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Udemy - Blazor WebAssembly Authentication MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | ...


Nulled.org Software 8TM URL Shortener

AdBrite.com (clone)



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The 70 best scripts you will ever need!

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includes britekitty template and a vast amount of plugins


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For the average WordPress blog owner, search engine optimization is a goal thats more read about than actually applied to the blog.

Until now, you had to: a) find different plugins, b) edit your theme files, c) hope you got it right, d) discover that you didnt, e) beg some good samaritan on a forum for help, and f) often just give it up as being too hard.

Thats now all changed with WP SEO Sniper Professional.

WP SEO Sniper Professional implements SEO best practices on your WordPress blog, from the simplest page title to the most aggressive strategies (third-level push, tiered-pairing, circular navigation, etc.).

You easily control it all from the plugins administration panel.
Price: $ 97.00


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Category: CMS (depraced!)



- Fully search engine optimized with dynamic titles, meta keywords and description...

- Tag cloud (optional - if you have mysql database)

- Torrents can be sorted by Name, Date, Size, Peers

- Pagination

- Torrent contents

- Updated Tracker List (utorrent compatible list also)

- Results from Favorite Torrent Hosts

- Tiny size, only a few kilobytes of pure php codes..

Live demo:


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its not nulled but works at 90%, very nice script


You are here: Xenon Cart - Professional E-Commerce Software Features

Find out exactly what Xenon Cart can do

Easy Installer
Installation with Xenon Cart - uncomplicated and works every time.

Clever Stuff

Company Logo
Upload your company logo to be displayed on your website, within your Ajax powered customer chat room, and within your newsletter. It will also appear in any invoices sent from the site.

Favicon (Favourite icon)
You can now upload a favicon which will be displayed in the address bar of your browser. You can even include the favicon into any page in your site using a small variable.

Category List
Change the way that the category list is displayed from drilldown to treeview.

Page Menu
Add pages to your site online and set to appear in page menu. When you add a sub-page this will appear as a dropdown menu.

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PropertyMaxPro 3 + 4 +Addons - Decoded & Nulled

PropertyMax Pro - Property Sales and Rental Software

PropertyMax Pro is professional real estate agent software that enables you to have a database of properties for sale and rent on your web site, complete with an easy to use admin interface to add and manage properties direct from your web browser.

The Property Management Suite for Real Estate Agents and Property Sale & Rental Listings

Our software is perfect for independent estate agents, property rental companies and property developers! Managing your Properties online could not be easier than PropertyMax Pro. Laden with features which will not only enhance your website but also present your properties in a design which complements your existing website.
* Manage Property Sales and Rental Listings
* Worldwide Language and Currency Support
* Works with any Country / Location / Areas
* Easy One Step Installation
* Completely Customisable by templates
* Powerful Property Search Engine
* Unlimited number of Property Listings
* Property photograph slideshow
* Virtual tour and Postcode Map
* Add thumbnailed property images to your listings
* Integrates seemlessly into your existing website
* More Information property request form
* Secure password protected admin login
* Full Web-Based Admin Browser Management
and many more features ...

PropertyMax Pro is your one stop solution for listing real estate and and/or properties on your website. Simple to install and simple to use, PropertyMax Pro is fast becoming one of the most recommended property scripts available. If you are planning to list properties on your website or are looking for another property solution for your business, then PropertyMax Pro is the one for you.

Property Demonstration

Please note that some of the features will be disabled in the Admin Control Panel.
Real Estate Property Management Script Demonstration

Admin Control Panel Login
Login URL: http://www.propertymaxpro.com/propertydemo/admim/
Username: admin
Password: admin

Front End Design
Link URL:

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Open up config.inc.php and edit the MYsql information

Upload all the files excluding this one to the server

Run install.php,you shoudl get a message saying its completed

MSN Web Messenger Script

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Chinese Astrology PHP script


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Why would you use this? Maybe you want to sign up for a site which requires that you provide an e-mail address to send a validation e-mail to. And maybe you don't want to give up your real e-mail address and end up on a bunch of spam lists. This is nice and disposable. And it's free. Enjoy!


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Jobs Portal is a web product for running powerful and customized job portals. The product may be used also to empower existing websites with jobs portal functionality. Jobs Portal comes with a front site (fully customizable and template based), jobseekers administration space (with functionality for the users to edit their profile, consult the job offers, manage their resume etc.), employers administration space (allowing the employers to post job ads, manage their company profile, search the database with the jobseekers resumes and many others) and powerful back office for the administrators (providing full control over the website, structure and content management, detailed user management, search engines reports, statistics and many others).

NetArtMedia Jobs Portal v1.3

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Category: CMS (depraced!)

A huge collection of AJAX scripts

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Iono Licensing System v2.6.1 PHP Nulled script



Iono Licensing System v2.6.1 PHP Nulled script

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**********SUPER CLICK TRACKING******

Autore: Morris
Sito: http://www.tuttophp.altervista.org

Istruzioni in Italiano e in Inglese
Instruction in Italian and in English language

******** Istruzioni in italiano

Questo script permette di tenere traccia dei click ricevuti dai links nel vostro sito.
Lo script è dotato di un pannello di amministrazione, nel quale potete tenere sotto controllo i click ricevuti dai links, potete aggiungere nuovi links da monitorare o potete decidere di azzerare il file di testo contenente tutti i links per creare nuovi links da monitorare.
Ad ogni link potete dare un titolo identificativo in modo da riconoscerlo nel pannello di amministrazione

******** Note di istallazione

- configurate username e password nel file admin.php per poter accedere al pannello di amministrazione.
Di default sono username=demo e password=demo

- fate partire il file admin.php e tramite apposita sezione, inserite gli URL completi dei links che volete monitorare. Essi verranno memorizzati nel file di testo links.txt.
Nel file txt vengono memorizzati titolo del link, URL e numero di click ricevuti separati da |

- modificate il codice del link che volete monitorare facendo precedere all'URL il codice 'counter.php?link='

******** Esempio pratico

Nel mio sito voglio tenere traccia di un link che punta a: http://www.tuttophp.altervista.org

Tramite il pannello di amministrazione aggiungo l'URL:
Ora questo URL viene memorizzato nel file di testo links.txt, che contiene i links da monitorare.

Ora modificate il codice del link che punta all'URL in questo modo:

Ora, siete pronti a monitorare i click ricevuti da questo link tramite il file admin.php

******** Condizioni d'uso

Il programma è utilizzabile gratuitamente

******* English instructions

Thanks to this script you can monitor the clicks received by your links.
The script is provided of an admnistration panel where you can see the number of clicks received by your links and there is a section where you can add the URL of the links that you want to monitor.
You can give a title to each link, so you can identify each link in the administration panel.

******* Installation notes

- Set username and password in the file admin.php
Default values are username=demo, password=demo

- Run the file admin.php and insert the URL of the links that you want to monitor
This URL will be stored in the text file links.txt.
In the file links.txt you can find the title of link, the URL of link and the received clicks separated by |

- Modify the code of the links that you want to monitor inserting before the URL of the link the following code:

****** Example

I want to monitor a link that goes to http://www.tuttophp.altervista.org

Using the file admin.php I add the URL http://www.tuttophp.altervista.org
Now this URL is stored in the text file links.txt

Modify the code of the link that goes to the URL so:

Now you are ready to monitor the clicks received by this link through the administration panel ( admin.php )

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What's going on there script kiddies??
I wrote this script to do be able to target countries specifically so you don't waste your time and money.

This script will track the click on the url of the script and then relocate the surfer by his ip to the site that you
specify in the admin area for the country, not using a country? put a general url in the default box and all traffic
that is not being tracked will go to the default url.

Please let me know what you think!
I'm not really up for writing about it but if you want to give it a try it's a very nice script.


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Elite Gaming Ladders V3 Nulled


Fast , server friendly Code with a single MySQL Database
Simple Installation with help files
Suitable For All Game and Platform Types (FPS, Sports, PS3, PC, etc)
Javascript Effects To Smooth Everything Out
Mostly open script to allow easy customization
Easily Change The looks and layout with One File

Ladder and Tournament Features

Unlimited Ladder Capacity (Singles, Team)
Unlimited Tournament Capacity (Singles, Team) NEW on V3
Automated Ranking System
Challenge Based System on ladders ENHANCED on V3
Report a WIN as well as a loss on ladder and tournament matches NEW on V3
Automatic randomized first round entrants on Tournaments NEW on V3
Strike / Warning System
Automatic Byes on odd tournament brackets NEW on V3
Play-by-dates for each round on Tournament brackets NEW on V3
Map Randomizer
Game Mode randomizer NEW on V3
Ladder Page Organized By Admin Defined Groups
Clan Manager With Profile Editor, and War Light ENHANCED on V3
Members Can Join Current Teams, or Make Their Own.
Team Leaders can copy existing teams to new ladders NEW on V3
Clan Profile Page With Full Contact Details (MSN, Yahoo, AIM, Co-L AIM, ect.) ENHANCED on V3
Ladder standings with Crown, Blasts, Stats, XP
King System (War for Crown)
Automatic Ticket creation on disputed results NEW on V3
Private Ladders and Tournaments NEW on V3
Pay-To-Play Ladders and Tournaments NEW on V3
Regional flag notifications on Ladders NEW on V3
MatchFinder system ENHANCED on V3
New Mods for Upcoming Matches, Instant Matches and Top Ten Teams NEW on V3

Social Networking Features

Each Members Gets Their Own Mailbox With Team Invites, And Friend Invites
Integration on registration and latest forum posts with PHPBB3.0 NEW on V3
Member Profiles With Contact Information, About Me, Comments And More ENHANCED on V3
Friends System / Ability To Become Private
Tell-A-Friend system NEW on V3
Members Can Comment on News
Easily add cool blocks such as YouTube videos, Live Chat, anything PHP based
Dynamic GamerCards integrated into site, showing stats with selectable graphics NEW on V3
News features on ALL site pages NEW on V3

Admin Control Panel

Admin Control Panel / Staff System
Different Permissions For Each Staff Member
Referee Ticket Manager
Ladder and Staff Group Manager
UserGroup Manager
General script configuration settings ENHANCED on V3

Other Special Features

Find a Match System With War Lights Integrated ENHANCED on V3
Ticket System With Admin Reply's Staff Member Assign
Advertisement Areas NEW on V3
Drop-down menu system NEW on V3
New portal home page with interchangeable Mods NEW on V3
Use of flash for smooth transitional effects NEW on V3
Multiple Templates - Your members can choose their own template
Full Member List With Letter Select
Paypal integration on UserGroups for Pay-to-Play matches NEW on V3
Full Featured Free Agent System With Commenting
Custom Field Manager
Full Search System By ID or Name ENHANCED on V3
Staff Applications (One Per IP)


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Info and Contents:
30 Best SMS Scripts And Tools

CMD2PHONE v101b5
CMD2SMS v238b170
insms 30062free
psms 42
Setup Send SMS v1.3
sms 14
Sms er
sms set
sms tele2
Sms ukr
sMs v.1.1.2
sms volga 2.41
Text2PhoneLite v2212b235

File Size: 19 MB

Buy and Download:
Price: $1000+

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Hello everyone Phantom is here to Help!

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Our PHP Live Help Server Software is a complete customer support software solution for Windows and Unix web servers. Our Live Help software utilizes PHP and MySQL technology and is installed on your own web server. Please read our Server Software Requirements for exact requirements.

Additionally, our PHP Live Help solution is compact, easy to use and offers many advantages over similar live support solutions. These benefits include our Live Help Messenger Windows application which is installed on your employees computers, allowing you to instantly provide technical support and chat with your web site visitors.

Stardevelop Live Help Messenger v3.28

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share-ads.us - URL Crypt Ad Script

Was ist Share-Ads
Share-Ads ist ein sogenannter Weiterleitungsservice für Links (URL).

Wie funktioniert Share-Ads
Wir bieten Ihnen die Möglichkeit eigenen Inhalt wie z.B. HTML oder JavaScript einzubinden, was eine individuelle Gestaltung der Weiterleitung durch Layerwerbung usw. ermöglicht.
Wenn Sie eine neue Weiterleitung erstellen möchten klicken Sie bitte auf den Button "Neue Weiterleitung anlegen". Dort können Sie einige weitere Optionen einstellen.

Links verschlüsseln
Sie müssen Ihre Links (URL) verschlüsseln, sodass Share-Ads diese erkennen kann. Geben Sie dazu bitte Ihre Benutzer-ID eim Bereich der Linkverschlüsselung ein.
Hinweis: Pro Zeile nur einen Link

Um Ihre Weiterleitung auch im Nachhinein zu bearbeiten können Sie sich mit Ihrer Benutzer-ID und Ihrem Passwort anmelden und Veränderungen vornehmen.
Hinweis: Vergeben Sie bei der Erstellung einer neuen Weiterleitung kein Passwort so können Sie Ihre Weiterleitung nicht nachträglich bearbeiten.

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Script Info ( Germany ):



* Betriebssystem des Servers Unix, Linux, FreeBSD oder Windows
* Webspace mit Perl/CGI (Perl ab 5.004)
* Modul: Net-FTP (für FTP-Links)
* Modul: Net-SSLeay (für Rapidshare)
* Modul: Compress-Zlib (für Megaupload)
* Modul: LWP-Simple (optional)
* Modul: Javascript oder Inline::WSC unter Windows (optional)
* Modul: HTML-LinkExtor (optional für das Filtern von Links aus HTML-Dokumenten)
* Modul: URI-URL (optional)
* Modul: Crypt-Rijndael (optional für RSDF-Support)
* Software: ccf2rsdf.exe/wine (optional für CCF-Support beim Download)
* Software: rsdfenc.out oder Modul: mcrypt (optional für RSDF-Support beim Upload)
* Software: rar (optional für RAR-Support)
* Software: WinPcap (für RSDF Decrypter unter Windows als kostenloser Download erhältlich)

Read more for Mirrors Download !

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Iredirector script.


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Links Exchange system + Themes

Liks exchange system in english and nulled good to go
it is really amazing and you start a huge online business using it

This script will allow websites to exchange links with one another and for users to buy credits into the system, you keep 100% of the profits and it has a wonderful online control panel to administer the website.

PHP and MySQL Database Driven Script
Totally automated sign-up and code generation software. Members simply choose their username and password, indicate which the text they want to use, choose the categories to be placed in and copy html code for the text link exchange and place the code on their website.
Automated stats program for webmaster of the text exchange as well as individual stats for exchange members. See how many exposures the links have had, clicks per account and credits earned.
Webmaster receives link placement for affiliate sites or other websites in a top frame of all click throughs.
Upload as many sponsors that you want into the rotation. Give them the ability to track their stats.
The ability to approve or reject accounts before restricted content goes into the network.

+2 themes pro:

Links Exchange system + Themes
Links Exchange system + Themes


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Run your own distinct classifieds site that has made Craigslist grow at an annual rate of $10 million with it's unique classified script.

This clone script is a powerful, feature rich, easy to use, classified ads solution. Run your very own classifieds sites just like Craigslist, Loquo or GumTree. With our quick an hassle-free online installation, you can get your classifieds site up and running within minutes!

Q. Why this classified clone script?
A. As a site owner, you must be asking why you should be choosing our PHP classifieds software over the hundreds of classified scripts that already exist in market? The main reason is in fact very simple and straight forward, It has developed the software with the minds of the customers satisfaction. If you are looking not only to setup a classifieds site BUT at the same time, generating a steady stream of revenues, then you have come to the right place!

Sites like Craigslist and Loquo dominated the classifieds market mainly because of its straight-forward and user-friendly interface that makes posting and reading of classified ads easy and enjoyable. This is precisely why such classifieds websites are so popular amongst the online users as compared to the generic solutions offered by our competitors.

Craigslist Classified Clone 4.97

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"Invision Power Services, Inc."
We are pleased to announce Invision Power Board 3.0.0 Beta 4 is now available. Additionally, the following development releases are available in your client area to test:

* IP.Converge RC 1
* IP.Blog 2.0.0 Beta 2
* IP.Downloads 2.0.0 Beta 2
* IP.Gallery 3.0.0 Beta 2

The fourth beta release of IP.Board 3.0.0 is now available for download to those with current, active licenses to IP.Board. This fourth beta is only available to active license holders.

This is the fourth beta release so please take a moment and read this entire announcement before downloading.

* As this is a beta release there will be bugs and issues with the software. Please report any issues using our bug tracker. Before reporting please first quickly check to see if anyone has already reported your issue.
* This beta is encoded using IonCube. Beta releases are encoded so we can better control the release and ensure any reported problems are code-related and not due to modifications. Please ensure you are familiar with how to install IonCube encoded PHP software. The final version will not be encoded.
* Technical support is not available for this beta software.
* Do not use this software on a public install. Wait for the final series for your public installs.
* There may be no upgrade path between beta versions.
* You may upgrade from IP.Board 3.0.0 Beta 3, or from any pre-3.0.0 version of IP.Board.
* In general, only download and participate in the beta test if you are comfortable working with beta software.

Known Issues

* The AdminCP help system is still being populated and styled. The final version will be complete and look much more integrated. It will also be hidden by default.
* Subscription Manager is not included in this beta.
Orginal version: http://forums.invisionpower.com/topic/282151-invision-power-board-3-0-0-beta-4-released/

Polskie tłumaczenie (tłumaczenie: DawPi, http://forum.invisionize.pl/index.php?showtopic=2607):
W tym wydaniu zaprezentowano również:

* IP.Converge RC 1
* IP.Blog 2.0.0 Beta 2
* IP.Downloads 2.0.0 Beta 2
* IP.Gallery 3.0.0 Beta 2

Proszę przeczytać kilka poniższych informacji:

* Jako, że jest to produkt beta nadal znajdują się w nim błędy. Proszę raportować wszelkie w bug trackerze na forum IPSu. Przed tym należy się upewnić, że nikt wcześniej nie zgłosił identycznego błędu,
* Beta 4 jest kodowania IonCubem z powodu lepszej kontroli oraz pewności, że wszelkie błędy nie są spowodowane modyfikacjami, ale błędnym kodem źródłowym,
* Support techniczny nie jest dostępny dla tej wersji,
* Tej wersji nie należy używać na publicznych forach. Proszę poczekać na wersję finalną,
* Nie udostępnia się patchy uprgrade'ujących poszczególne wersję beta,
* Możesz wykonywać upgrade z poprzednich wersji forum,
* Generalnie pobierać betę powinni tylko te osoby co chcą.

Znane błędy/niedoróbki:

* Panel administracyjny nadal jest tworzony, system pomocy nadal nie jest dopracowany. W finalnej wersji będzie wyglądać bardziej zintegrowanie i będzie domyślnie ukryty,
* System subskrypcji nie jest dostępny w tej wersji.
Orginalna wersja (bez tłumaczenia): http://forums.invisionpower.com/topic/282151-invision-power-board-3-0-0-beta-4-released/

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