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(BRCMods) iMedia Station v3.0.0

Download (BRCMods) iMedia Station v3.0.0

(BRCMods) iMedia Station v3.0.0

Authors site:- Dj Upalnite - Blackburn Ravers

Public Features
iMedia Homepage
Displays the root level categories in much the same fashion as forums
If enabled, pulls out and displays sotw in its own area
Displays a random media if enabled
Quickly aggregate imedia in modal overlays by hits, rating, last submitted, and top submitters
Moderators can see a count of unapproved imedia and pull them up

Category View
Displays any subcategories, again much like the forums
Displays imedia submitted to the category
Title, image, submitter, statistics, and last post info
Multi-moderation support for quickly pinning, unpinning, moving, deleting, and approving imedia
Sort by a variety of criteria such as last comment, title, comments, hits, rating, and more
Quickly search within the category and jump to another
View members currently browsing the category

Media View
Shows pertinent information such as media title, URL, description, submitter, image, and more
Allows members to view any comments and comment on the media
If enabled, shows the media's rating and allows members to rate the media
Allows members to report the media using the built in report center
Moderators can delete, approve/unapprove, pin/unpin, and edit the media
Moderators can delete and edit comments
Members can watch the media using watched content, much like forum and topic subscriptions
Quick reply like form for quickly commenting on the media

Searching iMedia
iMedia can be searched using the global community-wide search
Members can limit their search to specific categories
Sphinx search supported
Members can search through the top search box, the advanced search page, and while viewing a category

Sidebar Hooks
A Latest iMedia hook will pull the last x submitted imedia to your board index
Our SOTW hook will pull out imedia marked as sotw for your board index
Popular iMedia - allows you to pull imedia sorted by hits, comments, or rating
Configurable through the ACP Settings

Complete integration with Watched Content - subscribe to categories and imedia
Ability to send 'New Media Awaiting Approval' emails to moderators when a new media is submitted
Ability to send an email or PM containing the reasons why a member's media was rejected
Email or PM member when their media is approved

User Control Panel
Allow member to change the number of imedia show per page and how many comments are shown per page
Allow member to automatically subscribe to imedia they submit and/or imedia they comment on (Watched Content)
Allow member to choose whether they don't want to be notified or notified by email or PM when their imedia are either approved or rejected
Manage Watched iMedia -- View all current media subscriptions, change subscription types, unsubscribe, etc
Manage Watched Categories -- Same as Manage Watched iMedia, but for categories
Manage Unapproved iMedia -- Only for moderators, allows them to see and approve or reject unapproved imedia from within their User CP

Member Profiles
A 'iMedia' tab (next to the About Me / Topics / Posts tabs) to see the imedia the member last submitted
A 'Find iMedia' option (under the Find Topics / Find Posts imedia) to pull up all the member's imedia
Submitted media count added underneath the member's other board statistics
iMedia file count hook

Admin Features
Quick statistics such as number of imedia, hits, and categories
View and quickly change the default image for imedia
Manage any imedia that have been submitted but not approved
View top imedia by hits and by rating

Manage Categories
Infinite amount of categories supported
Infinite depth of subcategories supported
Drag and drop reordering of categories
Specify category notes to be displayed at the top of the category
Choose whether or not to allow images with media submissions
Specify whether the category is opened or close (removed from category view)

Manage Share Of The Week (SOTW)
View a list of submitted imedia
See statistics like hits, comments, rating alongside the media
Specify whether the media is an sotw or not

Manage Group Permissions
Can access the system?
Can access the system while it's offline?
Can search imedia?
Can add imedia?
Number of posts required to add imedia?
Can moderate imedia?
Can edit own imedia?
Can delete own imedia?
Can add comments?
Can moderate comments?
Can edit own comments?
Can delete own comments?
Can rate imedia?

Various Tools
Resize images to an updated max image size setting
Recount member imedia
Build SEO Titles for iMedia (only run once if upgraded from 2.0.1 or earlier)
Build SEO Titles for Categories (only run once if upgraded from 2.0.1 or earlier)

Coming Soon in v3.0.1
iMedia Mobile Skin Templates dle 10.6

Download (BRCMods) iMedia Station v3.0.0
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