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An Ancient Taoist Sum Faht Qigong & Tai Chi Course

Category: Tutorials

An Ancient Taoist Sum Faht Qigong & Tai Chi  Course

Published 9/2022
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 4.28 GB | Duration: 4h 16m

This is an ancient form of Taoist Qigong & Tai Chi Exercises through which we activate the divine energies of the heart

What you'll learn
You Will Learn The Benefits of Qigong for Health and Healing
Live Demonstrations of Qigong, Brocades & Tai Chi
You will learn about Taoism & The 8 Branches of Chinese Medicine.
You will learn about the Ancient Taoist Dan tian Energy Elixir
You will learn the 5 Element Theory
You will learn certain acupressure points in the body
You will learn the fundamentals of Breathwork
Yo will Learn The Power of Self-Reflection and working with the chakras
A desire to heal the body
A willingness to learn about your body, mind & emotions
Anyone curious about Taoism and the flow of energy inside all of us
A desire to know the truth about yourself and to look within
Have access to the internet
Be able to watch & listen to video tutorials
Exercise Is The Second Branch of Chinese Medicine: These ancient exercises (Qigong, Tai Chi & 12 Brocades) benefit our body, mind, and spirit, by strengthening muscles, opening chakras, creating balance, building the bones to deepen the breath, and circulating chi and blood.I will show you how you can create maximum healing for yourself through Qigong, Tai Chi, Breathwork, plus understanding the Ancient Taoist Dan Tian energy elixir. This is a life-changing transformational energy elixir called The Dan Tian that the Chinese have used in the 8 branches of Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. When you learn to tap into your own energy field it can penetrate and help you heal things physically, emotionally, it can unravel layers of pain, anxiety, and fear that are creating limitations in your life. You replace this with new feelings of love, compassion, connection, freedom, and healing possibilities on all levels.Do You Want to be Healthy Inside and Outside? Do you want to balance & heal your body? In this course, you will learn to align your energies & maximize the healing power inside Mind, Body & Spirit. Let's take the healing journey together.Sum Faht is a form of meditation, Qigong, Tai Chi and energy work in which we activate the divine energies of the heart. The name comes from the Cantonese phrase "soi sum peen fah faht," which loosely translated means whatever the heart desires will manifest. When we mediate, connect to our dan tain we are seeking purification through the blending of our personal energy with the energy of the Universe and through the circulation of spiritual energy through our physical bodies. The spiritual energy cannot communicate directly with our physical bodies, nor can it communicate with our egos, our intellects, or our rational minds. It must communicate with our Inner Selves — our own spiritual aspects — our hearts. If you are looking to balance the mind, body, & spirit.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction Video on Qigong & Tai Chi
Lecture 2 Introduction to The Benefits of Qi Gong for Healing
Lecture 3 The 5 Benefits to Qigong & Ta Chi
Lecture 4 Understand the Dantian Energy Elixir
Lecture 5 Video Explanation of the Dantian Energy Elixir
Lecture 6 The Eight Branches of Chinese Medicine
Lecture 7 What is Taoism?
Lecture 8 Breathwork Video
Lecture 9 Qi, the Breath of Life -
Lecture 10 Breathing and Raising your Vibration
Lecture 11 Video on Understanding Your Chakras
Lecture 12 Main Chakra Energy Point
Lecture 13 Chakra Cleanse Challenge Outline
Lecture 14 Detailed Description of each Chakra
Lecture 15 Blocked Chakras Cleanse Questions
Lecture 16 Journaling Exercise on Healing Your Chakras
Lecture 17 Audio guiding you through each chakra - by Tiffany
Lecture 18 Understanding Yin and Yang
Lecture 19 Yin Yang Introduction
Lecture 20 A Deeper Dive into Yin & Yang
Lecture 21 There are 5 primary elements in Chinese medicine
Lecture 22 Earth Element Acupuncture Tips
Lecture 23 Fire Element Acupuncture Tips
Lecture 24 Metal Element Acupuncture Tips
Lecture 25 Water Element Acupuncture Tips
Lecture 26 Wood Element Acupuncture Tips
Lecture 27 12 Brocades Exercise Movements
Lecture 28 Warm Up & 18 Tai Chi Exercise Movements
Lecture 29 Yin Qigong Exercise Movements
Lecture 30 Guided Meditation Video
Lecture 31 Unguided Meditation - Music Only
It's a great course for beginners of Qigong and Tai Chi,Anyone who is open to learning about Qigong and healing,Anyone curious about Taoism and the flow of energy inside all of us

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