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Nabeel Azzez – Daily Content Machine

Category: Tutorials

Nabeel Azzez – Daily Content Machine
Nabeel Azzez – Daily Content Machine
Size: 9.40 GB Type: eLearning Year: 2022 Version: 2022


What's Included in Daily Content Machine
Module 1: What You Can Expect

How to think about content marketing.
Why I know this system works.
Use this material to train your team.

Module 2: Where The Ideas Come From

The 3 sources of content ideas.
How to delegate idea generation to a copywriter.
Examples of content from all 3 sources.

Module 3: Going From One Idea To 10+ Posts

Why you need to repurpose your content.
How to think about repurposing your content.
How to play to your strengths so you don't have to be active everywhere all the time.

Module 4: Creating Content Isn't The Same As Growing A Platform

Growing a platform isn''t just about publishing content.
What really grows organic marketing channels.
Blasting & Cruising: Why you need to think like a pro bodybuilder.

Module 5: Multimedia Tools Even Monkeys Can Use

The tools I use and why I use them.
Who to optimize your tech-stack for.
Why I called my system "Dirty Content Marketing."

Module 6: Graphics & Video For Social Media

The problem with professional graphic designers and video editors.
Proven image styles and themes for social media.
Proven video styles and themes for social media.

Module 7: How To Make Direct Response Memes

Coming up with meme ideas.
Tools I use to make direct response memes.
Examples of direct response memes.

Module 8: Should You Use Swipe Files & Templates?

Why swipe files and templates are largely a waste of time.
When, what, and how to swipe.
My one exception to using templates.

Module 9: Building Your Content Marketing Team

Who to hire when building a content team.
Project management and quality control.
Tracking and improving performance.

Module 10: Course Summary

Note: even if you don't purchase Daily Content Machine, applying these 5 lessons will get you 80% of the way there.

Content mindset: everything is source material.
Don't overthink; speed is everything.
Distribution is more important than creation.
Use the simplest tools and systems because you're trying to delegate to a team.
You never know which post will bomb or go viral so your best strategy is to be prolific.

Module 11: Questions & Answers

Audience Q&A from the Daily Content Machine live mini-workshop.
Audience Q&A from the Daily Content Machine ENCORE live mini-workshop.

Important Message For Experts Who're Building A Brand To Grow Their Business
Give me 3 hours and I'll give you a simple, scalable, cost-effective system for publishing daily content everywhere.
Even if you have a hard time coming up with ideas. Even if you're lazy. Even if you're too busy running your business.

✅ YES! I'm ready to get the benefits of daily content marketing, like a shorter sales cycle, lower customer acquisition costs, and being #1 in the mind of my market.

✅ YES! I'm excited to build a system I can delegate to my team, so I don't have to do all the work of producing, publishing, and distributing content.

✅ YES! I'm all-in on the DAILY CONTENT MACHINE playbook so I can finally stop treating content as an afterthought and use it to grow my business.

Nabeel Azzez – Daily Content Machine



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