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Adult Script v1.5 NULLED - Tested and Legit

Download Adult Script v1.5 NULLED - Tested and Legit

Adult Script is an easy to use, easy to navigate, porn video script. After ordering you can have your new porn site up and running in minutes. Porn sites are known for getting popular fast! LetΓΓé¼Γäós face it; a HUGE population is addicted to porn. And what a better way to capitalize on the market by owning and running your very own porn site.

Server Requirements
ΓΓé¼ó MySQL (version 4 or higher)
ΓΓé¼ó PHP (version 4.3 or higher)
ΓΓé¼ó Ioncube or Zend (1 encoded file - this will not in anyway impact on the ability to modify the script)
ΓΓé¼ó GD Library 2
*Please note that most of these requirements are already installed by 90% + web hosts.
Best performance and Optional Settings
ΓΓé¼ó PHP (version 5.2+) optional
ΓΓé¼ó Ffmpeg, Ffmpeg-php optional
ΓΓé¼ó Apache Web Server (Mod Rewrite Support) optional

Script Features
This script is packed with features. Just check out some of the highlights below! To many to list!
User end:

- Easy Navigation
Navigate the script easily with friendly links, urls, and no confusing wording. However, do be careful with the tricky ad placements
- Cache
Most of the script is cached allowing LESS stress on the server and FAST load speeds. Set how often you want it to load!
- 10 Template Colors BUILT IN
Easy control to change your websites look to 10 (yes TEN) different colors with one click in the admin.
- Multiple Video Options
Support for .wmv, .flv, .mov, .mpg, and .avi video extensions with the ability to easily add more formats.
- Video Reporting
Your users can report videos which will appear in the admin for you to approve/delete/decline.
- Ad before Video Plays
Have the option to have an ad display before a video starts.
- Ajax Ratings
No more refresh, Ajax ratings do not refresh the current page, if your user is watching a video and rates it will continue.
- FFMPEG Support
Automatically converts videos to FLV format and create thumbnails on the fly. No more manual thumb making. (on / off option)
- Captcha Images on forms
Captcha images on forms, less spam, more security.
- Stats Box
A stats section for your users to see. Shows how many users online, how many videos, how many links, and how many users you have registered.
- Embed Codes and Link Codes
On every video play page you have your own embed code and link codes so users can add your videos to there site, or directly link to your content.
Mod_Rewrite on every URL, configurable to turn it on and off in the admin.
- Hosted or Linked Videos
Ability to show hosted or Linked videos on the homepage without any knowledge of html.
- Ratio System
Now an option to be able to set it so customers have to send you so much traffic and keep a certain ration before being able to submit a plug.
- User Submit Plug Options
Able to set user plugs for ratio, credits (paid), or free. Switch it at anytime.
- RSS Feeds
RSS Feed to allow users to use your current hosted videos, or making it easy to submit your content to search engines.
- Multiple Color Templates
See admin side: 10 Colors to choose from
- Ajax User Polls
Ability for users to rate polls, add unlimited amount of poll questions and see live results. (no refresh)
- Search Feature
Easy Search feature. Search will search name, and description.
- Link Exchange
A list of link exchanges to get more traffic. Link in link to show how much traffic each sends to you.
- User Signup
Ability for users to sign up. In v1.6 this is mainly for plugs, but will be adding more user features as we progress.
- Featured Video
Select a featured video, and displays automatically.
- User Submit Videos
Frontend for users to submit there own hosted videos.
- AddThis.com Intergration
Below all videos Addthis.com integration allows users to easily bookmark any of your pages. No setup required, expect to insert your username in the admin section.
- Hosted / Linked Video Options
You have your own hosted videos, and Linked video options. Both are displayed on the website letting the user choose which type of videos they want to watch.

Admin End:

- Password Protected
Secured Admin section so nobody can login and change your settings.
- 10 Colors to Choose from
Easy control to change your websites look to 10 (yes TEN) different colors with one click in the admin.
- Automatic Content via RSS Feeds
Simply go to your admin, submit a websites RSS Feed and get instant content. All content can be approved/declined and edited.
- Multiple On/Off Options
Able to turn the iframe on/off. Able to turn hosted videos on/off.
- Create your own pages
Easily create your own pages with NO HTML knowledge. Easy WYSIWYG editor to create an UNLIMITED amount of new pages.
- Don't like the word "porn"?
Easily in the admin update the work porn to your liking, ex sexy, etc.
- Create Admins / Admin News
Create more admins for your site, and set up a news portal inside, or a to-do list!
- Add Users
Create your own users through the admin, and set them up automatically.
- Cache
Disable / Enable the Cache on the site and set how often you want the cache to run.
- Moderation Que
Check easily how many videos, links, reports, etc need to be approved when logging in to the admin panel.
- Complete Control of all Advertisements
Forms to be able to edit your advertisements all from the backend, so no need to edit the source code.
- Stats
See your stats, total users, videos, links, clicks, and more!
Able to turn on/off SEO Urls (mod_rewrite).
- Plug Options
Able to set submit plugs to be: Free, Paid, or Ratio add. Also change the fee for each plug on paid, and manually add credits to users. Also set the %, and hits required for ratios.
- Update Title / Keywords / Description
Easily update your Title / Keywords / Description with the admin form.
- Full Complete CMS
Complete WYSIWYG editor for Contact, About us, Terms, Privacy, and Legal Statement to change with ease, and ALSO add your OWN pages with NO HTML knowledge.
- Insert / Edit / Delete Porn Link Categories
Edit Delete and Insert new categories for Porn Links
- Insert / Edit / Delete Hosted Video Categories
Edit Delete and Insert new categories for Hosted Videos
- Create / Edit / View Polls
Create Polls for your users from the backend so they can vote on various questions.
- Add / Delete / Edit / View Link Exchanges
Add, Delete, Edit, and View Traffic received in and out from link exchanges
- View / Edit / Delete Comments
View, Edit and Delete users from the admin backend.
- Edit / Delete Users
View, Edit and Delete users from the admin backend.
- Change Admin Username / Password
Ability to change your admin username and password.


DEMO : http://www.x10media.com/adult/

ADMIN DEMO : http://www.x10media.com/adult/admin/
USER: admin
PASS: admin



Download Adult Script v1.5 NULLED - Tested and Legit

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