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Nulled.org Software SEOMAFiA URL Shortener Money for webmaster

Sharemafia Nulled
by Joy and mkei85 2009 (April)

SUpplier: Joy
Fixes: Joy (stream.php, htaccess,...)
Nulled: Joy and mkei85

First Nulled by Joy at Mega3gp.com.
-has callback.
-direct link.
-need proper license key.

Second Nulled by mkei85 at sharemafia.com (100% Nulled)
-all external link wrapped by anonym.com.
-version update callback removed.
-license check removed.(no license required. Just type anything!).

Thanks again to Joy at Mega3gp.com for point me to completed this nulled version.

As credit i keep some of your mega3gp site link in templates.

Some file still in ioncube format. But dont worry about that.

1) Unpack zip file
2) Edit .htaccess and set YOUR-SITE-NAME to your site name.
3) Upload all files to your server
4) CHMOD these files and folders to 775






5) Create a mysql database from your hosting cpanel in case of a new install
6) Browse to... OpenDNS

7) If you get an ioncube error message, browse to OpenDNS
and follow the instructions on how to configure ioncube on your server/hosting

Or else go to step 7

8) Follow Prismotube Installation Instructions...

9) IMPORTANT: Login to your admin area => OpenDNS
- Change the "Website Url" value to your current installation URL under the"Main Settings" tab and save the settings

10) Add new categories / keywords within the admin area under modules/categories
(At least 1 category to make the site work properly)



Original Site:

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This is clone of WWW.BDTRANSCOM.RO !
With this clone you can made a tractation auto !



Password: scripturile.hi2.ro


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Category: Plugins/Modules

JomSocial Profile Pro is an extension similar to Community Builder Profile Pro. It brings the power of visual profile customizing to JomSocial users. With this extension you have endless posibilities of designing JomSocial profile pages and customizing user information layout on them. You have the ability to manage your profile pages visually, as you do it with an usual article.
Get rid of standard design and layout, create profile pages with unique, non-standart and user-fiendly appearance. The only restriction in customizing a profile page is your own imagination.

Create profile pages easily and quickly. No more have to deal with CSS stylesheet files, create your custom design and layout directly in Joomla WYSIWYG editor: what you see when you edit a profile page is what you get right after you click the save button.

Insert HTML, PHP, Java or any other code into user profile page (it can be an advertising banner, adsense code, complicated visitor counter, etc.). Even a joomla module can be published.

Create unlimited number of profile pages and let your users choose between them. This is great for social network sites and sites where you have different groups of member with different fields.
Jomtube 1.0.8 Full with all plugin

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Category: CMS (depraced!)

Auto Shop Script

It is the best way to make The best auto shop ;)

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Category: Plugins/Modules

Jomtube 1.0.8 Full with all plugin

omTube Video Gallery is the most Powerful Video Extension made for Joomla 1.5x Content Management System (Joomla Video Component) which will allow you to transform your Website into a professional looking Video Gallery with functionality that is similar to YouTube.com. JomTube Video Gallery extension video gallery and has been created specifically for the Joomla 1.5x (MVC) Framework and can not be used without Joomla 1.5x as Jomtube is an extension of Joomla and not a stand alone application.
Frontend Main Features

* Users can upload videos from their own computers using Flash Uploader
* Third-Party Remote Video Plugin Support From Frontend
* JomTube Video Gallery uses FFMPEG, FFMPEG-PHP, MENCODER to convert Uploaded videos to flash videos
* Videos are organized and displayed into YouTube Style video gallery
* Frontend appearance can be changed using Template Plugins
* List Videos By Newest, Most Viewed, Hight Rated, Featured
* Detailed Category Listing System
* Users Can Rate Videos
* Users Can Comment About Video JomComment Integration Option
* Multi-language support
* Module Support For Newest, Featured, Highest Rated, Most Viewed Videos
* Options For Custom Module Position In The Component With Power to Adjust the Width and Size Making Your Layout Unique

Backend Main Features

* Add, Delete And Edit Categories/SubCategories
* LOCAL Batch Uploading of your Videos in .FLV Format
* Third-Party Remote Video Plugin Support
* Auto Creation Of Thumbnails With FFMPEG For Local Videos
* JW Player Intergration And Skin Support
* Manage Video lists and Edit facilities
* Manage Category lists and Edit facilities
* H.264 Codec Conversion Support .MP4
* User can Disable FFMPEG and FFMPEG-PHP
* Jomtube can run on a Server without FFMPEG and FFMPEG-PHP and you can manually add the thumbnails.
* Import Remote Videos from hwdMediaShare
* Import Remote Videos from Seyret
* Flash Uploader to Making Uploading Videos for Local Conversion
* supports the mpg, mpeg, avi, divx, mp4, flv, wmv, rm, mov, moov, asf, swf and vob video formats.

More info:


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Category: Plugins/Modules

Cool little plugin to show your users friends, or friends...or people they may know.
like in facebook

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Category: Plugins/Modules

Ask The Community Plugin

This is a big requested feature, and while it is made for SE, with some tweaking, it works for all versions,

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Category: Plugins/Modules

This plugin allows you to let your user subscribe and charge for subscription package on your social network.

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Give your SocialEngine installation a fresh, new look with Vortex.
Social Engine Vortex Blue Template

Some of the template's features include:
-Compatible with SocialEngine 3.14+
-Slick, Web 2.0 Style
-Easy to install with instructions
-Collapsible advertisement modules
-Classic SocialEngine 3-column homepage layout
-*New* 3D boxes for homepage layout
-Tested in IE6, IE7, IE 8, Firefox 2, Firefox 3, Safari, Opera
-Logo PSD file and font file included to customize logo included

This template is compatible with:
1. SE 3.14
2. SE 3.15
3. SE 3.16
4. SE 3.17


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FlashLoaded flash CMS Pro

FlashLoaded fCMSPro
This pro version of our fCMS component is a full Flash Content Management System which allows you to design, edit and update your web pages without ever leaving your browser window. The exciting new template based system allows you to add and delete pages dynamically. The content of your Flash site is also fully indexable and searchable by search engines. Using the advanced backend templating system, you can also create dynamically generated RSS feeds of the content of your Flash website. Price: $299 (per website
Hi boys ,I now that a lot of us are searching this for a long time and here it is but there is a catch this is not Nulled( fCMS Pro, but with out any licence file) so if there is someone to null it and post a nulled version after it will be nice


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Category: CMS (depraced!)

Clan CMS Nulled And working

CCMS is a new generation clan content management system, we offer a unique and original service to clans around the world. With a huge team of developers and designers we can bring the best possible products to our members for a good price.

CCMS was made by Glen Hughes in late 2007. Glen had been getting many clients asking for custom clan websites to be made due to the lack of pre made content management systems being available at the time.

With one intention in mind the CCMS was developed to suit everyone's needs and the cms was built from feedback and research to guarantee the correct results.

CCMS was developed to be complety aimed for gamers. We have added every possible feature a clan could need to have a great web site for them and they're teams.

More info:

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All DMXReady Scripts (more than 1500$ worth scripts)
All DMXReady Scripts (more than 1500$ worth scripts)
Faqs Manager 1.0 / $49.99
Links Manager 1.0 / $49.99
Photo Gallery Manager 1.0 / $69.99
Document Library Manager 1.0 / $69.99
Polling Booth Manager 1.0 / $69.99
Job Listing Manager 1.0 / $99.99
Event Listing Manager 1.0 / $99.99
Mailing List Manager 1.0 / $99.99
Contact Us Manager 1.0 / $99.99
Registration Manager 1.0 / $99.99
Account List Manager 1.0 / $99.99
Billboard Manager 1.0 / $99.99
News Manager 1.0 / $129.99
Secure Login Manager 1.0 / $129.99
Classified Listings Manager 1.0 / $169.99
PayPal Store Manager 1.0 / $189.99
Member Directory Manager 1.0 / $229.99
Site Chassis Manager 1.0 / $249.99
Catalog Manager 1.0 / $249.99
Addons for the Above ($25 each!):
Account List Manager (2)
Catalog Manager (4)
Document Library Manager (3)
Event Listing Manager (7)
Faqs Manager (2)
Job Listing Manager (3)
Links Manager (2)
Mailing List Manager (1)
Member Directory Manager (1)
News Manager (3)
PayPal Store Manager (3)
Photo Gallery Manager (
Polling Booth Manager (2)
Registration Manager (3)
Site Chassis Manager (1)

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Sketchbook Portfolio & Blog WordPress Theme

Sketchbook was created with the online professional in mind and is geared towards an online showcase of blog and portfolio for the creative individual.
This theme comes with a few custom options, such as you can select if you would like an overall light clean airy feel (view the screenshots), or if you would like a more bold dark impressive look and feel. This theme also comes with the feature of 6 built in header color options to choose from by default. The homepage is complimented with a billboard type javascript featured portfolio items area to showcase your latest work right away for your visitors. This feature will display the 10 most recent portfolio posts along with that portfolio items image. The homepage will also display your 3 most recent blog posts below with the option to modify the number of posts you would like to have displayed in this area.

Features Include

* javascript Based Featured Area on Homepage
* 2 Column Tabless (CSS Layout)
* Sidebar Widget Ready
* Valid CSS and XHTML
* Browser compatibility: All Major Browsers
* Seperate Portfolio Section
* Seperate Blogging Section
* Sidebar About Me Widget
* 6 Built In Selectable Color Settings
* And Much More


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Rockettheme Affinity 2009 July

Template name: Affinity
Copyright Business: RocketTheme business templates
Version of the application: Joomla 1.5.x
Live Demo:

Files (21MB):

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SuperBlogger v1.0 (JoomlaWorx)

SuperBlogger is a new powerful plugin adding blogging functionality to Joomla! 1.5 articles, from JoomlaWorks. The plugin integrates popular services like Disqus.com (for comments) and Twitter, along with commonly used blogging tools like tagging, rating, bookmarking and social media sharing. Add to that MVC template overrides and the ability to process images server-side and and you got a real Wordpress contender, if not better in some areas!

SuperBlogger's features can easily be set in the plugin's parameters, so you can choose which elements you want to make use of in your Joomla! website.

We have added unique styling to Refraction, for the plugin's output to be seamlessly integrated. However, please note that it is a commercial plugin and is available for 7 Euros.

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The Refraction Joomla 1.5 template has been updated with some bug fixes for IE6 and IE7 as well as background color tweaks, module updates, and an added feature to toggle fixed or scrolling background images.
Joomla 1.5
Version: 1.5.1
Low impact XSS vulnerability patch
Color adjustments for styles 5 and 6
RokBox close button fix
Various IE6 and IE7 tweaks
Added fixed background option
Fixes for RokTwittie caching and other warnings and issues
Changed Files (template) - Located in the /templates/rt_refraction_j15 directory upon installation:
There is also an update to the admin language file included in the above list. If you have already installed the template, you can update the "en-GB.tpl_rt_refraction_j15.ini" file by going to the /administrator/language/en-GB directory of your joomla installation and replacing the existing file with the one from the latest template release located in /templates/rt_refraction_j15/admin.
Extensions Updates
RokNewsPager - version 0.5
The RokNewsPager has been updated to include cache fixes. If you have already installed this module or used the previous RocketLauncher package, you can update this manually by updating the following file using the latest extensions package or RocketLauncher package:

Changed Files (RokNewsPager module) - located in the /modules/mod_roknewspager directory of your Joomla installation if already installed:
RokTwittie - version 0.2
The RokTwittie module has been updated to fix cache issues as well as warnings and errors when multiple instances of the module is used. If you have already installed this plugin or used the previous RocketLauncher package, you can update this manually by updating the following file using the latest extensions package or RocketLauncher package:

Changed Files (RokTwittie module) - located in the /modules/mod_roktwittie/ directory of your Joomla installation if already installed:

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Category: ---

Warez-porn.com Database Backup


Threads: 18,507
Posts: 40,855
Members: 6,711

Download Link


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Category: ---

Vbulletin V3.8.4 nulled script

vBulletin is a professional, affordable community forum solution. Thousands of clients, including many industry leading blue chip companies, have chosen vBulletin - It's the ideal choice for any size of community.
Making your site a hub for information and discussion encourages visitors to return again and again. It's also a highly effective way of improving your service to customers or users of your website. Our dedicated development team constantly strives to keep vBulletin at the forefront of new Internet innovations, while always keeping an eye on security and performance.

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Elevate2 joomla template

Following our popular Elevate template comes Elevate2. Artists, healers, alternative service providers (in fact, anyone seeking a simple, uncluttered interface) will be drawn to this beautiful template.

Elevate2 is a tableless Joomla 1.5 template that makes it easy to manage, grow and internationalise your shop, blog, portal or gallery. It comes with a custom template for the amazing new blogging plugin by Joomla Works called Super Blogger, a reworked version of our jTweet module and two new modules. The prettySlider gallery module will have your images sliding and fading in no time, while the captifyContent module will display site sections and categories like nothing before.

Subtle, smoky backgrounds and hinted borders unite with 46! module positions to create a serene yet powerful package to delight your target audience.

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Your site will host the best of blogging and social networking rolled into one, as a microblog. Users will sign up at your service and begin posting their ramblings in minutes. All other users will be able to instantly see and follow their favorite microblogs on your microblog host. Give your users the freedom to express themselves and the heartwarming experience of friendship online. It is similar to twitter, but it is all yours and you decide what it looks like and how it runs. Everything is in your control when you use x10 Micro Blog Community to run your own microblog host.
more info:


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Category: CMS (depraced!)

PHP Melody is different from all other video CMS products. We have created a fast, dynamic and easy to use application called PHP Melody. The positive response we received in the past 18 months is an indication were doing a good job.

More info:


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run you niche video site

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All MySpace Scripts from M2Scripts.com
run your own myspace custom site

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MediaShareSuite 2.1 Nulled
demo -

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Category: Plugins/Modules

Plinnger Module For Pligg 9.5 and Pligg 1.x

ping more than 20 search engine

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Category: CMS (depraced!)

Datalife Engine v8.2 Final Release Full English

1. Added option of printing processing, this feature allows you to automatically prepare the Russian text to the web edition. For example the quotes will be replaced by herringbone, exhibited correct apostrophes in names, the use of long dashes instead of hyphens, the grounds will be inserted continuous spaces, handling embedded quotes and much more. This tool is not a complete substitute for manual labor coder, but it can reduce the work up to 90%, which is very convenient.

2. Improvements for the tag (include file = "mytemplate.tpl"). This tag allows you to not only connect the template file, but also connect to third-party template modules for DLE, as well as third-party scripts are not related to DLE. For example to connect the side of the module in a template you can use the tag (include file = "engine / modules / mymod.php") the result of the tag will be the script mymod.php, located in a directory engine / modules /. You can also run scripts with parameters, eg (include file = "engine / modules / mymod.php? Param = value1 & test = value2"), thus you can create modules that can be managed directly from the template and, depending on various parameters, output different information. Using this method of connection mode, allows the upgrade script in the future to the new version does not reinstall modules. They themselves will be automatically logged out of your template. Use of this tag is possible in all files of templates. For general security script, the only restriction on the connection file is a ban on the location of the file in a folder that is available for recording. For example plug mod, can not be located in the Templates folder for example. More details about this connection, see the documentation for the script.

3. Added the ability to integrate third-party modules in the control panel script without making any changes to the script file. To this was added an additional table in a database for storing information on the side of the module. More details on the format of the table you'll be able to read the documentation for the script.

4. Added automatic support for safe mode PHP (SafeMode), downloading images from the server. Thanks to the support folder, no longer need to create manually using the FTP manager.

5. Added the ability to quickly edit a user profile when editing it in the news adminpaneli. In doing so, you can delete or banned user include news, not going to edit a section of users.

6. In Control Panel, the script added the function to check the conformity of your server mininimalnym requirements of the script. Previously this was carried out only during the installation script. A new feature allows the script automatically diagnose possible problems after you move the script to another server when the installation script is not made.

7. When downloading images added to the automatic control of possible errors. And if you have a problem downloading a message not only that it was impossible to download files, but the reason for which the problem occurred. Thus, in most cases you can fix the problem without recourse to support those.

8. For the spoiler tag added graphical indicators show open or closed with hidden text. Graphic izoborazheniya are in the site templates, so each pattern has the ability to customize the image.

9. In the short patterns and full news (shortstory.tpl, fullstory.tpl) added the following tags: [fixed] text [/ fixed] - displays the text in the tags if the news is fixed, [not-fixed] text [/ not-fixed] -- displays the text in the tags if the news was not recorded. In doing so, the new tags, you can make different design news site, with the output recorded by the news.

10. In setting the script added the opportunity to activate or deactivate the darkening background of the overall site, while increasing the thumbnail picture to the original. To set the background class is used CSS. Highslide-dimming

11. Added a new mode "Gallery" when viewing small images uploaded to the site to the news. This mode is included in your script. If you turn this mode on the original image shows the menu navigation, which allows you to run a slideshow of pictures, show the next or previous image, etc.

Safari Park:)))
12. Added possibility to set annotations and descriptions for the reduced images. When specifying the tag to thumb their own description, with an increase to the original image, the description will be displayed in a convenient format for the image. Self-description is given in the options tag, eg:

[center] [thumb = | Safari Park :)))] http://dle-news.ru/uploads/posts/2009-07/1247204650_img_3704.jpg [/ thumb] [/ center]
Example of use, you can see by clicking on the image above.

13. Perhaps the most anticipated feature. Added possibility to set to reduce the downloadable copy of the image not only the maximum size of one of the parties beyond which you will create a small copy, but also the size of the parties (the width and height) of the reduced image. This ratio images will be saved, and the image clipped by these dimensions. Moreover, in case if any of the parties to the original image is less than the specified size, the image will be proportionally increased to the opposite of that size. Examples of work for this function, you can see above, published three pictures of different size and orientation, while they were automatically reduced to the rectangular size of 200x200. This innovation, together with the two mentioned above, allows you to organize your news beautiful pictures of the downloaded images.

14. When you log in adminpanel script added the possibility of choosing the language. Thus, users with administrative panel may choose the language they will use it.

15. Added the ability to assign categories of your own meta tag Title.

16. Now it is possible to use in mass communications tag (% user%) in the message body, which will be replaced on the recipient's name in the message, or the full name, if the user indicated in my profile. If in your script includes the use of BCC field to send, then the tag will be replaced by the word: User

17. In the filter of words added to the possibility of appointing a search for a word. You can appoint a replacement for the word that was made elsewhere, either in news or in the notes.

18. Template tags [aviable =...] text [/ aviable] and [not-aviable =...] text [/ not-aviable] received global support all template files, not just for the basic patterns and main.tpl News . Now you can use these tags in absolutely any template files.

19. Formatting and display selected comments in a separate universality class. This innovation concerns in the first third-party developers modules. The new class can organize comments not only for news but also to their own modules. Also, when adding a new tag in the comments, it is enough to make changes in one file, not three as previously.

20. Changes in MySQL queries the script, resulting in reduced load on the database with large amounts of data.

21. When viewing the mobile version of the site not to display promotional materials designated for display of short news.

22. Added auto-hide the links to send E-Mail "and" write a PS "when viewing a user profile, if a visitor in your group this capability have been banned.

23. In the password recovery module was added to the new security mechanisms. And it added a new algorithm for generating the control key algorithm to SHA1, as well as control was added to check the number of attempts to generate a new password for the control key, is allowed only one attempt to generate a new password, then check the key becomes invalid. In doing so, the module password recovery was 100% resistance to the password recovery method over.

24. In the search module added illumination of the text boxes for additional news.

25. Added the ability to designate the type of text when you publish static pages, depending on the type selected will be different options for formatting text, you can also choose the type of text without the filter and change, which allows you to directly publish the text of a static page javascript code, and any HTML code, and also edit the text without converting to BB tags. Ability to publish pages without filtering are only users in the administrator group.

26. Added ability to add / edit the date of the creation of static pages.

27. New capabilities for searching and sorting of static pages in adminpaneli script.

28. Added Document navigation for static pages. Thus greatly facilitated the process of finding and editing.

29. Added the ability to mass manage static pages adminpaneli section edit pages. You can select multiple pages simultaneously and set them to the current date, or clear the number of times, or completely remove the selected page.

30. A template for static pages, added a new tag (date) - which displays the date of a page in a format defined in your script, and added the tag (date = date format), which displays the date in the format specified in the tag. In doing so, you can display not only the date but the whole and its individual parts. Date Format is set is set in accordance with the format adopted in PHP. For example the tag (date = d) returns day of month of publication news or commentary, and the tag (date = F) displays the name of the month, and the tag (date = dmY, H: i) will display the full date and time.

31. In setting the script added the possibility of the automatic closing of news to comment on a certain number of days after its publication. Thus, using this setting, you can avoid the flood on your site in the old and irrelevant news.

32. Changes in pop-up menu to edit the news site. In the event that the user to allow editing of their own news, but does not allow access to adminpaneli, the user will automatically hide the item "Full Edit", thus you can give users the right for a quick and minor edits news, free admission adminpanel.

33. Changed a single authentication domain, the second level of subdomains, now login to the site and razloginivatsya can be on any subdomain or a second-level domain, not necessarily with the authorization to conduct or razloginivanie only the second-level domain as before. Steps to authorize any subdomain will be automatically recognized in other subdomains, as well as the second-level domain.

34. A small restyling administrative panel script, as well as the control panel script has been optimized to display correctly in the new version of Safari web browser 4.

35. In the distribution added an entirely new standard template. This template is fully valid and relevant standard XHTML 1.0 and demonstrates not only the possibility of a script, but also the possibility of a valid layout. Template belongs to the category of hybrids from a rubber and a fixed layout and optimized for both low-resolution monitor, and at the highest.

36. New features in DLE API, as well as the ability of pre-existing functions. More information about the new features you can read the documentation for the script.

37. Updated to the latest version of WYSIWYG editor. See the changes in the editor, please visit http://tinymce.moxiecode.com/js/tinymce/changelog.txt. And also the weight of the editor was shortened by 40%, it significantly increased the speed of the download in your browser.

38. Fixed problem whereby in the event of failure of mass distribution on the list are not maintained the number of successfully sent messages and letters.

39. Fixed a problem where when using the BB tag [flash] is not displayed size in height for the browser Firefox.

40. Fixed a problem where when viewing a printer-friendly version removed the contents of tag [page =...] text [/ page]

41. Fixed a problem where not download files and images by using the bulk upload, if the news is edited by another user, and he wanted to add in new files or images.

42. Fixed all the previously declared and small errors in the script.

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Introduce to you

eDirectory 7

demo: http://www.edirectory.com/directory-demo.php

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This is a script , MMORPG Script....a battle ...rap's man vs manele vs house etc.;)) download and you will see !
The Generations

Pass: scripturile.hi2.ro


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GRID joomla pro template by joomla bamboo 2009

The Grid joomla template brings all the myriad facets of your world into sharp focus. Earthy and colourful yet practical and clear, this elegant joomla template is the ultimate blog, folio or magazine organiser.

Grid is a tableless CSS-based template with the works. Layout options are incredibly flexible thanks to 22 background variations, 22 menu colour choices and 49 module positions. Gallery extension options include JB Slideshow3, prettyBox grid-based gallery and prettySlider and Minimoo2 image slider.

With a new version of the captifyContent module, a built in Superblogger template override, a choice of Superfish or panel menus and 35 CSS classes (using eye-catching Orange Grunge Stickers icons), Grid ticks all the boxes to put you in pole postion!

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Wave themeforest wordpress premium template

Wave is a beautiful and flexible theme catered to those that want to build a video focused site

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