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Secure Login Manager

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Secure Login Manager

Added Security For Your Website
DMXReady Secure Login Manager allows you to quickly and easily password-protect individual pages on your website.

* Restrict access to any web page with a single line of script
* Three built-in levels of security
* Add Login page for authorized users to access restricted areas, complete with automatic Forgotten Password e-mail feature
* Internally add, modify, and delete user information through central Admin page
* Secure all application files
* Includes pre-configured MS Access database (MS Access not required)
* Fully customizable - change the Login page to match your website design, and add different layers of protection
* Integrate with other DMXReady apps like Registration Manager

DMXReady Secure Login Manager gives you an added layer of protection for your content against unauthorized visitors.

Powerful Apps That Are Easy To Use From DMXReady
DMXReady brings the power of database-driven applications that are easy to install, and easy to use. All scripts and HTML code are fully open source so that you can blend every DMXReady application seamlessly with your own web design, and customize them to meet your needs. Built in Dreamweaver, but editable with any HTML editor including Microsoft FrontPage. dle 10.6

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