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Nulled.org Software SEOMAFiA URL Shortener Money for webmaster




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Our PHP Live Help Server Software is a complete customer support software solution for Windows and Unix web servers. Our Live Help software utilizes PHP and MySQL technology and is installed on your own web server. Please read our Server Software Requirements for exact requirements.

Additionally, our PHP Live Help solution is compact, easy to use and offers many advantages over similar live support solutions. These benefits include our Live Help Messenger Windows application which is installed on your employees computers, allowing you to instantly provide technical support and chat with your web site visitors.

Stardevelop Live Help Messenger v3.28

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share-ads.us - URL Crypt Ad Script

Was ist Share-Ads
Share-Ads ist ein sogenannter Weiterleitungsservice für Links (URL).

Wie funktioniert Share-Ads
Wir bieten Ihnen die Möglichkeit eigenen Inhalt wie z.B. HTML oder JavaScript einzubinden, was eine individuelle Gestaltung der Weiterleitung durch Layerwerbung usw. ermöglicht.
Wenn Sie eine neue Weiterleitung erstellen möchten klicken Sie bitte auf den Button "Neue Weiterleitung anlegen". Dort können Sie einige weitere Optionen einstellen.

Links verschlüsseln
Sie müssen Ihre Links (URL) verschlüsseln, sodass Share-Ads diese erkennen kann. Geben Sie dazu bitte Ihre Benutzer-ID eim Bereich der Linkverschlüsselung ein.
Hinweis: Pro Zeile nur einen Link

Um Ihre Weiterleitung auch im Nachhinein zu bearbeiten können Sie sich mit Ihrer Benutzer-ID und Ihrem Passwort anmelden und Veränderungen vornehmen.
Hinweis: Vergeben Sie bei der Erstellung einer neuen Weiterleitung kein Passwort so können Sie Ihre Weiterleitung nicht nachträglich bearbeiten.

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Script Info ( Germany ):



* Betriebssystem des Servers Unix, Linux, FreeBSD oder Windows
* Webspace mit Perl/CGI (Perl ab 5.004)
* Modul: Net-FTP (für FTP-Links)
* Modul: Net-SSLeay (für Rapidshare)
* Modul: Compress-Zlib (für Megaupload)
* Modul: LWP-Simple (optional)
* Modul: Javascript oder Inline::WSC unter Windows (optional)
* Modul: HTML-LinkExtor (optional für das Filtern von Links aus HTML-Dokumenten)
* Modul: URI-URL (optional)
* Modul: Crypt-Rijndael (optional für RSDF-Support)
* Software: ccf2rsdf.exe/wine (optional für CCF-Support beim Download)
* Software: rsdfenc.out oder Modul: mcrypt (optional für RSDF-Support beim Upload)
* Software: rar (optional für RAR-Support)
* Software: WinPcap (für RSDF Decrypter unter Windows als kostenloser Download erhältlich)

Read more for Mirrors Download !

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Iredirector script.


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Links Exchange system + Themes

Liks exchange system in english and nulled good to go
it is really amazing and you start a huge online business using it

This script will allow websites to exchange links with one another and for users to buy credits into the system, you keep 100% of the profits and it has a wonderful online control panel to administer the website.

PHP and MySQL Database Driven Script
Totally automated sign-up and code generation software. Members simply choose their username and password, indicate which the text they want to use, choose the categories to be placed in and copy html code for the text link exchange and place the code on their website.
Automated stats program for webmaster of the text exchange as well as individual stats for exchange members. See how many exposures the links have had, clicks per account and credits earned.
Webmaster receives link placement for affiliate sites or other websites in a top frame of all click throughs.
Upload as many sponsors that you want into the rotation. Give them the ability to track their stats.
The ability to approve or reject accounts before restricted content goes into the network.

+2 themes pro:

Links Exchange system + Themes
Links Exchange system + Themes


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Run your own distinct classifieds site that has made Craigslist grow at an annual rate of $10 million with it's unique classified script.

This clone script is a powerful, feature rich, easy to use, classified ads solution. Run your very own classifieds sites just like Craigslist, Loquo or GumTree. With our quick an hassle-free online installation, you can get your classifieds site up and running within minutes!

Q. Why this classified clone script?
A. As a site owner, you must be asking why you should be choosing our PHP classifieds software over the hundreds of classified scripts that already exist in market? The main reason is in fact very simple and straight forward, It has developed the software with the minds of the customers satisfaction. If you are looking not only to setup a classifieds site BUT at the same time, generating a steady stream of revenues, then you have come to the right place!

Sites like Craigslist and Loquo dominated the classifieds market mainly because of its straight-forward and user-friendly interface that makes posting and reading of classified ads easy and enjoyable. This is precisely why such classifieds websites are so popular amongst the online users as compared to the generic solutions offered by our competitors.

Craigslist Classified Clone 4.97

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"Invision Power Services, Inc."
We are pleased to announce Invision Power Board 3.0.0 Beta 4 is now available. Additionally, the following development releases are available in your client area to test:

* IP.Converge RC 1
* IP.Blog 2.0.0 Beta 2
* IP.Downloads 2.0.0 Beta 2
* IP.Gallery 3.0.0 Beta 2

The fourth beta release of IP.Board 3.0.0 is now available for download to those with current, active licenses to IP.Board. This fourth beta is only available to active license holders.

This is the fourth beta release so please take a moment and read this entire announcement before downloading.

* As this is a beta release there will be bugs and issues with the software. Please report any issues using our bug tracker. Before reporting please first quickly check to see if anyone has already reported your issue.
* This beta is encoded using IonCube. Beta releases are encoded so we can better control the release and ensure any reported problems are code-related and not due to modifications. Please ensure you are familiar with how to install IonCube encoded PHP software. The final version will not be encoded.
* Technical support is not available for this beta software.
* Do not use this software on a public install. Wait for the final series for your public installs.
* There may be no upgrade path between beta versions.
* You may upgrade from IP.Board 3.0.0 Beta 3, or from any pre-3.0.0 version of IP.Board.
* In general, only download and participate in the beta test if you are comfortable working with beta software.

Known Issues

* The AdminCP help system is still being populated and styled. The final version will be complete and look much more integrated. It will also be hidden by default.
* Subscription Manager is not included in this beta.
Orginal version: http://forums.invisionpower.com/topic/282151-invision-power-board-3-0-0-beta-4-released/

Polskie tłumaczenie (tłumaczenie: DawPi, http://forum.invisionize.pl/index.php?showtopic=2607):
W tym wydaniu zaprezentowano również:

* IP.Converge RC 1
* IP.Blog 2.0.0 Beta 2
* IP.Downloads 2.0.0 Beta 2
* IP.Gallery 3.0.0 Beta 2

Proszę przeczytać kilka poniższych informacji:

* Jako, że jest to produkt beta nadal znajdują się w nim błędy. Proszę raportować wszelkie w bug trackerze na forum IPSu. Przed tym należy się upewnić, że nikt wcześniej nie zgłosił identycznego błędu,
* Beta 4 jest kodowania IonCubem z powodu lepszej kontroli oraz pewności, że wszelkie błędy nie są spowodowane modyfikacjami, ale błędnym kodem źródłowym,
* Support techniczny nie jest dostępny dla tej wersji,
* Tej wersji nie należy używać na publicznych forach. Proszę poczekać na wersję finalną,
* Nie udostępnia się patchy uprgrade'ujących poszczególne wersję beta,
* Możesz wykonywać upgrade z poprzednich wersji forum,
* Generalnie pobierać betę powinni tylko te osoby co chcą.

Znane błędy/niedoróbki:

* Panel administracyjny nadal jest tworzony, system pomocy nadal nie jest dopracowany. W finalnej wersji będzie wyglądać bardziej zintegrowanie i będzie domyślnie ukryty,
* System subskrypcji nie jest dostępny w tej wersji.
Orginalna wersja (bez tłumaczenia): http://forums.invisionpower.com/topic/282151-invision-power-board-3-0-0-beta-4-released/

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Category: ---

AutoBlogger Version 2.4.22 [UGanet]

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Category: ---

Dating Pro 2009 by PG

100 % working & Nulled

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File: AjaxChat_v2.zip 2835 KB
File: Desktop_Skin.zip 32 KB
File: FLASHCHAT 5.zip 12011 KB
File: FacebookProfileCrawler.zip 6 KB
File: Flash-Gallery.zip 4644 KB
File: FlashBB_v119.zip 832 KB
File: FlashCard_v3.zip 9269 KB
File: FlashMaps_v110.zip 129 KB
File: FlashReport_v270.zip 2974 KB
File: Flash_Area.zip 293 KB
File: Flash_Guestbook_v201.zip 131 KB
File: GLink_v124.zip 2956 KB
File: GPix_Pixel_Ad _Script.zip 3112 KB
File: Gallery_Sample.zip 1084 KB
File: MP3_Player&Component.zip 4932 KB
File: Menu_Sample.zip 7 KB
File: MyBackup_v140.zip 533 KB
File: MyCard_v110.zip 12666 KB
File: Skinnable_WebRadio_Applet.zip 680 KB
File: Stock_Applets_Samples.zip 193 KB
File: Stock_Market_Applets.zip 193 KB
File: html2ps_v2042.zip 4027 KB
File: html2ps_v2112.zip 4101 KB
File: osDate_v218.zip 37850 KB
File: phpFlashMyAdmin.zip 691 KB
File: reader_samples.zip 189 KB

Total: 100MB

Scripts from tufat.com

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6 websites premium access Enjoy the accounts!

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30+ Premium Rapidshare Accounts

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Automagic tube v1.21 PHP nulled script

Automagic tube v1.21 PHP nulled script

Automagic tube v1.21 PHP nulled script

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activeCollab Corporate v1.1.4 PHP Nulled script

activeCollab Corporate v1.1.4 PHP Nulled script

ActiveCollab is a project management and collaboration tool that you can set up on your own website. Have an area where you can collaborate with your team, clients and contractors and keep projects on track while retaining full control over access permissions and your data.
Keep Projects on Track.Plan your projects and track their progress... activeCollab lets you assign tasks to people, define what is urgent. See what your team is doing and what they need to do, discuss stuff that you are working on and more.
Collaborate.Communicate with your team, clients, suppliers and everyone else you are working with in a friendly and an easy to use environment. Discuss and comment, receive email notifications, stay in touch. Everything is saved and available for future reference.
Take Control.Install activeCollab on your own server and keep complete control over your data. With a little bit of CSS magic you can completely change the look and feel of your activeCollab installation and make it match your website and visual identity.
Extend and Integrate.If you have special needs you will love activeCollab. Use plugins to extend the system and make it work exactly how you want it to. Feel free to integrate activeCollab with other tools and services through an API.


activeCollab Corporate v1.1.4 PHP Nulled script

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hey guys i got me hands on alot of stuff from http://www.phparcadescript.com/ from what i can see i have most of there scripts, i know there's games with some scripts to as i only had a little look but there was over ten templates in one script i seen alone....

i was runnings some tests on the site and this is what i come up with.....

AVA_Colors_Bright_Blue.rar 36 KB
AVA_Colors_Bright_Green.rar 40 KB
AVA_Colors_Bright_Red.rar 40 KB
AVA_Colors_Dark_Blue.rar 42 KB
AVA_Colors_Dark_Green.rar 43 KB
AVA_Colors_Dark_Red.rar 43 KB
AVA_Colors_Light_Blue.rar 42 KB
AVA_Colors_Light_Green.rar 40 KB
AVA_Colors_Light_Yellow.rar 42 KB
AVA_Colors_White.rar 42 KB
AVA_CounterStrike.rar 2206 KB
AVA_Simply_Blue.rar 71 KB
AVA_Simply_Brown.rar 86 KB
AVA_Simply_Green.rar 68 KB
AVA_Simply_Red.rar 66 KB
AVA_WoW.rar 4033 KB
ArcademLE2.64.zip 28015 KB
Avlicious.zip 333 KB
Avlicious2.zip 3504 KB
Beauty_Red.rar 41 KB
Bi_Color_Blue.rar 19 KB
Bi_Color_Brown.rar 19 KB
Bi_Color_Green.rar 33 KB
Bi_Color_Purple.rar 19 KB
ColorAqua.rar 54 KB
ColorBlue.rar 55 KB
ColorDarkBlue.rar 55 KB
ColorGrey.rar 52 KB
ColorOliveGreen.rar 55 KB
ColorOrange.rar 57 KB
ColorPink.rar 55 KB
ColorPurple.rar 54 KB
Elite_Blue.rar 29 KB
Elite_Blue_Violet.rar 29 KB
Elite_Dark_Blue.rar 31 KB
Elite_Green.rar 34 KB
Elite_Leaf_Green.rar 29 KB
Elite_Orange.rar 32 KB
Elite_Pink.rar 31 KB
Elite_Red.rar 31 KB
PH_Elite_Blue.rar 90 KB
PH_Elite_Blue_Violet.rar 90 KB
PH_Elite_Dark_Blue.rar 91 KB
PH_Elite_Green.rar 95 KB
PH_Elite_Leaf_Green.rar 90 KB
PH_Elite_Orange.rar 90 KB
PH_Elite_Pink.rar 90 KB
PH_Elite_Red.rar 89 KB
PH_Simply_Blue.rar 128 KB
PH_Simply_Brown.rar 143 KB
Purpleicious.zip 196 KB
YAS-1.02.zip 102 KB
av-arcade-v3.zip 818 KB
easyarcade-v1.2.zip 73 KB
ph-arcade.zip 7066 KB
php-quick-arcade-v3.5.zip 210 KB
wolvie1.zip 70 KB
wolvie2.zip 72 KB
wolvie3.zip 86 KB
wolvie4.zip 69 KB

Total Size: 73.7MB

Look Inside For more scripts i have posted some from tufat.com

Guys please Remember i can almost get Any file for a small price.....

If people could reupload this once they have there share that would be great laughing

Arcadescripts.Com Scrips, Templates & Files Riped By ScriptKing!

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Multiple File Upload v2 PHP script

The script has been built to allow you to upload multiple files in one upload form.
It comes with the following features:
- Ability to upload multiple files at once
- Keep file names or have random names assigned on the fly

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Free online games script (o*n*Arc*ade 2.2) nulled

o*n*Arc*ade is PHP and MySQL powered ar*cade script with many great features. Setting up your own arcade site with o*n*Arc*ade script is easy and takes less than 5 minutes, no need for Master's degree in Computer Science or professional programmers. Just upload our script, run easy to use installation script and start making money with your new ar*cade.

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Category: CMS (depraced!)

qooy.com (Clone)

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inselpix.com PHP Clone script

inselpix.com PHP Clone script


inselpix.com PHP Clone script

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Client Axis PHP nulled script

Client Axis is a client and project management script written in PHP. Commonly referred to as a "client area", Client Axis allows designers and design companies the ability to set up a section of their website in which they can input information about ongoing projects. After adding projects, a login can be added allowing clients the ability to log in and view the progress of their projects, tasks and files.

Customize the look and feel with a single CSS style sheet
Add all of your Clients to Client Axis to keep track of each
Add unlimited Users for each Client to allow multiple people to log in and view content
Add unlimited Projects for your Clients
Set access privileges for each Project, only allowing Admin Users you specify
Add individual Tasks to each Project, including milestones and progress of each
Assign Tasks to a specific Admin User
Create Admin Users to access Project controls for Independant Contractors or other Employees
Set Privileges for Admin and Client Users to specify what they can and cannot access
Create To Do Lists for Clients to ensure they know what is needed from them
Add internal Notes for Clients or Projects to recall important information
Integrated Help / FAQ section to input commonly asked questions
Post Messages to the Clients and allow them to reply, avoiding messy email coorespondance
Upload Files for the Client to access, including graphics, contracts, or other necessary documents
Ability to turn ON or OFF each section of Client Axis that you wish to utilize


Client Axis PHP nulled script

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shop-script pro v2.12 PHP nulled script



shop-script pro v2.12 PHP nulled script

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Category: CMS (depraced!)

Neagora.de | BrowserGame | Full Backup

Here's the original backup of Neagora.de, it is a fully functional backup of the site (FTP and MySQL), the installation is in a jiffy.

German Description of neagora.de
Neagora is hacked by [email protected] - ScriptzBase.org

Willkommen auf neagora.de

Neagora ist ein neues Browserspiel, das in einer fiktiven Zeit spielt. Zu Beginn startest du mit einem Charakter auf einem zufälligen und freien Land. Im Laufe des Spiels kannst du durch die verschiedensten Länder ziehen, Fähigkeiten erweitern und eigene Landstücke kaufen und ausbauen. Du bist auf der Suche nach unterschiedlichen und wertvollen Gegenständen. Unterwegs begegnest du anderen Spielern, stößt auf Gefahren, aber auch gemeinsam in einer Gruppe kannst du neue Gegenden erkunden und gemeinsam an Aufgaben herantrauen.
Es handelt sich ganz klar um ein BrowserGame, mit viele Administrations möglichkeiten, Installastion in Windeseile!

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AdultWatch Version 3.0 Released




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We are pleased to announce Invision Power Board 3.0.0 Beta 4 is now available. Additionally, the following development releases are available in your client area to test:

IP.Converge RC 1
IP.Blog 2.0.0 Beta 2
IP.Downloads 2.0.0 Beta 2
IP.Gallery 3.0.0 Beta 2

The fourth beta release of IP.Board 3.0.0 is now available for download to those with current, active licenses to IP.Board. This fourth beta is only available to active license holders.

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Cubecart 4.3.0




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Category: ---

Adbie Search Engine v3.5 CTR: 20%!!


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23 Premium Vbulletin Skins

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|| ##################################################################################### ||
|| # _____ __________ _ ____ _____ _____ ____ ____ ____ ____ _ _____# ||
|| # / ___// ____/ __ ()/ __ /_ __/ ___/ / | / __ / | / __ ()/ ___/# ||
|| # __ / / / /_/ // / /_/ / / / __ ____ / /| | / /_/ / /| | / /_/ // / / # ||
|| # ___/ / /___/ _ _// / ____/ / / ___/ /|____|/ ___ |/ _ _/ ___ |/ /_/ // / /___ # ||
|| #/____/____/_/ |_//_/_/ /_/ /____/ /_/ ||_/ |_/_/ ||_/___//_/____/ # ||
|| # # ||
|| #-------------------------------------------------------------------------------# ||
|| # SCRiPTS-ARABIC OFFICIAL RELEASE || Copyright 2009 # ||
|| #-------------------------------------------------------------------------------# ||
|| # # ||
|| #---------------------------------- iNFO SCRIPT ------------------------------------# ||
|| # NAME.............: vBulletin # ||
|| # VERSION..........: 3.8.1 PL1 / 3.7.5 PL1 / 3.6.12 PL1 # ||
|| # TYPE.............: Bulletin Board System # ||
|| # Homepage.........: www.vbulletin.com # ||
|| # SUPPLIED.........: SCRiPTS-ARABIC # ||
|| # NULLED BY........: SCRiPTS-ARABIC # ||
|| # TESTED BY........: SCRiPTS-ARABIC # ||
|| # PROTECTION.......: Removed # ||
|| # PRICE............: 100% FREE # ||
|| # RELEASE DATE.....: 03-05-2009 # ||
|| # ADDONS...........: n/a # ||
|| # # ||
|| #---------------------------------- DESCRiPTiON ------------------------------------# ||
|| # # ||
|| # vBulletin is a professional, affordable community forum solution. # ||
|| # Thousands of clients, including many industry leading blue chip # ||
|| # companies, have chosen vBulletin - It's the ideal choice for any # ||
|| # size of community. # ||
|| # # ||
|| #---------------------------------- iNFO VALIDATOR ---------------------------------# ||
|| # # ||
|| # Upload all files in BINARY mode. # ||
|| # Run validator.php before editing files to verify release. # ||
|| # Remove both files from server after checking and enjoy. # ||
|| # Remember, we include validator.php and checksums.md5 in our releases. # ||
|| # If you don't see these files, don't trust. # ||
|| # Do not modify validator.php. # ||
|| # # ||
|| #---------------------------------- iNFO KEYGEN ------------------------------------# ||
|| # Before installation or updating vBulletin you must: # ||
|| # # ||
|| # 1) Check the release with validator.php to make sure, that it does not # ||
|| # contain any changed files or just use our release without keygen. # ||
|| # 2) CHMOD all files 0777 to write the new data in them. # ||
|| # 3) Execute keygen.php # ||
|| # 4) Remove keygen.php from server after genering and enjoy. # ||
|| # # ||
|| # WARNING: DON'T FORGET to return CHMOD back beforه start using your # ||
|| # forum. It's safety requirement! # ||
|| ##################################################################################### ||

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