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DeskPRO v3.0

DeskPRO is an advanced helpdesk application with a wide range of features suitable for any company. While it is impossible to go over every feature of DeskPRO here, we will outline some of the major ones for you. If there is a specific feature that you need, we encourage you to try our free demos or to ask about it on our own helpdesk.

Self Help
The first level of service many helpdesk administrators want to offer is self-help. Allowing the user to locate the information they require in a timely manner is a very valuable thing. For this we offer the knowledgebase and troubleshooters. Using the editor in the technician interface, you can create a searchable knowledgebase in minutes. Troubleshooters let you create step-by-step guides on how to perform certain actions, or correct certain problems. We also offer a file manager where you can upload important files right to the helpdesk, and categorize them so users can find them easily.
Ticket System
The ticket system for your technicians offers everything you would expect, and more. DeskPRO offers categories, priorities and workflows so you can organize tickets in the most efficient way possible. To further increase productivity, several extremely useful features are presented to your staff: advanced searching, stored searches (filters), multi-ticket editing, ticket reminders and more.

Powerful abuse-prevention tools are also at your disposal. From banning emails or groups of emails, to IP banning (both of which allow wildcard banning), you'll always be able to get rid of the troublesome users.
Email Gateways
Our email gateway features allow users to send in tickets via email and be tracked by the system. Even your technicians can manage their tickets by email with the tech gateway, allowing them to respond to tickets, assign themselves to tickets and more. With the powerful email rules features, you can enable automatic sorting, and even enable anti-spam protection to keep your system clean of junk.
Almost every aspect of DeskPRO is configurable, so it can satisfy the needs of any use you need it to. The user-end is contained entirely in templates, and there is a CSS Replacements Editor for quick customizations. Using custom fields, you can add new form inputs for tickets, user accounts, knowledgebase articles and even calendar events. To transform you helpdesk into exactly what you need, DeskPRO offers advanced custom field features. With little effort, you can add new fields to tickets, user profiles and even knowledgebase articles.

WEBSITE: http://www.deskpro.com dle 10.6


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