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Perry Marshall - Local Adwords Accelerator

Category: Tutorials / WSO Stuff

Perry Marshall - Local Adwords Accelerator

Perry Marshall - Local Adwords Accelerator

16x MP4 + 16x FLV + 26x PDF + 19x MP3 | video: 1920 x 1080 @ 23.976 fps | English

Size: 2.07 GB

Get New Customers More Efficiently than with Any Other Advertising Method Youre Using

Save Thousands of Dollars You Would Have P*&ssed Away with ReachLocal, YP.com or Other Local Advertising Experts

Know with 100% Certainty your AdWords Account is Set up for Maximum Success

All Without Spending Thousands of Dollars

And Without Wasting 20 Hours a Week with Your Head Buried in a Campaign Dashboard!


How to set up AdWords so youre 100% its optimized for success

How to avoid the AdWords blunders most local marketers make

How to know if your AdWords campaign manager is screwing you

How to build AdWords into your most efficient generator of new leads, clients, patients or customers

Local AdWords Accelerator Session 1
How to Set Your Goals, Landing Pages, Call Tracking & More to Achieve Maximum Results

How to set goals for you campaignget this wrong and your whole account can get screwed up

How to set up landing pages for optimal conversionsIf you want to have success with AdWords and emerge as the winner in your niche, you have to nail down the landing page and conversion side of the equation.

Adams proven landing page template.

Harnessing the power of The Game Changer: Dynamic Call Tracking. If your advertising relies on getting phone calls, you need to know this tool backward and forward. Get it wrong and your account will be optimized for the wrong results! Get it right and you move toward niche domination.

Local AdWords Accelerator Session 2
Campaign Set-up, Ad Copy Writing and More

80/20 keyword research. This takes all the intimidation out of keyword research

How to start small and simple and expand as you succeed

How to use Googles Keyword Planner to ratchet up your results

How to use Adams favorite spy tool to slash your keyword research and ad copy writing time

Ad copy strategies to help your army of ads win the battle against the competition for the eyes and clicks of your ideal prospects.

Examples of good ads vs bad ads

The easiest headline formula that works over and over again

How and why to use ad extensions to purple cow your ads

How to optimize your campaigns for mobile to attract smart phone customers

Local AdWords Accelerator Session 3
How to Use 80/20 to Maintain and Scale Up Your Successful AdWords Campaign

3 account tune up tasks you must do every few weeks to improve your Ad-Words performance each month

How to mine the Search Term report, adjust bids and keywords, and split-test ads to capitalize on your early successes

How to accomplish your weekly account checks in less than 30-minutes per week!

How to use Adams scripts to automate your ongoing account maintenance and save even more time!

How to scale up your campaign for niche domination!

The smart way to add Bing and remarketing to pull in even more customers

Perry Marshall - Local Adwords Accelerator
dle 10.6

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