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Lyricing is a powerful lyric CMS that combines lyrics with music videos, plus a lot more.
Lyricing v1.1 | 1.45 MB


* Lyricing automatically grabs the video for a lyric from youtube! So you don't have to manually add them.
* Users have the ability to download the videos in .flv format.by Great Music Videos from My Music Video Site
* You can also add news to the homepage, to update all your members on the latest events.
* SEO URL's so search engines find your site easier.
* For those members who need a little help you also have the ability to create your own FAQ.
* Registered members also have the ability to add comments to each song!
* To prevent spam and unwanted attention, we have also added a captcha's throughout the site.
* Users have the ability to request or even submit their own lyrics!
* The webmaster has the option to either review lyrics before they are submitted to the site (or you can make it auto-approved via the admin panel)
* Statistics are shown at the bottom of every page.
* Lyricing design can easily be edited via the template file, so no more fussing around heaps of code.
* Every page shows the latest lyrics submitted to your site. This is good for SEO purposes as it shows your site is always getting updated.
* The Lyricing script also displays the latest members that have joined your site.
* Every good CMS needs an RSS page and Lyricing is no exception, our RSS page displays the latest 20 lyrics submitted to your site!
* Lyricing also comes with the option to print the lyrics off, in a printer friendly black and white version.
* Today more and more people are using social bookmarking services, that is why Lyricing comes fully prepared with 11 social bookmarking services pre-installed.
* We know that every good webmaster wants to make a profit from his website, so thats why Lyricing has the ability to support most advertising codes (i.e. Google Adsense, Bidvertiser, etc...).
* Users can browse the lyrics or even search for the favourite song and if thats not enough there is an advanced search feature.
* We also understand that webmasters like to take full control of their site, so Lyricing comes fully equipped with an admin area. Some features include.

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