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Affiliate For All 1.2.1-Ori

affiliate for all! here free dwonload

If you are running an e-commerce site, you almost certainly have affiliates and need affiliate management software. Affiliates for All is the new affiliate management system that everyone is talking about.

*Affiliates for All is free and open source. You have no licence fees to pay, and you can freely modify the code if your affiliate programme has special requirements. (The licence used is the GNU GPL version 3).
*Affiliates for All is highly configurable. You can set:
o a fixed commission rate or a percentage,
o the affiliate cookie lifetime,
o the currency, and
o whether commission is paid for the life of a customer or just for the first order.
*Affiliates for All will (optionally) email affiliates with details of new orders and approved commissions.
*Affiliates for All provides your affiliates with many reporting features. They can see graphs of orders and revenue over time. They can view and download lists of orders. If you want to, you can pass customer names and email addresses to the referring affiliates, allowing for further marketing efforts.
*Affiliates for All works with the Magento open source shopping cart.
*Affiliates for All has a user interface similar to Google Mail. Just like Google Mail, this is achieved with AJAX, but you can use Affiliates for All without understanding the details.

Affiliates for All is now Part of Trilex Labs , AFA is under heavy construction. dle 10.6


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