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TextPressor - Wordpress Plugin

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TextPressor - Wordpress Plugin

Push a Button And Automatically Post HUNDREDS of Your Articles On Autopilot the Natural Way.With This Ground Breaking Wordpress Plugin!
Here is how I turned tons of dusty PLR articles on my hard drive into cold hard cash!!
Dear marketer,

If the truth be known, to keep up with writing and posting fresh articles is in fact.hard work. 99% of bloggers and webmasters, if they are honest about it, hate this part about blogging.

I have been there myself and it got me to a point I realized that there are many others IMers like me who just want to get on with the business of making money.

Well, fear no more!

Because finally I can make real good use of all the PLR articles that I bought. Now it takes only one minute to post (and schedule) HUNDREDS of articles in my blog. I can post in the category of my choice, and I can post in a way that looks absolutely natural to search engines with random time and date. That is the amazing power of my new WordPress Plugin!

Introducing TextPressor,

With this ground breaking plugin, you can:

Forget about manually posting content to your blog
Save hundreds of hours you spend on manually posting articles (obviously!)
Create hundreds of future dated posts that gets dripped in your blog naturally and over a random period
Get More Visitors by filling your website with relevant and search engine optimized content in order to attract more search engine spiders to your site.
Earn more money: If you have a monetization in place, more content means more money
Finally make real good use of all the PLR articles you paid for.

With TextPressor You can:
Start posting from current date and time
Automatically detect the date and time of the last posted article and start posting from that date (so that it looks like you never took a long break from posting )
Specify a custom date and time to start posting from
Post at selected random intervals (Interval between each article can be random minutes/hours/days/months)
Have a randomized publishing schedule that is indistinguishable from human published sites
Post to any category you wish to post to
Upload and Queue hundreds of articles at once, with point and click ease of use
(Newly Added in TextPressor 2.0) Automatically Tag your post with the most relevant keywords

TextPressor is the easiest to use plugin. All you need to do is select a few options, browse and locate your file and hit the post button. it cannot get any easier than that.



NO MIRRORS dle 10.6


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