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Learn The Skill Of How To Plaster A Wall

Category: Tutorials

Learn The Skill Of How To Plaster A  Wall

Learn The Skill Of How To Plaster A Wall
Published 5/2023
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 840.24 MB | Duration: 0h 39m

I learned the 'knack' of plastering through trial and error, I can now pass on my skill to you, it really is 'do-able'

What you'll learn
Does plastering a wall seem daunting? Do you like DIY? It's a skill I learned without any training, It's one of those jobs where preparation is the key.
This is for a small interior wall but as with most of my courses it's adaptable, start small then it can be applied to a larger wall as you get more confident.
Materials are a minimal cost, you will need tools, but with buying tools they are an asset to be called on again and again, A nice safe project to tackle.
Enthusiastic about DIY? You like to save money? You like a challenge? You have a creative streak? You love home improvement?
No experience needed of any kind, really, you will need to buy tools, tools are an asset. The money you save paying someone, will pay for your tools!
This is a departure from my trade as a carpenter and joiner. I learned how to plaster because I would fit a door frame, for example, then I would need to patch the plaster around it, so I gradually got more confident to tackle larger and larger areas. I will reassure you that although it seems a little daunting, with the right approach and the right tools, you can achieve a great result. I will go through it step by step. You don't need special knowledge to do this. Understanding what happens when you add plaster to water goes a long way in achieving this, plaster starts life as Gypsum rock, that's crushed to a powder, so when you add water it starts to go back to its original state, a process is set in motion so there is no time to go looking for something you've forgotten. The main content of this course are videos, with on screen tips, subtitles, printable resources, tricks and tips. There are minimal tools needed, which I have listed on a PDF printable document, as with all my courses I ask people to watch and read through the whole content first, watch what I do, I can tell you that you won't come up against any problems.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 I apply a plaster 'skim' coat to a plaster boarded partition, it's therapeutic!
Section 2: Tools
Lecture 2 Tools required; here I describe each tool, what it does and what to buy.
Section 3: Prep
Lecture 3 Preparation, like cooking a meal or painting a wall, it pays dividends.
Section 4: Mix and apply
Lecture 4 Mixing can be done with a wood batten or like me, a mechanical mixer in a drill.
Section 5: The wall should now be covered with about 2 to 3mm of plaster.
Lecture 5 'Troweling up' the term used for having got the plaster even with no bumps etc.
Section 6: Summary and appraisal of the plastered wall
Lecture 6 Summary and appraisal of the plastered wall
I'm a firm believer that understanding a little theory it goes a long way towards putting into practice. And understanding what happens to plaster as soon as you add water is 50% of the way there. You've heard it said that preparation is key to starting a job, well this is no truer than with plastering

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