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Perry Marshall & Talor Zamir - Local Business PPC Mastery

Category: Tutorials / WSO Stuff

Perry Marshall & Talor Zamir - Local Business PPC Mastery

Here's what you get with Talor's Local Business PPC Lead Mastery

Three hour-long live coaching webinars with Talor
Instant access to Talor's landing page generator (a done-for-you-template that can start delivering leads in 48 hours or less).
Instant access to Talor's video training series
Talor's proven client-landing proposal
Talor's prospecting templates for landing high-value local clients
Talor's white paper on how to generate leads for attorneys and how to land them as clients.
Q&A access to Talor via the private Google+ community

Local Business PPC Mastery
Starts September 10, 3PM Eastern

What Would it Mean to Your Business to Add 2, 3 even 10 New Clients Who Pay Your $1000 to $6000 Per Month?
Attention Consultants: If You Land Just One Single Client Using Talor's Local Business PPC Mastery Strategies, His Training will Pay for Itself 10X in Year One.
And, Talor's Methods are So Plug-and-Play Simple that You'll Be Able to Put them to Work for You Right Awayand Have the Time and Tools to Land Client after Client after Client.

And not just any clients. Talor's system focuses only on affluent clients that have the cash to stroke you big checks month after monthnot penny-pinching dry cleaners and hair salonsTalor's system targets chiropractors, attorneys, dentists and high-end professionals. Professionals who know that one new customer is worth hundreds and often thousands of dollars in their pocket.

Are You Familiar with The 5 Power Disqualifiers?

John Paul Mendocha, "Dr. Speedselling", has identified 5 criteria that every prospect must meet in order to be a real prospect and not just a suspect who will waste your time.

- Do they have the money?
- Do they have a bleeding neck? (an urgent problem you can fix)
- Do they have the ability to say "yes"?
- Do they buy into your Unique Selling Proposition?
- Does what you're selling fit in with their overall plans?

The clients that Talor Zamir's Local Leads Generation System targets, meet all 5 power disqualifiers.

- Talor's system focuses solely on affluent clients. Lawyers, dentists, chiropractors, etc). They have the money. Check.
- Talor's system addresses a chronic problem these clients moan about every day: Not enough clients or patients and no clue how to get more. They have the bleeding neck. Check.
- Talor's system doesn't bother with receptionists and gate keepers. He goes right for the head honcho. They can say yes. Check.
- Talor's USP is simple. "I guarantee I can start generating you new leads within 48 hours". That's easy to buy into. Check.
- Talor's system delivers leads that turn into paying clients. High-quality, paying clients always fit in with any business owners' overall plans. Check.

Five for five.

- Which is why Talor consistently helps consultants land local clients that pay them not a measly $200 or $300 per month, but $1000 to $6000 per month: The clients are highly qualified.
- Hey Talor, This is goldthanks buddy!
- Here's an update for you. The campaign I was talking about was a trial runwell I just got a contract out of it! At 20% of the ad spend and he is going to start at $15k per month so that means I'll be making $3K per month. BTW, I'm just using the copy that you had on the landing page template.
- Keven Rohan
And once these clients get addicted to the leads, they gladly pay more to get more. They are a hungry crowd salivating for more.
You get everything you need to start landingand delightingaffluent local business clientsin 48 hours.
Price: One payment of $997 (or 3 payments of $397)
You'll make that back on your very first clientmaybe even 6 times that! And after that, it's all gravy. No recurring fees. No subscription fees. Nothing else to buy. dle 10.6

Buy Premium through the link to encourage me upload more Valuable stuffs for you! >>     PART 1
PART 2    

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