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FaceBook Money-Making Guide

FaceBook Money-Making Guide

Earn $65.00 a day with under an hours work

Are you sick and tired of the random B.S. that you find in every book, it gives you just enough to understand, but not how to implement?

Are you sick of the programs that cost you $25.00, $50.00, even $200.00 for “tutoring” or “one-on-one” setup?

Lastly, are you sick of trying so hard and not making more then $5.00 a week?

If any of those questions apply to you, then this eBook is for YOU. The methods used in this guide take you step by step how to earn up to $65.00. I’ve used this method for roughly 2 months, and when I spent about 4 hours a day, I received a $160.00 a day turn around (Yes I’m not lying, I really made $160.00 per day consistently).

I have now stepped back from this method and am running it completely on auto-pilot, without any work other then checking my balances, I make $65.00 a day.

You might ask yourself, if he’s cashing out on this method and making $65.00 a day, why share it? This is a billion dollar market, this one website easily generates millions a day, I think I can share the wealth a bit.
I have gained quite a bit from the forum, got lots of great deals, and was able to get help from some very good tutors.

Very briefly lets go over some good and bad things about this eBook.


* This method requires work, it will take you at least an hour a day.
* This method takes about 2 – 4 weeks to fully optimize
* This is not the next “I want to be a instanare” keep looking, and when you find that please send it to me.


* This method is not blackhat, you won’t get banned or removed for optimizing this method.
* There is no customer service involved
* This is NOT e-whoring, you won’t have to sell yourself
* No start up funding, you will not have to spend a penny to get started.
* This is not a Craigslist method.
* This method can be turned onto auto-pilot after the initial start-up
* Does not require any tedious work, very simple and straightforward
* This is not site flipping
* This method is so commonly overlooked and could be implemented easily by millions, but is NOT. Your market is NOT saturated.

How much am I going to charge you?

Why are you only charging $7 for a eBook that promises to make you $65.00?

* I don’t feel that charging you $50.00 for this or $500.00 for that matter would make much difference, as I said earlier I want to share the wealth with this method.

Will you help me get started and earn my $65.00 a day?

* I will be here to help you if you have any problems are need help on one of the steps, but the point of this guide is for YOU to implement this method. I won’t be able to help you go over everything step by step, but I am here to help.

I’m brand new to internet marketing, can I do this?

* ABSOLUTELY! This is who this is made for, anyone, I literally mean anyone can implement this method. If you spent enough time with a monkey he could probably do it too!

I’m brand new to internet marketing, can I do this?

* ABSOLUTELY! This is who this is made for, anyone, I literally mean anyone can implement this method. If you spent enough time with a monkey he could probably do it too!

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