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Offline Profit in Seven Days

The Seven Day Blueprint Overview

Day 1 - "Develop Your Business Plan"

Choose the right business name
Stay focused on your goals for the week
Experience a mind shift change that will take you from zero to hero in this seven day period
Discover the real reason you are not currently succeeding... You may not like what you hear...
Go over a quick checklist of activities that will get your business grounded by the end of Day 1

Day 2 - "Get Your Logo & Marketing Materials Produced"

I'll share with you the absolute best method to get a great logo done for your business and your clients for just $5
You will be free to copy and paste my marketing materials that I enclosed in this product
Discover the one resource I use everyday to make my offline business run smooth and keep track of my money. All for free!

Day 3 - "Get Your Website Operational"

Use my website as a model for your own
You will have full access to any content listed on my website or in the documents attached for your own personal use as well to copy and paste
Find out the two tricks to getting clients trust and money without even having a portfolio to show

Day 4 - "Land Your First Two Clients"

Discover the "quality factor" system that will help you measure your results so you can get them fast
Learn the only two methods that will land you clients fast and by the end of the day!
Get unlimited prospects with a click of the mouse
Use the six step process of taking a client through your sales funnel which will close you more clients than ever

Day 5 - "Expand Your Client Base"

Learn how to take your first clients and build an entire business around them.
Discover how to make even more money from your first clients
Get introduced to the most influential business owners in your area

Day 6 - "Service & Outsource"

Get a list of resources and tools all in one location to have your client's needs fulfilled all in one day
Get my exact outsourcing companies all in one spot so you don't have to do it yourself. Finding the right people is hard, that's why I did it for you!

Day 7 - "Repeat, Wash, & Rinse"

Your business will keep growing and expanding all on it's own because of this one simple principle.
Make your decision to make your company huge or just a one man operation. You decide. dle 10.6


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