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Keyword Winner 1.0 Wordpress Plugin

Category: Plugins/Modules
Download Keyword Winner 1.0 Wordpress Plugin

Keyword Winner 1.0 Wordpress Plugin

1st page in literally hours

Are you a blogger and struggling to make money online, are you spending hours researching keywords for your headlines for each blog post you do? It is known that if your headlines have the right keywords you can rank your pages to the top of Google in literally hours.

Yet after all these years there is still not 1 single program that allows you to have full easy control right inside your blog dashboard to get all the right stats and information at once saving you time and headache and most of all giving you the keywords you need to get clicks and of course make money.

Low Competition & High Search Trends

It is said that if you target keywords that have 100,000 competing pages you can get to the 1st page within hours. But there still one question, if you have gotten to the first page because the competition is low are you going to get clicks and make money, because it mustnt be a popular if it has low competition right? Wrong What I discovered over all these years was there are pockets of products waiting to be grabbed that have low gravity in Clickbank for example and yet still getting high searches, why?

Because these products are being promoted in other forms such as email marketing, social marketing or any other viral marketing methods. that is why they are popular but yet dont have sites that are competing against them. So I then found a way to find products that were trending meaning they were getting higher searches per month but yet their competition stayed low, and thats when I came up with the idea of a tool that can solve all this.

Keyword research in your blog dashboard

This tool has seriously revolutionized the way we do SEO today. With this tool you can type in a keyword right in your blog post dashboard as what you normally would do and right under your fingertips you will have results displayed telling you what has low competition and a continued high search trend over the months and what the overall search percentage is over the current month.

Less then 1 minute to find keywords for your headlines

To have all this information there you are now able to get highly searched non competitive keywords for your headlines skyrocketing your pages to the 1stpage in no time. I have done numerous case studies on this and is proven. Here I will show you the full potential of what keyword winner will do for you, and this is based on getting keywords easily which took me no longer than 1 minute to find.

Literally 3 hours after writing the blog post on Ergotron Neo-flex Review as you can see here I am on the 1st page. After just a few days of writing and publishing this blog post I got a total of 41 clicks. I managed to even out beat big time brand websites such as Cnet, Overstock and others.

Keyword Winner came about because I had a problem

I had been working on sites that generate me passive income and was creating pages and publishing products for niche sites relating to amazon, Clickbank, commissions junction and other affiliate programs. I was continually looking for products, researching the best keywords to use based on the product itself and then later posting about it so that the pages will not only get to the first page, but will generate sales and make me money.

Losing time switching back and forth

The problem I was having was I as losing valuable time opening 3rd party programs, or using free Google tools in switching back and forth from windows to my blog dashboard. and entering capture codes which still took up a lot of my time. This is when I came up with the idea of Keyword Winner.

Keyword Winner basically gives internet marketers a competing edge so that you are no longer struggling and have to build baclinks and spend countless hours in other areas of optimization efforts, I can tell you about countless hours I have wasted in my SEO career building backlinks so that my pages will ge to the 1st page and why?

It was almost like I was BLIND

Instead of concentrating on competition level I was too caught up in the overall search count, and would be targeting keywords based on high searches, Does this sound familiar? Yes you know, and let me tell you, this is wrong! Everyone knows high searches are too competitive and by chasing them you will be swimming in the mud, believe me I have done this all too many times.

Passive Income, repeat blog post methods over and over

Just imagine if you have 10, just 10 blog post pages you created relating to a promo or review of a good product and those pages have low competition and are quietly getting higher search trends over the months and just imagine if you had 10 of these pages on the 1st page of Google, you could be making $2000 a month just likeI have done from my personal blog, and this is just one example.

Now lets say those pages are good products and are getting good click through rates, the earning potential is endless. I have made thousands upon thousands of dollars per month from repeating this same method over and over on other niche sites. So now instead of earning $2000 a month posts, your income can now be 10 or even 100 times more then that.

Posting reviews, promos, coupon codes and any other headlines you think will convert into a sale

You can post reviews about products yourself or even promos and have coupon code text in your titles. Just by writing a headline with coupon code or promo discount text from an affiliate program and getting this to the first page can make you a lot of commissions, because remember before a buyer actually buys online they search for what others are saying by using the word review at the end or if they want to search for what type of discounts are out there before buying, they type in google the word coupon codes.

Again, this is proven, but wait, this does not just stop there, you can rank your headlines to the first page with general headlines too, your headlines could have the keywords how to make money online Blogging or any headline you feel will convert into a sale. But remember this tool works really well for densed keywords and then you can add many more keywords as you like in your headline after that. I have found that by using this tool you can even rank for 2 or 3 keyphrases in one go. Yes, many times over I have added 10 keywords in my headline usually containing 3 sets of keywords for each and managed to get 1st page for all.

Top internet marketers love Keyword Winner

When we first launched Pro bloggers and Top Internet marketers could not wait to get their hands on Keyword Winner, pros such as John Chow, Zac Johnson, Jonathan Volk, Tyler Cruz, Kelly Felix, Ian Fernando, Zubin, Hesham, Thomas, Alex Whaley, Gavriel Shaw and many more are using keyword winner and absolutely love it!

Wait no longer

So I dont think I need to go on and explain any more, as I think it is very clear how this program can benefit you and your online business. But one thing we already know is time is money and money is time, lets get the ball rolling and start making money today, the longer you wait the longer you will lose out, take action get the results your online business needs.



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Download Keyword Winner 1.0 Wordpress Plugin

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