets that are integral to their hosting venture, ensuring they are well-prepared and equipped for excellence in the Turo marketplace.The volume covers four core chapters, each addressing specific areas of expertise:Chapter 21: Insurance This chapter opens with an introduction highlighting the pivotal role insurance plays in the Turo hosting landscape. Students will dive deep into understanding how their personal insurance policy interplays with Turo hosting and explore the spectrum of Turo's insurance and protection plans. The chapter provides detailed explanations of these plans, ranging from the 60% plan to the 90% plan. It concludes by guiding students on how to select the right insurance plan for their unique hosting needs. Moreover, commercial insurance options are explored, giving hosts a comprehensive view of their insurance choices.Chapter 22: LLC (Limited Liability Company) This chapter sheds light on the purpose of forming an LLC in the context of Turo hosting. It navigates through important considerations, helping students determine if they should get an LLC for their business. The benefits of an LLC are elaborated upon, offering insights into the advantages of this legal structure. The chapter also provides practical guidance on how to initiate the process of forming an LLC and culminates with a closing that summarizes key takeaways.Chapter 23: Accounting In this chapter, the importance of accounting in the Turo hosting business is emphasized. Students learn how to maintain accurate financial records, balance their Turo books, and utilize a profit and loss tracker for effective financial management. The chapter also explores the option of hiring an accountant, providing valuable insights into when and how to make this strategic decision.Chapter 24: Tracking Devices The final chapter of Volume 3 investigates the use of GPS trackers in Turo vehicles. Students are presented with an analysis of whether they should implement these tracking devices, considering both the advantages and disadvantages. This module empowers hosts to make informed decisions about fleet security and vehicle tracking.By completing Volume 3 of the Turo Masterclass, students will acquire a profound understanding of critical elements in the Turo hosting business. They will be equipped with the knowledge to navigate insurance choices, explore legal structures, optimize financial practices, and make informed decisions regarding tracking devices. This comprehensive volume ensures that Turo hosts are well-prepared for success in this dynamic sharing economy platform.
Section 1: Chapter 11: Remote Key Exchanges
Lecture 1 M1: What is a Remote Key Exchange
Lecture 2 M2: Verify the Guest License
Lecture 3 M3: Pros and Cons of Remote Key Exchanges
Lecture 4 M4: Remote Key Exchange Location
Lecture 5 M5: Lock Box Method
Lecture 6 M6: The Lock Box Method For Keyless Entry Cars
Lecture 7 M7: The Remote Check-in Process
Lecture 8 M8: Communicating With the Guest
Lecture 9 M9: Final Thoughts on the Remote Key Exchange Process
Section 2: Chapter 12: Your First Rental
Lecture 10 M1: Intro
Lecture 11 M2 and M3 Cleanning Your Vehicle and Taking Photos for Turo
Lecture 12 M4: Notifying Your Guest
Lecture 13 M5: Verifying Guests' Driver's License
Lecture 14 M6: Key Exchanges
Section 3: Chapter 13: Automating Your Communication
Lecture 15 M1: Turo's Internal Automation
Section 4: Chapter 14: The Return of Your First Rental
Lecture 16 M1: Intro
Lecture 17 M2: Communication Upon Return
Lecture 18 M3: Trip Modifications and Extensions
Lecture 19 M4: Checking in the Vehicle
Lecture 20 M5: Reimbursements and Potential Damage
Lecture 21 M6: Reviewing the Guest
Lecture 22 M7: Closing
Section 5: Chapter 15: Charging the Guest
Lecture 23 M1: Introduction
Lecture 24 M2: The Turo Invoicing System
Lecture 25 M3: Smoking Claims
Lecture 26 M4: Cleaning Fees
Lecture 27 M5: Pet Hair
Lecture 28 M6: Gas Reimbursement
Lecture 29 M7: Mileage Reimbursement
Lecture 30 M8: Late Fees
Lecture 31 M9: Toll Charges and Fees
Lecture 32 M10: Reimbursement Escalation
Lecture 33 M11: Closing
This course is for aspiring Turo hosts and guests, teaching efficient booking, safe driving, vehicle care, and cost-effective strategies. Perfect for newcomers and those seeking to enhance their Turo experience.


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