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Category: Plugins/Modules

20 Essential Wordpress Plugins AIO Pack So Far
20 Essential Wordpress Plugins AIO Pack So Far

WordPress Plugin: A WordPress Plugin is a program, or a set of one or more functions, written in the PHP scripting language, that adds a specific set of features or services to the WordPress weblog, which can be seamlessly integrated with the weblog using access points and methods provided by the WordPress Plugin Application Program Interface (API).

There are tons of Wordpress plugins out there. Some of them can be really helpful, while others are just a waste of disk space. Lets take a look at 20 really useful Wordpress plugins and why you should use them.

AIO Pack Include : Google XML Sitemaps, All in One SEO Pack, WordPress Database Backup, Contact Form 7, Google Analytics for WordPress, PXS Mail Form, WP e-Commerce, ShareThis, Redirection, Yet Another Related Posts Plugin, Sidebar Widgets, Get Recent Comments, Akismet, WP lightbox 2, Ultimate Tag Warrior 3, My Page Order, Adsense-Deluxe, Search Regex Plugin, Tweetmeme, WP-SpamFree Anti-Spam

More Detail here: https://groups.google.com/group/cocut/web/popular-wordpress-plugins

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Category: Plugins/Modules

EZ Autos motor vehicle listing softwareEZ Autos is an easy-to-use motor vehicle listing component for the Mambo/Joomla content management systems. Also, just because something is easy to use doesn't mean you have to settle for little in the way of features or a low-quality presentation that requires hours of custom modifications. EZ Autos was designed with presentation in mind - to make your sales listings look great! It also doesn't matter what sort of site you want to run - EZ Autos has the flexibility to run a site for your own listings, multi-dealer listings or a community sales portal offering free and/or paid listings - EZ Autos is PayPal IPN enabled to do it all!

It's orignal version can any body nulled it.

For further detail and other material you can contact me.

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Readymade 10,000 + Flash Games Website in just 60kb

Now start your own Flash Games Website.. No MySQL, No Space just PHP needed.
Screen Shot


Demo :

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AlstraSoft Products - all nulled

1. Alstrasoft E-Friends v3.0
2. Alstrasoft E-Friends v4.21
3. Alstrasoft E-Friends v4.96
4. Alstrasoft AdTracker Pro v1.0
5. Alstrasoft Epay Pro v2.0
6. Alstrasoft Epay Pro v2.0
7. Alstrasoft EPay Enterprise v3.5
8. Alstrasoft Affilate Network Pro v7.2
9. Alstrasoft Affilate Network Pro v7.4
10. Alstrasoft Template Seller Pro v3.21
11. Alstrasoft Template Seller Pro v3.21
12. Alstrasoft Template Seller Pro v3.25
13. Alstrasoft Anti-Spam v2.1
14. Alstrasoft Anti-Spam v2.1
15. Alstrasoft Domain Sponsors Pro v2.1
16. Alstrasoft FlyAds Pro v1.01
17. Alstrasoft Geo-Redirect Pro v102
18. Alstrasoft Live Support v1.20
19. Alstrasoft Live Support v1.21
20. Alstrasoft Text Link Exchange Pro v1.01
21. Alstrasoft Autoresponder Pro v2.0
22. Alstrasoft Autoresponder Pro v2.01
23. Alstrasoft Link Directory v1.0.2
24. Alstrasoft Site Uptime v5.0
25. Alstrasoft Enterprise v4.0
26. Alstrasoft Keyword Suggestion Tool Pro v.?
27. AlstraSoft SMS Text Messaging Enterprise v2.0
28. Alstrasoft Video Share Enterprise v4.0

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Two index files are included. One is a static, where you can customize the title with anything you would like (pictures, text, etc) and the menu as well. The other is a dynamic one, which reads from an XML file.
Advanced Menu
- All loaded via XML
- Each menu item has its own rollout and rollover Colors set in XML
- Title and Intro title (including settings menu text) loaded via XML (color too)
Intro Page
- User is able to choose fullscreen or normal size at start up
- Site is viewed at 100% X 100 %
- Option to go fullscreen at start up & in settings menu
Settings Menu
- Advanced music player all loaded via XML
- Displays Album Art
- Displays song name, artist, and album (scrollable if too long)
- Full controls W/ volume bar
- Fullscreen mode
- Background colors (choose from 4 different ones easy to change)
External SWF
- All pages under menu are loaded externally
- Very easy to edit
- Faster loading
- Page is always centered
Page is centered on resize
With Smooth ease (easy to change speed)
Right-Click menu
- Access to fullscreen / email / links
Size Listener
- When window size is smaller than required, window will come up and alert user.








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This script is used for competitions of hits, most of who won the single hits from the place properly, was developed by Mr_Andrey2000 for CS
It was tested and you and demo it works 100%

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Tall Street (Clone)(Full)

Is a new search engine concept where users make investments, with fictional money, in their favourite websites and the rankings are determined entirely by the users.

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Template DatalifeEngine  500 Mega Pack Dle.

175.6 Mb

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Glamourgallery - Flashtemplate
Glamourgallery - Flashtemplate

Glamourgallery - Flashtemplate

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Auto Rank ToplistX NULLED

ToplistX Feature List
ToplistX has all of the features you would expect in a standard toplist script. Below you will find a list of the major features included with ToplistX, however please don't consider this a complete list of features. Be sure to check out the demo to get a better idea of what all ToplistX can do, and please feel free to ask questions if you can't find what you're looking for.

Account Submissions
* Allow other webmasters to create accounts for your top sites list
* Close the account submission form at any time
* Accounts checked for the following during submission:
o Check that the site URL is working
o Check if URL forwards or redirects surfers
o Check for blacklisted items
o Check the length of the site title
o Check the length of the site description
o Check banner size by downloading the file
* Optionally allow webmasters to provide keywords with their account data
* Verification codes (CAPTCHA) can be used on the submission form to prevent spam submissions (GD required)
* Webmaster can optionally provide a banner for their account
o Banner can be downloaded to check dimensions and filesize
o Banner can be stored and served from your server for faster page loads
* Optionally require that submitters confirm their account through their e-mail address
* Optionally review accounts before they will become active in your top sites list
* Webmasters can optionally select a category which suits their site

General Account Features
* Each account can be assigned to a specific category
* Each account can have a banner assigned that can optionally be displayed with it in the top sites list
* User defined database fields allow you to collect and store any additional information about accounts that you like
* Accounts can be scanned at any time to make sure they are still working and following your rules
* Delete or suspend accounts at any time
* Lock accounts to prevent the site owner from editing the account settings

Statistics Tracking
* Two different tracking methods:
o Embedded: Sites send surfers directly to your site; click tracking script is embedded in your page(s)
o Unique link: A unique tracking link is provided to each account which they need to place on their site
* Embedded tracking method gives you better search engine ranking
* Software will track the number of surfers each member account sends to your site
* Both unique and raw clicks will be tracked
* Software will track the number of clicks that each surfer makes on your site
* Software tracks statistics for every hour for the past 24 hours
* Software tracks statistics for every day for the past 365 days
* Software tracks the number of visitors that you "owe" to each site so you can be sure to return traffic to them with skimming

Traffic Skimming

* Setup any link on your site for traffic skimming
* Set the percentage of clicks that will go to one of your member sites
* Remaining clicks will go to the URL passed to the skimming script
* Member site selected based on which one is owed the most
* Will not send a surfer to the same member site more than once
* Great for use with TGP sites

Powerful Control Panel
* Manage all aspects of your top sites list from the control panel
* Nearly all data is searchable and displayed paginated so you can locate items quickly
* Setup multiple control panel accounts so you can have others help you process accounts
* View statistics for each of your accounts
* Manage all of your top sites list pages and their templates
* Add new top sites list pages at any time
* Perform database backups
* Check for new versions of the software
* Run the account scanner at any time to check the accounts in your database
* Add a single account, setting all of it's configuration options
* Quick tasks interface to perform search-and-replace queries on your accounts, TGP pages, and page templates

* Setup as many categories as you like
* Each category can have it's own settings
* Each category can be set to accept picture or movie galleries or both
* Each category can be configured with a banner size that you allow
* Set the allowed site title length for each category
* Set the allowed site description length for each category
* Easily rename categories at any time
* Setup hidden categories that webmasters cannot select from, but from which you can maintain through the control panel

Toplist Pages
* Configure as many toplist pages as you like (within your server's hardware limits)
* Each toplist page can have it's own template so you can customize the design and accounts that are displayed
* Each toplist page can be configured to only display accounts from a specific category
* Extremely powerful template system to allow nearly any design imaginable
* Template wizard to help you generate the code needed to display accounts on your pages
* All generated pages are static so they don't cause excessive load on your server
* You choose the name and file extension for all of your toplist pages

Account Scanner (PHP CLI version required)
* Run the account scanner at any time to check up on the accounts in your database
* Make sure the accounts are still working
* Can be started through cron for automatic operation
* You select which accounts get scanned
* Report of galleries breaking your rules will be generated

End User Search Engine
* Surfers will be able to search for accounts based on the title, description and keywords they have set
* Surfers can limit searches to a specific category
* Search engine uses boolean mode search for powerful custom searches
* Caching system for common searches to reduce the load on your server

Integrated Ad Management/Rotation System
* Configure advertisements to display on your toplist pages
* Limit which categories advertisements can be displayed in
* Track the number of clicks your advertisements receive
* Advertisements can be rotated each time you build your toplist pages

Surfer Site Rating Feature
* Surfers can rate any of the accounts in your database
* Display the site's rating on the ranking page as a number, stars, or other methods
* Sort your sites by the ratings they have received

Surfer Submitted Account Comments
* Surfers can leave comments about any account in your database
* Comments can be viewed by other surfers
* Require that comments be approved before they are displayed
* Easily manage the comments through the software control panel
* Comments are checked against your blacklist

Ranking Images for Member Sites
* Each member can display an image on their site
* The image for the top ranked sites can include their current ranking
* You control how many of the top ranked sites will have their rank on the image

Review New Accounts
* Optional feature can be enabled at any time
* Be notified by e-mail when a new account is created
* Quickly make changes to an account before approving it
* Send approval e-mail to account when it is approved
* Send customized rejection e-mail to account if it is rejected

Review Account Editing
* Optional feature can be enabled at any time
* Be notified by e-mail when an account is edited
* See the old and new information side by side
* Reject or approve account editing at any time
* Helps keep your list clean

Cron Script Included (cron required)
* Allows you to rebuild your ranking pages at the times you specify
* Allows you to backup your database at the times you specify
* Reduce server load by handling statistic updates only when needed

* Assign specific icons to each account which are displayed on the ranking page
* New accounts can have an icon displayed next to them
* Icons can be displayed to show how the site has moved within the rankings

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is a unique carbon styled website template full with quality modules for you to enjoy (10 modules), the true power of XMLROYALE lies in the automatic swfAddress implementation, a very handy feature that automatically sets up the URL linking of a new section for you:

XMLROYALE ships with an advanced swfAddress parser wich substantionally simplifies the issue of deeplinking, The code takes care of setting up the swfAddress for you, meaning that the only thing required of you when adding pages is s to add and edit one line of text! SWFAddress means, besides making the back button available on Flash files, a great deal for things like internal page linking and SEO






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Category: CMS (depraced!)

PHPfileNavigator v2.3.3

PHPfileNavigator v2.3.3

PHPfileNavigator v2.3.3 is state-of-the-art, open source web based application to complete manage your files and folders.

It provides a powerful, reliable and easy web file management with a lots of cool features. Easy to install and configure, you can administrate your files and folders as easy as in your hard drive and access with strong security all over the net.


Download Link


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Category: CMS (depraced!)

Swoopo Telebid

Swoopo Telebid

Download Link


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Free video script download over here.

softreklam Video script V3 download
softreklam Video script V3 download

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Scarlett Wordpress Theme


This is an elegant theme designed for bloggers who like light colored or bright colored themes. This theme is suitable for any niche.The theme layout is stylish and dynamic contents elements are built into it.


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Urban View Wordpress Theme


This theme is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This theme is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.


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AudioShare V2.0.2


Download :

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cardshelf.com clone PHP nulled script

cardshelf.com clone PHP nulled script


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GMail Clone - Jilmail webmail

Download Link:


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Category: CMS (depraced!)

29 July 2009

Imagevuex X2.1.4 FileCount, PHP5.3, FLV and other

This is small release with file count auto-update and some small fixes:

GENERAL: File count is auto-updated now when uploading images by ftp
GENERAL: Speedup when working with FLV
GENERAL: PHP5.3 Compatible
FRONTEND: Some SWFAddress Fixes
FRONTEND: Shadow fix
ADMIN: Logout bug fixed


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Best eMail Scripts Pack (Php-ASP-Perl)

Email Systems(Scripts) Asp - Mailing List (Ms Access).zip
Email Systems1-2-All Broadcast E-mail.nulled.by.[GTT].zip
Email Systems12-all v3. - Email marketing software12-all v3.
Email Systems12-all v3. - Email marketing software
Email Systems12-all v3. - Email marketing software.rar
Email [email protected] 3.1.zip
Email [email protected] 3[1].1.rar
Email [email protected] 3[1].1.zip
Email [email protected] Full lo-am4.zip
Email [email protected] v3.0.zip
Email [email protected] v4.0 Pro.zip
Email [email protected] v4.0.zip
Email [email protected] v4[1][1].0 Pro.rar
Email [email protected] v4[1][1][1].0 Pro.rar
Email [email protected]_3.1.zip
Email [email protected]_v4.0_Pro.zip
Email SystemsAdesFormMail_v2.1.rar
Email Systemsadvancedmail_software.com.zip
Email SystemsAlias Mail v1.15.zip
Email SystemsAlias Mailv010.zip
Email Systemsalias-mail v1.0.zip
Email Systemsalias-mail v1.01.zip
Email Systemsaliasmail.zip
Email SystemsaMail 2.0.zip
Email Systemsanonmail.zip
Email Systemsanonmail_software.com.zip
Email Systemsanonymousemailer.zip
Email SystemsAtMail v4.0.Pro.rar
Email Systemsatmail31.zip
Email Systemsatmaildemo-unix-364.tgz
Email SystemsAutoMail Lite Version 1.0.zip

Email Systemsautomail.zip
Email SystemsAutomatic Mailing List.zip
Email SystemsB1Gmail v6.2.1 Php Null Incl Keygen-Scriptmafia.zip
Email Systemsb1gmail-5[1].0.0.zip
Email SystemsBluePortal.org_AdesFormMail_2.2.zip
Email Systemscgimailer 1.20.zip
Email SystemsClassEmail.zip
Email SystemsClassEmail.zip.txt
Email Systemscommunity mail.zip
Email Systemscyclonic web-mail engine v3.0e.zip
Email SystemsCyclonic_Web-Mail_Engine_v3.0_ Enterprise Edition.zip
Email SystemsDiesel.Paid.Mail.v1.2.PHP.NULL-WDYL.rar
Email SystemsDSNewsletter.zip
Email SystemsDTP-E-mail.zip
Email SystemsDWMail.v3.63.PHP.NULL-DGT.zip
Email Systemsdwmail_3[1].4.5_nulled.zip
Email Systemsemail cash plus - version 3.0.tar
Email SystemsEmail Cash Plus.zip
Email SystemsEmail Form Processor Pro v4.0.1 Php Null-Wdyl.rar
Email Systemsemail harvester v3.1.zip
Email Systemsemail subscribe system.zip
Email SystemsEmail The File Version 1.0.zip
Email SystemsEMail.Form.Processor.Pro.v4.0.1.PHP.NULL-WDYL.rar
Email Systemsemail.zip
Email Systemsemailer.zip
Email Systemsemailsubscribesystem.zip
Email Systemsemail_organizer_v2_by almuslet.zip
Email SystemsEmuWebmail-6.0.1-bundle.zip
Email SystemsEReminders_release-0.93.RC1.tar.gz
Email SystemsFile Mail.zip
Email Systemsfilemailer.zip
Email SystemsForm-Mail 2000 For Authorize.net V3.0 or Syntax Verify.tar
Email Systemsform-mail-2000 v3.1.zip
Email Systemsformmail.zip
Email Systemsformmail1.zip
Email Systemsformmailreplicator.tar
Email Systemsfusioncontact_1_Final.zip
Email SystemsGMail-2.1.1.rar
Email SystemsGMail-3.0.0-en.zip
Email Systemsgmail.zip
Email Systemsgmailer120.zip
Email SystemsGroup Mailer Version 1.2.zip
Email SystemsHivemail 1.31 Nulled WDYL-WTN.zip
Email SystemsHiveMail.v1.30.Beta.2.English.Retail.zip
Email SystemsIndexsoft.Intuitive.Mailer.v1.95.CGI.NULL-DGT.zip
Email SystemsiPaidEmail_v1c.rar
Email Systemslibmail.zip
Email SystemsMail 3.1.zip
Email SystemsMail Machine v3.975.zip
Email Systemsmail.rar
Email Systemsmail.zip
Email Systemsmailarchiver.zip
Email Systemsmailclean.zip
Email Systemsmailist.zip
Email Systemsmaillist1[1].2.zip
Email Systemsmailmachine.zip
Email Systemsmailman professional edition v3.0.22.zip
Email Systemsmailman v3.019.zip
Email SystemsMAILMAN Version 3.0.tar
Email Systemsmailman.tar
Email Systemsmailnow.zip
Email Systemsmailnow1.1.zip
Email SystemsMailWorks.Professional.v4.0.9b.PHP.NULL-WDYL.rar
Email SystemsMailWorksPro_v1.2n.zip
Email Systemsmailworld_v10.zip
Email SystemsMasterWebpageMailer Version 1.0.zip
Email Systemsmasterwebpagemailer.zip
Email Systemsmax-email v3.01 nullified.rar
Email Systemsmessaging.zip
Email Systemsmimemailer2.tar
Email SystemsMultiMail.zip
Email SystemsmyAgenda-v.1.1.zip
Email SystemsMyMail.zip
Email Systemsnice11mail.zip
Email SystemsOcteth Email Manager Pro V3.0.5.0.rar
Email SystemsPaidEmail Script.rar
Email Systemspcbulkmail.zip
Email SystemsPHP-Paidmail.v1.00.Nullified.zip
Email SystemsPHP-Paidmail[1].v1.00.Nullified.rar
Email SystemsPHPJayMailv1.rar
Email Systemsphpmail.zip
Email SystemsphpMailNotification-
Email SystemsphpMailNotification-
Email Systemspowermailinglist.zip
Email Systemspuremaillist.zip
Email [email protected] 3[1].1.rar
Email Systemsrelatamail-0.6.9.tar.gz
Email SystemsRobMail v2.04b.zip
Email Systemsrobmailinglist.zip
Email Systemssafermail-PHP.zip
Email SystemsSocketMail.Pro.v2.2.1.stable.nulled.by.[GTT].rar
Email SystemsSocketMail.Wap.addon.Pro.v1.0.0.nulled.by.[GTT].zip
Email SystemsSocketMail.Wap.module.Pro.v1.0.0.PHP.NULL-GTT.zip
Email Systemssocketmaillite(n).zip
Email Systemssocketmaillite.zip
Email Systemssocketmaillite_2.2.nulled.wst.rar
Email SystemsSocketMailPro2.2.0.WST.rar
Email SystemsSocketmail_Pro_v2[1][1].2.1_Php_Null-Gtt.rar
Email Systemssocketmail_wap_lite_080604_100f.zip
Email Systemssupernews email extractor v2.0.tar
Email SystemsSUPERNEWS EMAIL EXTRACTOR Version 2.0.tar
Email SystemsSuscribe Me Lite 2.03 Mailing List.zip
Email Systemstinkermailer.zip
Email SystemsUSENET EMAIL EXTRACTOR Version 2.0.tar
Email SystemsUsenet Email Extractor.tar
Email Systemsvismail30e.zip
Email SystemsVISUALMAIL 3.0.zip
Email Systemsvisualmail-3.0e.zip
Email SystemsWeb Mail v1.4.zip
Email SystemsWeb Mail v2.0.zip
Email Systemswebdesignmailinglist.zip
Email Systemswebmail.zip
Email SystemsWebMailer Pro.zip

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Multilangual. User Friendly. Fast.

Cool (Ajax) Google Search


Download link:

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CometChat is the first integrated inline chat script which works straight from your website. Increase interactivity by allowing your users to chat with their friends/online users and in-exchange keep them on your site.


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Gamigo DLE Template Full English

Gamigo DLE Template Full English

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Hi , with this script you have builad a advanced online store
OSCommerce shop script

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Voodoo Chat v.1.2 RC 1

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Category: CMS (depraced!)

DataLife Engine v.8.2 Nulled by M.I.D-Team

DataLife Engine v.8.2 - , . , , . , . . DataLife Engine - . - . , . AJAX , .

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Dernek.ba CMS

Dernek.ba CMS script + database

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Interspire Shopping Cart 5.0.6 "any Edition" Edition Nulled By Lox

No Other Shopping Cart Software is So Easy to Use

Interspire Shopping Cart was designed with you, the store owner in mind. It runs from your web browser and can be completely customized without editing any HTML files. Combine this with unmatched ease-of-use, built-in marketing tools and business intelligence, and you have fully-featured shopping cart software that contains everything you need to succeed online.

* Be Up and Running in Minutes
* Choose one of the included store designs, type the text for your logo and you're new store is live! Easy-To-Use
* Control Panel
* Manage every aspect of your store from the Interspire Shopping Cart control panel in your browser. Customize Your
* Entire Store
* Use drag and drop to customize your store from your browser. No code changes required! Built-In Business
* Intelligence
* Conversion rates, best selling products, top customers - It's all here.

Important Features at a Glance

* Beautiful Store Designs
* Automatic Google Base Updates
* Choose from dozens of industry-specific, professionally designed store layouts.
* Drag & Drop Design Mode
* Arrange your store how you like it using just the mouse. No HTML knowledge required.
* Easy Shipping & Payment Setup
* Integrate your store with all major providers including UPS, PayPal and Google Checkout.
* Built-In Inventory Tracking
* Choose from multiple inventory tracking options, all tied into your order system.
* Sell Physical & Digital Items
* Flexible products system make it easy to sell everything from t-shirts to eBooks.
* Extensive Use of AJAX
* Near instant page loads make it easier for you and your shoppers to get things done.
* Advanced Product Variations
* Create product variations (such as different colors and sizes) in just a few clicks.
* Integrate With Interspire Products
* Add email marketing and self-serve FAQ's to your store with just a few clicks.
* Integrates With Popular Payment and Shipping Providers
* Interspire Shopping Cart integrates with the world's most popular payment and shipping providers, including Google Checkout, PayPal, UPS, USPS and FedEx. For a complete list of supported payment and shipping providers, see the CODE

Learn More About Interspire Shopping Cart
To see Interspire Shopping Cart in action, try the CODE
. You can also watch the CODE
, see CODE
running Interspire Shopping Cart or take a look at the dozens of included CODE

that are quick and easy to customize directly from your browser.

Whats new in V5?
Interspire Shopping Cart 5.0 includes features which make it easier for you to sell more from your online store. New features such as discount rules, agree to terms and conditions before checkout, custom form fields and delivery/event dates mean Interspire Shopping Cart 5.0 is the only e-commerce software you need to sell anything online.

A summary of new features is shown below but we recommend watching the what's new video to see these features in action. We believe that Interspire Shopping Cart 5.0 is the easiest-to-use and most fully-featured shopping cart software you'll find anywhere.

Entice Customers to Spend More With Discount Rules
Discount rules allow you to run automated store-wide promotions and special offers, such as "Buy One, Get One Free", "Get $10 off When You Spend Over $100" or "Buy 5 Items and Get Free Shipping".

The discount rules system is extremely flexible and optionally you can stack rules on top of each other so they run in sequence, applying multiple discounts for one order. You can of course disable rule stacking too.

Available rules include:

* Buy X items get free shipping
* Free shipping on orders over $X
* Get an $X discount on orders of $Y or more
* $X discount for repeat customers
* X% discount for repeat customers
* Buy one get one free
* Buy one get something else free
* Get X% off all items in one/more categories

Add Your Own Fields to the Signup Process
Custom form fields allow you to create as many new fields as you like to display on forms which your shoppers fill out, such as when registering for a new account or when creating a new address in their address book.

The custom form field data appears in the customer's profile both from their "My Account" page and in your store's control panel. You can also re-arrange the appearance of the form fields using drag and drop. You can create the following field types:

* Checkboxes
* Date fields
* Multi-line text fields
* Numbers only fields
* Password fields
* Radio buttons
* Text fields
* Pick lists

Agree to Terms & Conditions During Checkout
One of the biggest feature requests was the ability to make customers agree to terms and conditions during the checkout process.

We designed this feature so you could type in your own terms and conditions or link to an existing page on your website.

Tabs on Product Pages
Product tabs make it easier to display a large amount of information about a product without scrolling. You can switch between tabs instantly (no page reloading) and they can also be disabled from the control panel.

Re-Ordering From a Previous Purchase
Once a customer has placed an order, they can now re-order those same items from their "My Account" section. All previously selected information, such as variations and configurable fields are persisted and the items are added straight to their cart.

They can choose to re-order just a few items, or they can re-order everything from their previous order - in just one click.

Export to Any Order/Accounting System
By default Interspire Shopping Cart 5.0 has integrated support for Intuit QuickBooks and also native export support to MYOB and Peachtree, but it takes just a few minutes to create your own export template for whichever accounting and/or order management system you use, including StoneEdge.

You can choose which fields are exported and in which order (drag and drop), specify field delimiters and more. Export templates can be created for orders, products and customers.

Add Multiple Products to Your Cart At Once
Instead of having to click through to view a product then add it to your cart, you can now add multiple items to your cart at once from any category page. Simply type in (or choose from a dropdown, depending on your settings) the quantity to buy and hit the "Add to Cart" button! This option can also be disabled from the settings page.

The Any Edition - Edition
Choose your edtion from the setting page in your admin panel!

The multi-vendor edition allows one store to sell products from multiple vendors, and each vendor can manage their own products, inventory, process their own orders, etc.
The multi-vendor edition includes a granular vendor-level permissions system, per-vendor reporting and accounting features, powerful per-vendor shipping zone setup and customization, vendor profiles and more.

The Ultimate Edition will give you more power over discount features.

Includes: Nulled Script + Templates

Release Information:
This release allows you to select your licensed edition from the admin settings page
It comes also with all templates for ISC V5.0.6
All callbacks are removed to Interspire / BuilderTemplates / Version Check
All external links are masked for your security.
Measures have been taken to monitor leaks
SFV File included to verify release

The Link :

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