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E | N | L Acrylic Nail Class Course

Category: Tutorials

E | N | L Acrylic Nail Class Course
Free Download E | N | L Acrylic Nail Class Course
Published 7/2023
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 3.16 GB | Duration: 3h 54m
Learn how to create salon quality acrylic nails at home! We will dive into acrylic foundations, lifting, more!

What you'll learn
Define what Nail Shapping is and how it affects your design
Learn how to create the perfect nail shape for your clients nails.
Learn the basics of the most popular nail shapes in the industry
become a pro at shapping nails!
Learners should have a basic understanding of laying acrylic, before taking this course.
It is recommended for new learners to take our Acrylic foundation course before taking this course if you have never worked with acrylic.
Are you looking to do your own acrylic nail sets at home? Maybe you are interested in learning how to do nails professionally and make a little cash on the side. Then you don't have to keep looking, you already found the right course! The E | N | L Acrylic Nail Course will be able to provide you with basics of completing your own acrylic nail sets at home! Our Course will include a lot of the basics including:Acrylic nail foundation training - How to create an apex, and why a strong apex is important. How to prevent lifting - Reasons why lifting happens and how to prevent it from happening. Sanitation - Why sanitation is important and the risks when implements are not properly sanitized. Bead ratios - How to do a 1, 2, and 3 bead method and the ways to learn how to make sure they are the correct ratios. Shapping - Learn the basics of shapping your nails so that you get a clean look every time! These are just some of the things you will learn in our nail class. So you maybe asking yourself: "Why would I want to learn to do my own nails?"Well their are a lot of reasons! Maybe you are tired of spending hours in a salon and spending $100's of dollars a month for a nail set and fill in.You are looking to make some money on the side and would like to be able to do nails in your own home.Your looking to make sure that you have clean tools and don't want to risk getting a fungus or infection at a salonYour tired of working a 9-5 job and want to have your own schedule and your own hours. If any of these stood out to you then you need to take the next step in your journey. Don't wait till tomorrow, when you can get started today at your own pace!I look forward to seeing you in my nail class!
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Before We Start
Lecture 3 About This Course
Lecture 4 Product Recommendations
Section 2: The Basics
Lecture 5 Acrylic & Monomer Suppliers
Lecture 6 EMA or MMA?
Lecture 7 EMA v MMA: Video
Lecture 8 Acrylic & Art Brushes
Lecture 9 Brush Cleaning: Video Tutorial
Lecture 10 Introduction to Nail Disease
Section 3: Sanitation
Lecture 11 Introduction to Sanitation
Lecture 12 Implement Cleaning
Lecture 13 Risk of Poor Sanitation
Section 4: E-Files: Nail Drills
Lecture 14 What is an E-File?
Lecture 15 E-File Basics - Function
Lecture 16 E-File Bits
Section 5: Nail Prep
Lecture 17 Nail Anatomy
Lecture 18 Cuticle Prep: Exfoliate
Lecture 19 Cuticle Prep: Remove Cuticle With Nippers
Lecture 20 Cuticle Prep: Remove Cuticle With Dimond Bit
Lecture 21 Cuticle Prep: Continued
Lecture 22 Removing The shine
Lecture 23 Removing The Shine: Video
Section 6: Nail Tips & Forms
Lecture 24 Types of Nail Tips
Lecture 25 Types of Nail Forms
Lecture 26 Applying Nail Tips
Lecture 27 Applying Nail Tips: Video Walk Through
Lecture 28 Applying Nail Tips: Practice Hands
Lecture 29 Nail Tip Shaping
Lecture 30 Nail Form Application
Lecture 31 Nail Form Application: Video
Lecture 32 Dehydrator / Bond / Primer Application
Lecture 33 Dehydrator / Bond / Primer Application: Video
Section 7: Ratios
Lecture 34 Welcome To Ratios!
Lecture 35 Using a Practice Sheet
Lecture 36 Using a Practice Sheet: Video
Lecture 37 Three Bead Method
Lecture 38 Three Bead Method: Video
Lecture 39 Two Bead Method
Lecture 40 Two Bead Method: Video
Lecture 41 One Bead Method
Lecture 42 One Bead Method: Video
Section 8: Acrylic Application
Lecture 43 Tapered Square: Video
Lecture 44 Coffin: Video
Lecture 45 Stiletto: Video
Lecture 46 Almond: Video
Lecture 47 Bringing it all together!
Lecture 48 Bringing it all together: Video
Section 9: Lifting - Why Does This Happen
Lecture 49 What Causes Lifting?
Lecture 50 Products to help with lifting
Lecture 51 Problem Lifters
Lecture 52 Why Lifting is a Problem
Section 10: Nail Art Basics
Lecture 53 Acrylic Encapsulation
Lecture 54 Sugar Nail Application
Section 11: Acrylic Removal
Lecture 55 Why Soaking Off is Important
Lecture 56 Acrylic Drill Down
Lecture 57 Acrylic Drill Down: Video
Lecture 58 Soak Off
Lecture 59 Soak Off demonstration
Section 12: Wrap Up
Lecture 60 Brand Building 101
Lecture 61 Things to Keep in mind
Lecture 62 Thank You!
This course is intended for learners that have a basic understanding of acrylic application and are looking to sharpen their skills when it comes to shapping.


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