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Appnitro MachForm 3.5

Appnitro MachForm 3.5

This version contain several new features, improvements and bugfixes!

Whats new in MachForm 3.5

Conditional Logic for Notification Emails
Price Calculation using Quantity field
Sales Tax Calculation
Image Uploader on Theme Editor
Custom Form Inactive Message

Enhancements and Bugfixes

    Updated pattern images on theme editor
    Added ZAR currency for Check/Cash payment/li>
    Allow 100 years in the past for date selection
    No longer using Google CDN for jQuery
    Prevent forms theme caching when user is logged in
    Unpaid payment status shouldnt be displayed within the email, to avoid confusions
    Bugfix: Deleted entries shouldnt be checked for unique rule
    Bugfix: Selecting payment fields on column preferences caused error on entry manager
    Bugfix: When using PHP embed code and PayPal+review is enabled, the form incorrectly redirect to Stripe
    Bugfix: Unable to charge recurring payments when using Stripe
    Bugfix: Unable to use the same field multiple times to build a rule
    Bugfix: Embedded payment page doesnt readjust the height properly upon errors
    Bugfix: Resuming a submission isnt possible when unique-ip validation is being enabled
    Bugfix: Umlauts cant be used properly to build logic
    Bugfix: Typo on Finnish translation for Date field
    Bugfix: Using 0 as keyword on logic for dropdown and multiple choice field doesnt work properly
    Bugfix: When review is being enabled and check is chosen as merchant, the form doesnt redirect to success page correctly
    Bugfix: Image button of a theme on a form which has review enabled, is not being displayed correctly
    Bugfix: Duplicating a form doesnt copy the whole logic conditions properly
    Bugfix: Skip logic to success page doesnt work when a form has payment enabled and review turned off
    Bugfix: When trial being enabled for Stripes recurring payment, the trial amount should be displayed into Total amount instead
    Bugfix: When a field is being hidden due to conditional logic, it shouldnt be displayed within the review page and email
    Bugfix: Typo with YYYY on date field for Norwegian language
    Bugfix: Skip-page logic to payment page always redirect to Stripe payment page regardless of merchant being used
    Bugfix: A form with lot of skip-page logic functionality might not skipping into the correct page
    Bugfix: Mobile-friendly form is not being displayed when using PHP embed code
    Bugfix: When only shipping address being enabled, the same shipping address checkbox on payment page should be hidden.
    Bugfix: A required matrix field triggers validation error message, even though its hidden due to logic
    Bugfix: When paypal and review page being enabled, and the price amount being entered by user is $0, the form generate error message
    Bugfix: When new option of checkbox, radio button or dropdown being added and the field has prices, it need to be populated within the payment settings page automatically
    Bugfix: Incorrect mime type for JPEG file
    Bugfix: Editing an entry with date limit is not possible when the maximum date has been selected
    Bugfix: Entries filter doesnt work properly on empty/null values
    Bugfix: Logic bind issue with matrix field
    Bugfix: Editing an entry of a form that scheduled to inactive is not possible
    Bugfix: When the form is inactive, payment total shouldnt be displayed at all
    Bugfix: Pagebreak field shouldnt be displayed within review page
    Bugfix: Text/number/paragraph limit should display better message when range min is the same as range max

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dle 10.6


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