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Node Web Development 2011

* A practical introduction to Node, the exciting new server-side javascript web development stack
* Go from nothing to a database-backed web application in just over 100 pages
* Get started quickly with Node and discover that javascript is not just for browsers anymore
* An introduction to server-side javascript with Node, the Connect and Express frameworks, and using SQL or MongoDB database back-end

In Detail
Node is an exciting new technology stack that brings javascript to the server-side of web applications for the first time. Node means that javascript is no longer just for browsers. It's for web application development, it's for developing any internet protocol, it's for the real-time web, it's for command line scripts, and much more.
Node Web Development gives you an excellent starting point straight into the heart of developing server side web applications with node. You will learn, through practical examples, how to use the HTTP Server and Client objects, the Connect and Express application frameworks, the algorithms for asynchronous execution, and use both SQL and MongoDB databases.
This book is the ideal companion for getting started with Node. Starting with practical advice on installing Node for both development and application deployment, you will learn how to develop both HTTP Server and Client applications. Many different ways of working with Node are shown, including using database storage engines in applications and developing websites both with and without the Connect/Express web application framework. You will also get an introduction to Node's CommonJS module system allowing you to implement an important subset of object-oriented design.

What you will learn from this book

* Discover the role of server-side javascript in web application development
* Make informed architecture choices in Node for performance and throughput
* Install and use Node for both the development and deployment of server-side web applications
* Use the Connect and Express application frameworks
* Set up either SQL or MongoDB database systems in your application
* Learn the difference between synchronous and asynchronous algorithms and why they are important dle 10.6

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