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visitors tracking realtime map Mod

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Download visitors tracking realtime map Mod

----- Installation procedure:

1. Edit "track-visitor/settings.php" file and edit the variables there.
You should at least put your Google Maps API key there, which may be acquired here:

2. Upload the script to a directory on your server.
The directory should be located somewhere inside the webroot (i.e. "public_html")
We have the templates folder marked templates-BU. We did this so you would not over
write your tites header. But if you need them or just want to see how we placed the
code take a look or use as needed.

3. We have a MaxMind geolocation database in the script but its best to check for
updated one and download it free..

3a. Manual upload: visit the MaxMind page at http://www.maxmind.com/app/geolitecity
click on "Download the latest GeoLite City Binary Format" link, then unpack and
upload to the script directory (replace the empty file there).

3b. Automatic upload: navigate to your script http://yoursite.com/track-visitor/
follow the on-screen instructions (you might have to set permissions to provide
write access to the GeoLiteCity.dat file, typically 0755 will work).

4. Install tracking on to the main page and members page by logging into your admincpanel
Open the main header in the page edditor and add the code below then save.
Open the members header and do the same thing to it.
You can place the PHP code inside any pages of your site you'd like to track.

----- General notes:

- If you'd like to password protect the script, you can use Apache .htaccess rules.
This may be done via cPanel or manually (see: http://www.javascriptkit.com/howto/htaccess3.shtml)

- The tracker file (track.php) is autonomous, i.e. it doesn't depend on any other files
from the script installation.

- The script uses the server's temporarary directory (/tmp) to store the tracking
information. The old files get cleaned automatcially when you visit the main page.

- When displaying the complete visit log, date/time is shown in UTC. dle 10.6

Download visitors tracking realtime map Mod
visitors tracking realtime map Mod    

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